Wednesday, September 28, 2005

What happened to Miss Independent?

In a week from now, I will have tried out for American Idol.

Is that ok?

Its making me a little kooky, and I'm none too excited about the line-waiting, and the sortof weight-iness of it all.

I'll sing a song, sleep in the car, have a road trip - these are all fun things and I'm at a point in my life where this is feasible, so ok - and it's not a big deal, and I'm going to stop visualizing someone stalking me or catching me doing something embarassing - I've decided that the worst thing I can do is fall. And that's really more funny than embarassing, and in the long run, American Idol is not about inner-ear strength, but rather singing and being cool. More singing though - I think.
Hell, I don't know.

I have just read way too many (try 5 in the past hour) celebrity magazines. Too much Lindsay Lohan gives me the heebie jeebies.

Heebie Jeebies - this is what followers of the cult of psychobabble might call "anxiety."

No offense though. I'm just trying to avoid the sort of narcissism that if provoked, self-diagnoses an array of clearly absent mental ilnesses. No, I'm not a scientologist, and I don't think bi-polar disorder can be cured with a brisk walk around the block, some enlightenment, and a V8. Just please don't try to diagnose me should you be prone to head-shrinker-esque behavior-- I'm from the Midwest, and I was born in Mississippi.

Everyone should understand what that means. (If you're reading this, you're probs my pal, so you already know. Forgive me the condecension. p.s. My writing style is weird tonight.)

But it's really just the heebie jeebies - I mean, that Lindsay Lohan girl is somethin' else, and by somethin' else I mean that she is just hateful. She's the girl that every mother dreads because she's the girl who is torturing her soulful and timid 7th grade daughter not merely explicitly, but simply by existing. Am I the only one who has noticed that Lindsay Lohan has turned into a plastic? (and that Rachel McAdams is like, the most adorable celeb since Jennifer Love Hewitt?) I saw too many pictures of ol' Linds, and too much unmerited praise of her. Hollywood is no meritocracy (SAT word!) Someone must have a really persuasive PR rep. That woman/man should be hired by the Democratic National Committee. Him/her and the guy who does the Target Ads.

She's a disney girl gone wrong and it makes me sad.

Walt Disney - from Missouri. Need I say more...?
Ok, Brad Pitt is also from Missouri, but he's a lame Sigma Chi frat boy from Mizzou - no one was really expecting eloquence from this fella. No one with a clue, that is. Yes, we all saw "A River Runs Through It" ...listen to his commentary on fight club -- our friend Eddie Norton was scoring way higher on the eloquence-o-meter. Ok, so he scored well as on the pretentious-o-meter, but he's a smartie and well all know smart movies and actor pretention go as hand in hand as Jude and Sienna do, post affair - how she doesn't dump him, I dont' know.

Don't tell me that he's Jude Law and he's so sizzlin' hot that only a fool would dump him.
Paul Newman attractiveness was volcanic when he was Jude's age, and he still managed not to make a fool of himself and his wife, the lovely Joanne Woodward. Looks like there will never actually be a "next Paul Newman" - b/c last time I checked, the magazines were bestowing such an honor upon Matthew McCaughnehey and yep, Jude Law.
No dice, People (and US Weekly, etc..etc...).

Ok, 1,2,3, eyes on me.
Maybe its just weird to see all these people who are my age looking at me funny from the pages of a magazine.

Whatever! The fact is, it was a pretty day today, it will probably be pretty tomorrow, eventually I will find a place to lay my head long-term in NYC and the dough to pay for it, but for now - I'm going to clean my room.

First things first,

Monday, September 26, 2005

Keg parties w/ dental students -- scary!

Did anyone see Little Shop of Horrors?
Does anyone think that the dentist character in that movie isn't really so much of an exaggeration of what your dentist probably is like (even if they hide it well)?
I do.

So it was a little on the creepy side of things when I found myself at a kegger full of physical therapy and dental grad students. Granted, nothing really happened...well, this one guy did tilt his girlfriend upside down and pretty much drop her on her head, and then some guy creepers were like, pretending to have sex while others took pictures...clothes on! no worries, it wasn't THAT kind of party! Euw! -- ok, maybe something happened, but it was nothing somethings. I also met a guy who worked at a magnet school and he told me all about it - sounded interesting, but he ran away. He did help me to figure out that a lot of cool people did not go to middle school in kirkwood, but rather opted for private/magent options. How wise their parents must've been! Beyond their years - and don't get me wrong, my parents are awesomely wise, but we're all sortof learning as we go. It's good to be the oldest child. J/k.

Before attending the semi-awkwardly debaucherous kegger of grad students, my friends and I were lucky enough to see a friend of mine from freshman year (in high school) French class lay down some rhymes at the Hi Pointe. This means he rapped. Aside from the fact that it was seriously lacking in danceability (something I think is quite important) and the whole misogynistic undertones (yes I pulled that from Clueless) - I totally dug it. My friend is clearly the Justin of his 3 man rap group, and he needs to push the other 2 "out the way" as they say. They're like, Lance and that dreadlock dude. And work on the beats, you need better hooks.
I believe they can do it. They were called like, frozen spaceship casserole or somethin' - look out for'em.

I again drank a tough broad (as christened by becca s, suggested/adopted by blythe) and it was strong, and cheap. Then came the keg. All in all, a good and low key night w/ new people!

Next up, operation job search.

I applied for 12 jobs within the last 24 hours! That's a job every 2 hours. Not bad.

I'm sure to get one soon if I keep this up - I'm getting very ambitious with nothing to do (other than be ambitious and cultivate some wanderlust).

I'm very sorry for having nothing really to report to you - I wish I could share a funny tale here or there, but really, I've just been surfing the old joblistings, craigslist, and checking my e-mails for replys. It's not sad, though - its more exciting now that I know how I want to start.

Now that I konw what to do, hopefully I'll get a gig substitute teaching soon - that should provide some golden stories.

peace out!


Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Frankly, the only way to ask me out.

...and I'm not really kidding. Yeah, not kidding.

(names have been changed to make it more REAL)

Letter of invitation to a dance

Dear Lori,
The social club of which I am a member is giving a dance Saturday March 20 at the Hotel Delano. May I have the pleasure of your company there?
You will enjoy meeting the members of my club who are all good dancers, good fellows and -- don't make comparisons, now! -- good looking. Incidentally, your friend Aimee is coming with "Moose" Fitzgerald, whom you may know. We've engaged a fine orchestra -- Sandy Jamieson's -- and some of the boys have arranged a brief entertainment. You are sure to have a pleasant evening.
If you can come, please let me know at what time I may call for you.

Sincerely yours,
Frankie O'Dell

*excerpt from NEW Standard Book Model of Letters for All Occasions,
by Leo J. Henkin, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of English, Brooklyn College
pub. 1953

Good news!

The army dude from the "Wake Me up when September Ends" video IS Billy Elliot!

= zing!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Day, New resume

Today marks the day I finish my new resume and really get a hold on things. Like, everything.
Happy tuesday everyone, hopefully I'll have good news when I'm back!

Monday, September 19, 2005

"Once upon a time there was a goddess and a hunter..."

This is the beginning of the commercial for the new Britney Spears perfume - Fantasy - everybody has one. A fantasy, that is, not a commercial for perfume.

I think Ryan Cabrera would be really fun on a date. Especially if you got to splash around in the ocean with him.

Speaking of fun, and of fantasy, my friend Frizz just got married last friday! It was pretty glorious - they turned on the fountain after the whole "kiss the bride" part. You know, it was precious. Becca S. came into town for the festivities. It was reminiscent of a high school reunion, only minus the "oh no what will everyone think" nerves. Maybe its just me, but I thought - i mean, i've seen movies - that reunions were supposed to be tense. Anyway, I wore a cool dress, and had some drinks, and danced the night away with some 7 year olds.

7 year olds are amazing. They are so fun! I was driven away from the older kiddies - I can seriously only take people saying, "only you, lori, only you can do that!" so many times before I flee. Especially when apparently "only I" can wear a dress, have a few drinks and dance. I don't wanna hate, but come on - i'm not that impressive. But the 7 year olds - they are!

And they ALL have such pretty highlights, too!

So after the wedding, Ian was nice enough to take me and Becaa S. to the Atomic Cowboy, which was more full than usual of gay dudes. But I wasn't noticing.

I did notice that Becca W. had disappeared with a boy, in a different car. But hey, i said a little prayer - she's a tough lady and she knows what she wants, and occasionally - she gets it. Anyway, at A.C. I ended up talking to once creepy guy named Vince, and some other dude who was his friend. i don't know how, but suddenly i was talking to them. They were both wearing collared shirts - which I guess if you're a straight guy you think registers in girls' minds as "oooh, he's a classy one." Well i'm not so easily fooled, even though I talked to them for a loooong time.

Its a good thing, however, that I know how to scare'em off with my sharp intellect. I give myself snaps for heckling the civil engineer friend with some mad Fountainhead trivia. Boo yah! I read books and remember the characters within them, even AFTER a wedding reception. I called him a Peter Keating, but then I called him Howard Roark, b/c that's mean. See, check me out. I was like, drunk cliff notes.

Whatever, they soon wandered/were scared away and then I went to dance to some techno. Yes, its possible. I don't remember if I was alone or not on the dance...though I do remember ian being nearby. Maybe i waved at him, i'm not sure. I was trying to dance off the alcohol!

Props to Ian, yall. He is a patient man. I think i adjusted his tie like, 40 times, and/or told him to loosen up via his tie. I like ties! Sue me. I just remember repeating "wall street dimple, wall street dimple!" a lot. Hm.

Becca S. and I later made a brilliant appearance at Steak and Shake. Cheese fries.

Ok breifly next evening - it was interesting/gruelling. We decide its time for blueberry hill, so we go, grab a booth and a pitcher. Becca S's friends come and they are serious douchebags. I know Becca could not have been THAT good of friends with them.

So i sortof yelled back when they were buttheads.

Sigh. Leave it to needlessly arrogant boys who are in that put-down mode that we were all supposed to have grown out of when we were 11 to really bring out the Julia Sugarbaker in me.
It was a zesty challenge, and I'm all for a little sparring with people who clearly deserve it, regardless of their limited vocabularies and brain capacities, but all in all, I did enough defending of myself at Penn to really see so completely through it and to not really revel in it so much.

The walls people put up to conceal their own insecurities, people - those walls are made of glass. Its like a 2 sided mirror, and I'm not on the mirrored side - i just look through and see someone primping their own ego. I do it, too, but this was ridiculous.

Anyway, we later went to the Delmar lounge and ended up stealing some cigarettes and meeting some insecure law school students. "Law School" (as we called him) was all arrogant and alterna-nerdy. He's lucky he was tall. I saw the whole ambivalent & aloof smart guy act at school - you're not fooling anyone, Law School. But whatever, me and Becca S. talked to Law School for a bit and then left - I told him to study hard and he got mad. Weirdo.

He later ran up to us as we were walking away, said it was on a dare, and Becca S. threw a rolled up paper at him. He was mad/it hurt his head, but he deserved it. We're worth more than a dare. Anyway, in the spirit of my sister who has been having such fun with the locals in London, i dedided that we ought to accompany them (at their invitation, of course) to their flat for cocktails (i.e. a really really cheap beer - they're students, after all) and a slice of vermont white cheddar. The local flava was interesting enough. At least they weren't construction workers, and after I used my Nancy Drew skills, i knew they were obviously telling the truth about the whole Law school thing. Yay, no lies, no creepiness, and they were smart. At least the nerdy friend of Law School (the guy who got hit w/ the newspaper never told us his name b/c he's a weirdo) that I talked to for a half hour or so was pretty smart and engaging. The evening ended semi interestingly, but frankly, not that interestingly enough for me to write down. I think it was a full moon though.

The next day mom and I went to greentree and I got to talk to the mayor, who is awesome, and not an awkward grown up, like so many others. later, my mom and I both got to bond heavy-duty with the chicken pita guy - he was totaly wise and awesome, to say the least - and he told me to be picky with my boyfriends b/c i was an attractive lady, and smart! He told us all about his kids and how proud he was, and told my mom to be very proud of us, too. I love the old wise dad types. Mr. Chicken Pita, I salute you!

Today I made baklava and cleaned. I am officially a wife without a husband.
This has got to stop.

That does it. I don't want to do anything else at all until I have a functional resume, semi-gainful employment, and a pending apartment in NY.

Goodbye nostalgia, goodbye partying, goodbye money spending, goodbye late sleeping, and goodbye too-much-VH1-watching.

So I'll see you then,

p.s. check out the riverdance reenactment of the American revolution (i think), dance-off style. It's pretty much the most amazing thing I've seen in a while. Its a really really good dance off. It's rivaling the beginning of West Side Story, everyone's favorite dance off scene. Thank you, PBS, and God bless America (please)!

Monday, September 12, 2005

St.Louis, magic around every ghetto corner where there are immigrants working in a strangely well-lit warehouse

So, a couple of nights ago - right when I was feeling more like looking for jobs, and rewriting my resume, cover letters, etc... - I picked up my Alive magazine and went on a fantastic tour of Hipster St. Louis. It really was lovely, and it was one of Carolyn's last nights in this lovely city before she gets to go to Washington D.C. to relish the feeling of being an anonymous face in a crowd - so of course we HAD to go out.

First we went to the Moolah temple, which is now a movie theatre/apartment complex/bowling alley. Of course I almost ran over Jacob as he was crossing the street there b/c I seriously cannot NOT run into him. He'll have to like, be one of my male-bridesmaids at my wedding b/c he'll probably be there anyway, even if he's not invited (by some freak chance that I don't see him again for another 20 years...yeah right). I like it that we always run into each other, it makes me feel like the world isn't all that chaotic. It's cosmic, and I dig it, and I know that it is Fate stepping in to make me smile and remember the good times when we'd look at the real estate section together. Besides, Jacob's really pretty and always has on a cool outfit - that alone would make me happy...and it does! Fate could pick someone a little more straight for me to always run into, but he'll do just fine, thank you.

The bowling alley lounge wasn't really that cool, so we went to the Atomic Cowboy - a place I wish i'd found about 4 months ago b/c I really really liked the vibe. Who knew that Chouteau (as carolyn how to prounounce it) turns into Manchester! Amazing. Around vandeventer we saw the strange late-nite warehouse workers.

Hmm. Anway, atomic cowboy. would've liked it more if the DJ were playing me some old-school Whitney Houston instead of creepy german techno, but frankly, it was a techno place, so hey, they had to play techno. If I'd heard Jackson 5, I would've been certain that the entire joint was choc-full and plein des poseurs. And it may have already been, but at least w/ the techno, it didn't seem so bad. Wish I'd had a fun friend who'd dance w/ me for hours, instead of minutes - but techno doesn't move everyone. Wish I'd had a fun (gay) friend who'd dance w/ me for hours, instead of minutes - but techno doesn't move everyone the way I pretend it moves me...we all know I'd rather cut a rug to some old crunchy sinatra& tommy dorsey records.

Aside from it not being 1942, a frequent critique of mine, I liked it - exposed brinck and early 60's mod furniture, and CHEEEEEEAP drinks (so key) and funky people in glasses, though there were girls doing their best Kristin from Laguna Beach impression w/ funky layers and gauchos (but i'm trying not to judge, live and let live, live and let live). Everyone struck me as late 20's graphic designers and their gay friends and trashy girl-friends whom they probably met at lindbergh high school but still hang out with. I dug it, even the oldies seemed to be chill, if not a little out-of-place. But who cares!

Qualm: No one noticed my Puck Frinceton shirt! Was it over their heads? Too vulgar perhaps? Too blatantly educated and school related? Were the would-be commenters intimidated by my luminous youth? It was a cool outfit - it like, came to me in a vision. Whatever!

Ok, perhaps the giant print of Andy Warhol wearing an american flag on the wall signaled a little heavy-handed on the I'm seriously cool and not trying-o meter, and it may've been slightly unpatriotic for this Girls State alumna -- but hey, Andy Warhol is cool, and if they're trying to aim for that genre of cool, far be it from me to say, hey, you guys are fakes, stop opening cool bars to which I actually want to return.

I had fun! I liked it! I sat on what appeared to be a sanded down log-bench/surfboard/carpenter cutting table thing. The whole lounge was cool, sortof reminded me of John Lennon's room in HELP - only minus the awesome bed (bonus points for you if you actually know what I'm talking about) that I will have someday - maybe in my loft in NYC, and not in my single stlye home in Charleston -- but that's all to be determined, though the dreams are very much intact.

Oooh ok, sidenote on dreams -
I had a dream last night that I was tangled up in some mobster plot that was all occuring during the time before a Jason Mraz concert in what appeared to be Miami. I like, moved a car and left the blinker on, and that didn't make some creepy balding mobster in a white suit too happy, so he had his friend in a grey suit take me to a hotel. The white suit man owned Riddles Pennultimate in the Loop - I just remembered that! (though I've met the owner, and him and creepy white suit man could not be any MORE different) I think I thought they were like old-school roadies or something b/c I was like, Ok!

At the entrance we saw Jason, who apparently knew this mobster (and I think was under the impression that this mobster was his manager-type guy, and i think I was like, his aquaintance b/c he seemed happy that I'd found love in this geezer...weird). Jason like, sang us a cute little love song medley that was beautiful, and I sortof went with it, b/c I didn't really know that I was walking to my somewhat immanent (imminient? i hate this word) death. So I play along, bein all, yeah we're in love sure, la la la - even though he's like 58-67 years old -just to save face for the creepy old mobster - who I thought was just another ye olde dudde - who has me by the arm, and jason peaces quickly out the door after his serenade (what a creeper). Do you think he had a hand in my planned assasination? We're never gonna know.

So I'm led into this closet-like room that's like carpeted all around with really short grey carpet ('cept the ceiling, its just like, ceiling tiles..the ones that crumble) and the lighting is terrible and the guy tells me that someone isn't happy and the odds are 5-35 in poker (?!) that he's going to play with me that he will have to kill me. So i'm like, well, maybe I'll win 6 games or something and then where will we be? But he's like, no, you won't. And I'm like, ok, well lets try - since I'm stuck in a room w/ an old guy.

Last thing i remember is we were playing and I was doing a mean poker face. Maybe I won, maybe I didn't - I don't know! But I'm a tough lady, and I've seen Rred Eye, so I bet I could've got him...only i didn't have a pen, nor was there any furniture in the creepy grey closet room to throw at him. Hmm.

Weird, huh? And I watched The Notebook last night! I would've hoped to have dreamed about beautiful Carolinian marshland sunset vistas, graceful seabirds and row boats, coordinated gloves, hats and wedges, cute jumpers and let's not forget ferris wheels and waltzing in the southern streets at night. But NO.
Creepy jason mraz mobster dream.

Anyway, back to Hipster night. We next went to The Royale, props to Kristin for the rec - and it was swell! Carolyn got some dudes to talk to us and they were having a cucumber and rum cocktail (which was only $6!)...most of the drinks there were named after hip areas of St. Louis. Too bad there wasn't a "The Kirkwood" cocktail - wonder what I'd put in that. Hmm. The drinks were cheap there and the company lovely - sortof a younger more suburban clientele than Atomic Cowboy - but there were a'plenty of cool hats and interesting frames and people smoking. This one gal had short red hair in these big shiny curls that were all half pinned haphazardly on top of her head and she was just the cutest ever w/ her grey trousers and her hipster boyfriend who didn't really need his glasses. I just though she was so smiley and cool.

Next, we went to Mangia Italia, which was crowded, but not on the dance floor where Carolyn and I went to dance to the tongue-in-cheek trashy country sounds of The Round Ups. It was rowdy, and I'd had a hankerin' for some live music for some time. Next we went to the city diner for some of their delish food, and I stole some of becca's potatoes and took unfocused pictures of the chandelier and cool print of John Lennon by the Statue of Liberty.

Man, what the world needs now is a little John Lennon - Green Day is not cutting it for icons and anthems of peace. No, Black Eyed Peas isn't cutting it either as much as I do love Fergie and her accesories and whimsical style that's oh so Gwen Stefani, but not.

Hello!??! Awesome.

I don't think anyone undertands how COOL she is. Toy monkey!?!? GEEEEEnius! I'm seriously like, going out of my mind trying to think of an appropriate time to get a toy monkey and attach it to my belt and hit the clubs. Maybe I should throw "appropriate" out the window and wear one to frizz's wedding, complete w/ the wrastlin' boots...well,ok ok ok fine. But if not then, soon!

Plus, Fergs probably got to hang out with Ryan "Creepy Dreamboat" Gosling b/c he was in the mickey mouse club and she on Kids Incorporated. Totally missed my calling there - obvi.

Did you know that Kids Incorporated did a cover of Elvis Costello's "Angels Wanna Wear my Red Shoes" --? Those kids were so much more than over-permed hair and co-ed suspenders. THey were innovators. I mean, they were incorporated!!

Anyway, hipster night - I was pretty much happy everywhere we went, but since I wasn't in my own little world, but rather sharing the world w/ my 3 buddies, I had to sortof consider others. My company seemed bored/aggravated the entire time, so we didn't get to really test out the 3am-ness of all the bars b/c we were hopping so much and so quickly to avoide hunger, boredom, techno music, and smoke that was burning our eyes...many things I would not have noticed, as I was desensitized by the $2.50 blue moon pints (not by their quantity - I was driving - but by the sheer affordability of it all).

I should stop being so happy wherever I go (as long as its not dull and there's a bar) and start being more picky. I'm such a snob though! hm. Oh well, i'll just live it up until i have to be serious and seriously poor in New York - though i can hardly wait.

But still, I'm a Kirkwood girl, and I really think its important not to abandon your home in some dramatic gesture to prove you're an individual and that you've moved on. I think you've shown you've moved on (if that's even the idea, which I'd argue that maybe it isn't) if you're able to maintain your ties to places that would "hold back" other personalities. Think about it, I think i'm right. Right for me at least.

But Danny Deckchair (which I'm watching again right now) - he had to float away to another town on a chair w/ helium baloons attached to it to really move on. So - tomay-toe, to-mah-toe.
I always say that for a reason. Not concerning world politics (p.s. I'm so glad the 9/11 anniversay is over) - but relationships, let's not call the whole thing off b/c of semantics.

Now I've just got to find a dress and a hat for the wedding - its stressing me out big time.
I'll find something, just like the penguins found each other,

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I'm partying my life away

Last night the gang and I went to The Big Bang - and it was like, 2 guys playing old favorites on the piano, and everyone would sing along. Somewhere along the line I decided I needed to drink more - and I did. Maybe it was all the Cardinals jerseys - but I think it was probably when the piano dudes started playing the Mizzou fight song that I was like hello bartender. The place was fun though, but you know, the clientele. We tried to go to the Atomic Cowboy after, but ended up at my house, b/c it was east of mccausland and not west. (the cowboy place, not my house) Fooled me! And I was the only one up for the adventure. It was a generally great time - but I've gotta hold back on this drinking business or the wedding won't seem like an exciting moment at all, but rather just another night of drinking at an exciting place.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So I just took Blythe out to her first time at the Chocolate Bar.
If it were possible, i would marry blythe.
We have a good thing going.
She inspires me to attempt to use proper punctuation in my blog, beacause her prose is so inspired an correct, and she's an amazing journalist.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time. And I had this beer, O'fallon Summer Brew, that tasted a lot like White Rain Almond Shampoo. At first, I considered Dial soap, but Blythe, as she helps me through many things, ultimately led me to diagnosis: White Rain. We called the number on the bottle and Blythe left them a message about their overall soapiness. She also was kind enough to offer some constructive criticism upon the subject of their label and its terrible-ness.

Man, Blythe, you are awesome.

People like Blythe help me to remember that I'm not so much crazy as much as I am awesome. And I'll be she didn't even mean to do that. Like, everyone should have someone to pretty much validate them in every way, but not like in an enabling way. I'm overwhelmed; I'm a lucky gal. Am I gushing? Yes! Do I believe in the power of gushing? Absolutely! Gotta own the outbursts of feeling. Gotta. I like, love Blythe - like Tom Cruise outburst style.

Am I drunk? Maybe! Not really though. Someday I'll write a song or book about it. You know, I can't even begin to begin, so I just won't. I'll just say, I'm beginning to know who I want to be in my wedding, if and when it occurs. Forget the if, though.

And Ty F----, and the principal of Keysor are defnitely invited - just for fun.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Well today was pretty neat.
I just got back from chillin' at my neighbor's. I think it was mostly me talking and her listening b/c she was tired - but they're fun people - here's to cool neighbors.
My sister and I always try to get my neighbor to talk about what drawings mean - see, she's a quite knowlegeable lady in the field of child psychology, so we like to hear what different kinds of kids draw...and then we go home and look at our old drawings to make sure we're not bipolar or something. Its fascinating how you can possibly have an idea (however vague) if someone has schizophrenia, depression or bipolar simply by looking at how they draw a person (pay attention to the EYES)! It's sortof awesome, and me and mer never get tired of hearing our neighbor talk about it.

Whoa! That guy on TV is really excited about Oxiclean! he's yelling!

So let's be brief!
What's happened? Dang, a lot, sortof.

- Cultural Exploration/Horizon Expansion day! Me and the ladies went to the King and I for delicious Chicken Pad Thai, some of us even had some Thai Iced Tea. Next we wandered around south grand, and stopped by, "isnt it grand" - the garage sale store. The cool store at the end was closed, i was bummed. The vintage store I loved isn't totally closed, rather its looking for a new location - I was glad about that. We skipped down to the used book store - and though they didn't have any untranslated Duras (don't I sound smart), they did have the awesome hitler book "Explaining Hitler," which i reccomended to Becca, and she swiftly bought. It's a rockin book. Anyway, Laura sadly had class, so she had to leave. We then had a stop by walgreens (detour by Kaldi's) and went to Mirasol across from the pageant. We had Mojitos, and they were strong. But that didn't stop me from getting a strawberry lemon drop! I feel so exciting and old to have specific drinks that I like. Anyway, we later went to Becca's, where I thought it would be an awesome idea to have another drink...and then do some backbends.
Hold on - I already talked about this. Whatever - I'm not gonna erase it.

Next night we went to Riddles like, 4 nights ago, and it was fun, even though i was in like, a creepy mood...which i actually think was fatigue, in retrospect. I had a hoegarten, and it was not served with a lemon. What gives? Is it creepy that I want to find a Yuengling? Nah, its cute - nevermind.

Next night (i think) it was blueberry hill night! I heart blueberry hill nights...seriously, they are always fun. And Blythe came to this one! She had a friend who has Paul McCartney eyes - that was pretty neat. It was more neat getting to see Blythe - she rules. Lots of peeps came, even some semi-random ones - whatever, i love people. Keith told me all about his plans for a tatoo that would make his arm look like it was robotic! That sounds neat to me, if not FOR me. Not for me at all, actually, but far be it for me to say "hey dudes, don't get a tatoo" - just don't come runnin' at me with a creepy ink needle, and we're cool, man! Thankfully, i was smart enough to not go to the Delmar Lounge b/c like, I wasn't feeling that hard-core, though becca elected to go. We salute her. She's fighting for her right to party - even though it seems to have given her the flu. Its just a battle - she can still win the war! Blythe did introduce me to the amazing jack and water w/ a splash of coke - i'm converted, espesh since last night I was like, whoa - and no evidence whatsoever this mo'nin'! Amazing!

Speaking of last night, it was pretty legit. Went over to Ian's to sit on the porch. Hey! I love porches. My first memory is from a porch in Mississippi. But I digress - Ian's got some line attached to trees in his front yard, across the sidewalk. He said it was like a climbing thing, but i think it's for catching bad guys -- Home Alone style.

The boys played guitar and were pretty much ignoring us/me, so we ladies went inside to fix us on up some drinks and catch up on some delicious girl talk. I got a hold of the guitar, but no one wanted to stick around long enough to hear my Tristan Prettyman song that I learned! But its ok - i'm impressed I can actually play 2 chords like, one after the other. Anyway, i was soon dragged to the Landing, where we got to go see a Blink182 cover band, then went down the street and met some dudes who joked that I was a crack dealer near his apt. I was like, hm, don't think I look too much like a crack dealer, but I'll play along, sure. The cute one out of the dudes was pretty legit, and had headphones on his shirt, and said goodbye, and that he would maybe see me on the corner selling crack sometime. Hm.
Very suave!

But I didn't really talk to those dudes for long, rather I left them to my buddies, b/c my buddies also pointed out that there were english dudes at a table! So I was like, telling them all about my sister and her blonde hair, and surely proving that I wasn't the average american girl with my savvy knowledge of british people and the slang they use. Oh, i was a champ, and i made them work for the attention their accents surely get! I tried to talk to one about that festival in southern california w/ the goofy name, b/c he was like, into music, but I couldn't remember it, and besides, he said he was "pissed" - that means drunk for all you who arent as "in the know" as I am! Bo yah! It was fun, even though I forgot the music guy's name - maybe they'll hang out w/ Mer in london. Probs not - besides, I told her to bring like a million girls who are attached to her (literally, if necessary) if she ever has to meet anyone. Natalie Halloway? NOT MY SISTER. Ugh, i don't want to think about that, i'm going to e-mail her and reiterate.

Anyway, I wake up this morning (no hangover, btw) and get to go shopping with my 12 year old cousin. I made her a CD so her and I can talk about music - come on, she'll be 13 soon; she'll need music. The day was so fun! She's awesome, and I pray for her that she will get through the 13-ish age intact. She so will. I dropped her off, and got to chill w/ her fam for a bit - her little bro is like so cute -- I think we have a special bond of 20 year age difference cosmic cousin-love. I heart him, big time. He calls me "Bee-ah" - which i think is totally gangsta, and hilarious, espesh since it sounds nothing like Lori. Whatever, all those kids can do no wrong, i like, LOVE them. And their parents (my cousins) are pretty awesome, too. It's a sweet deal.

I got to talk to Kristin today, and it was like, uplifting. I gotta get into the habit of calling my buds more, b/c I decided - phones are awesome tools.
peace, Lori

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today was harrowing, considering my hangover, but at least I got some gum, did the dishes, and am one step closer to knowing a song on the guitar that I will actually be able to sing. That will be so exciting. We didn't go to maggie o's and that is fine by me - instead we watched The Goonies, which was like, so darling and precious, i loved it.

Everyone was like, "see lori, it's about love!" and i was like, thank you, i like that. Even moreso, i liked the cool letter sweater the girl with the bangs got to wear. Anyway, I was so glad I got to hang out with mom today, b/c i think i was starting to develop a 2nd personality or friend to talk to in an effort to replace those who have left me to go on to more exciting things in other more exotic locales. People who are the only child have no choice but to be insane - I feel like i have some perspective into some of my more zany only-child friends now.

But everything is going to be ok b/c there's a movie coming out from the makers of You Got Served that's about roller skating. It's You Got Served on wheels! yes!!! & I ain't lyin'!

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