Monday, May 30, 2005

I'm actually pretty excited about having a blog now! Especially if i think of it as a journal, and not a *blog* ... I used to think that people who had blogs were terribly out of touch with like, trees and the clouds and the outside world in general, but thanks to my wonderful friend Blythe, I think I can do it, if she can! She has a blog and she totally is one with the outside world, if you asked me. Anyway, this is just for my pals to read and to see what I'm doing, in case i'm doing something fun abd I don't e-mail them about it. That would be all too rude of me, but hey, it might happen! So on the off-chance, its the Lori-blog!

Right now I'm just hanging out in St. Louis, looking for more and more work - but it hasn't started yet, so I'm just visiting, eating, and watching strange television and movies. It's really lovely. So far, I'm nannying during the day and working at the muny bartending in the evenings. I'm really hoping to get something I can transfer to Brooklyn, where I'll be moving sometime in august.

In other news, I went to blueberry hill the other night, and it was so fun! I was having a wonderful time with 6 or so fellas from my high school day - I should be the only girl all the time! I do love being able to command attention. That aside, I've had some successes hitting the bars here in STL, almost enough to even out the "unsuccesses"! Pretty amazing. Though some my bar buddies have all gone separate ways, and to different parts of the country, so that could make things difficult! Plus, I need all the money I can get for Brooklyn, so I'll probably cut back on the goin' out real soon.

I'm watching G.I. Jane right now and it sure is freaking me out with its scary battles. God bless the armed forces and happy memorial day. I do my best not to forget what it's about, and cable channels to their best to make sure i go on not forgetting.

Anyway, it sure is too late, so I'm goin' to bed!

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