Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I like courier font a LOT more than arial.

So i think i got another job today. I'm walking dogs! I almost said i'd charge $30 a week, but then that seemed overshooting it a bit (even for the sake of negotiaion) so I started at $25. Should work out nicely, since I'll be in the same area for nannying, and I can just swing by for some dog walking and exersize! Thrilling! So that's 3 jobs so far, bartending, nannying, dog-walking -- I should be pretty legit for least so I can help my mom out with all this wacky finance stuff that mostly I've been the one to cause due to my incredibly expensive (and wonderful) brain.

It'll pay off mom, I swear! Plus, if I can get in on the babysitting circuit when I'm not bartending, it could be amazing. But I'd better get to starting b/c I think I'm driving my mother insane. But I usually think that, and now I'm thinking it might be just the opposite. But I'm older and wiser now, and I know what issues are mine, and which are not.

Every word I type on this is sortof killing me, blogs are so ... yucky. Navel gazing. But, I am reading this book that reccomends "journaling" as a way to solidify your goals..but I'm not sharing my goals with you, computer-land, you might steal them, and then where would I be?! I did just watch sweet home alabama, and I was like, "do i relate to reese witherspoons character, do I not? am i southern? am i not?" I have no idea, but at this point in time, i would sortof like to take 10 years and just live in Charleston, South Carolina and be gentile (prounounces, genteel, and I don't think that's how you spell it, right?).

I found myself being like, "oh man, patrick dempsey's character IS an annoying Yankee and I hate people from the north/east coast who act like him! Euw, turtlenecks! "
When did I grow such hatred?

You know it is serious when I am not liking someone dreamy patrick dempsey is playing. And hello? Does anyone remember him in loverboy? He was not cute! Now he is quite cute! What a gamble, huh?

My mom said that she once heard nora ephron say that she heard her parents say, "its all copy."
And I suppose it is. Am I supposed to be a writer? I think I could maybe try that. Maybe I'll go to New York for a while and see if I can stomach the whole writer/actor thing. Just as long as I don't start listening to too much indie rock, showering too little, cutting my hair too much and wearing too many crocheted things. Oh that is my nightmare.
And once, i think it was my dream.
In honor of my strange strange strange feeling of inner southernness, i've changed the font to Georgia. I used to like Courier b/c it reminded me of screenwriting.

I'm never getting married. I have to have ambition.
My thought process is so funny and simple. You know how I got from screenwriting to marriage?

Example: Screenwriting = screenwritiers have little success and often end up wearing ugly flannel things = i don't want to end up like that = i should be a businesswoman = sucessful business women aren't ever married = marriage gets in the way of SUCCESS = I'm never getting married.

I do this prophesizing --well Its not really prophesizing is it? more along the lines of simple over-thinking/obsessing- a lot - my adrenal gland must be stressed (thanks to abbey from west wing for clueing me into the stress-adrenal gland link). If i seem laid back outwardly, its only to compensate for the fireworks going on all the time inside - geez!

I'm reading Sammy's Hill (for my sister, since I've made her read EVERYTHING) and French Women Don't Get Fat -- you know what, they sure don't -- here's to you elodie, where ever you are - I can't find your e-mail address! I want to read Catch 22 next for varioius reasons.

I just finished Diet for Dancers, which was lovely and scientific - very sound nutrition advice there - but more importantly, I just finished Breakfast of Champions, by Vonnegut, since I've read a vonnegut every may since my sophomore year -- he just seems to fit the whole end of school vibe. Is it b/c his books are mostly about the end of the world? Eh. I really really liked this one a lot. It was weirding me out, and then I was like, bam! The whole "vertical unwavering band of light" and the awareness business are just the sort of half-cynical/half-sappy optimist crap about human kind i just looooove. Is that why I loved A.I.? Probably. And I have my friend emilie's copy (I'll give it back to you Emilie, I promise!) and she wrote all about how she loved it in the margins, and I was loving it, too, so it was sortof like reading it with her! Very neat.

I cleaned my room today -- i have nowhere to put my things.
And I am nowhere close to being unpacked.
Oh mom, i'm gonna try for ya!
Tomorrow will be the day of finding a place to put the whole of my college life. Whoa.
Too deep for the internet.
Eh, I'm outta here before I start quoting whitman or something, euw.

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