Tuesday, March 09, 2010


Well friends, I went to this conference/networking/pow wow thing this weekend (it was lovely and overwhelming in that freshman year of college way) and I kept telling more people to blog. And here I stand with my 2009 blog really lacking in luster and all that.

So I hope you're ok with me just talking about myself while I figure out the rest. Got a new apartment in Greenpoint and I couldn't be happier with the neighborhood. I wish it were closer/in the Bronx, but the weekend party commute where I am is just so lovely. I walk everywhere, and according to my sister, everyone in my neighborhood looks like my mom's best friend from college. It's a polish neighborhood, and mom's BFF(FC) was from a giant polish family, and whenever I mention that to say, the old ladies I buy mirrors from on craigslist, they approve. ANYWAY.

I moved a chest of drawers 3 and a half blocks a couple nights ago. ON foot. It took an hour and a half. I then tried to move it up the stairs - and I would be writing this next to my new chest of drawers if a) stairs had no corners or b) i posessed superhuman strength. I got up to the bend in the stairs (by, of course, rolling the chest head over heels, NATURALLY) and it got stuck in the corner and i had to pretend my back was made of steel trying to get it at a nice angle and well...the giant chest of drawers nearly pushed me down the stairs one too many times so I was like screw that I don't want my gravestone to read "she died for a lovely piece of free furniture on the street". Rolled it back down the stairs and there it sits. Not gonna lie, i was pretty mad at every strong dude I know for not walking me home on that random evening, and I was super mad at everyone in a car for not being my friend. I'm almost over it, but whenever I see dudes on my street I'm mad at them for not having befriended me to the point of rushing out to help me when they would've seen me carrying a GIANT CHEST OF DRAWERS DOWN THE STREET at 1 in the morning.

I have huge bruises on my hip bones b/c that's where I was trying to make myself a human lever. It's all very interesting.

UPDATE: my friend/hero helped me move it up the stairs! it was AWESOME I LOVE MY CHEST OF DRAWERS AND MY FRIEND.

In other news, a friend's record label's main artist is coming out with an album in April and I've been charged with amping up the online pre-sales. Hm! It's like the coolest and hardest challenge ever. Just thinking of how to get more pre-sales to their online store (especially for music) makes me freak out and think i don't know anything about the internet. But I do. Right? PLUS, their label is basically responsible for you liking vinyl again. So there's plenty to work with.

In st. louis news, Joe's is staying open, going private? Whatever it takes dude. REGULATIONS GAH. We need more not less of crazy artists obsessed with robots and vintage signage and lord knows. Gossip with Grouchy Jim at the Purple Cow seems to have failed me -- could've sworn i visited over thanksgiving! What up with not giving the White ladies the info!? Anyway, the RFT writes about it. Looks like the washU kids had better get themselves an STL friend if they wanna swarm the place. Or maybe more people could be allowed to open similar venues, and then the swarms would thin out! WHAT A CONCEPT, gah.

Anyway, this is pretty good news.

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