Monday, March 31, 2008

A more appropriate about me section

"I'm from St. Louis. I live in St. Louis. I like to dance. That's me on the left. I like to talk to you about the StL, cities, and cool things. I like to dream of a futuristic St. Louis that's kept an eye on its past. Does that make sense? I don't know. This is my blog." is out.
Though it is true.

Time to simplify.

I am St. Louis.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The *Friendly* Bike Club

I know all you cool kids have been riding in this since you got off training wheels, but I just got a chance to participate in this awesomely weird St. Louis full-moon tradition. They're called the FBC, and they are really good at bikes. We rode from turtle park to carondelet park and back. That's a long way for this gal, but it was totally worth it to get dressed up and go. I do love riding bikes in cities.

When my pal Roz came to visit me here in St. Louis, she mentioned how she liked that this town has a lot of fun in which a girl (or guy) can participate. I always thought that there was more to DO in those big coastal cities like, new york?!!?! wink wink. Whatever, to each his own - stl's a do-it-yourself town, and ain't it grand?

So, here's the FBC through my wobbly camera.

I wish I could've gotten more takes of the group in its entirety. There were something like 60+ people riding their bikes down Macklind, it was pretty great. I was definitely at the tail-end of the ride, and had the privilege of explaining what the heck was going on to all the local folk. It was funny - and friendly!

See you next full moon!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Energy Drink Project featured on SlideShare!

I'm not really sure what it means to be featured on SlideShare, but I have been! (Still investigating as to whether it's a good or a bad thing that 342 people have seen the thing and 16 people have actually downloaded it) It's for a project I've been working on for an internship assignment at an ad agency here in St. Louis. My, my, my, the job market. Don't get me started!

So yeah, I still maintain that I am not a big deal, but I will just take it that I did a good job/people like it. I'm pretty proud of it, actually.

Sidenote: there was a discussion on the twitter led more or less by MissRogue (whose new site looks so great! and who I greatly admire.), about how women often struggle with self-promotion. I will admit, this felt a little awkward. This on top of a meeting I just had with an old high school pal where she reccomended to me the book, "Women Don't Ask". Is this making mountains out of molehills? I don't know about that - I'm slightly on the well-versed side of things as far as feminist theory goes, and I'd say probably not. Maybe I'm just hesitant to put my work out there for all to judge. Who isn't? Who knows! I'm looking to get hired in St. Louis, so I can stay in this town I love. No shame in that!

Speaking of the devil, I've gotta get to work on my resume.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Openness and comments

Mr. G over at is talking about comment moderation. Now, if you're not sortof somewhat into the whole blogging thing, you're probably like, whatever.

Still indulge me - I love comments.
Who doesn't?! To me, its the equivalent of commenting on a magazine cover in the grocery line ("Gah, Aniston's hair is always flat! Is that supposed to be pretty?") & having someone else say, "Hey, you leave Jennifer Aniston alone, Brad Pitt broke her heart!!" And then conversation happens. Usually (with, as always, the exception of crazy folk) these conversations are either hilarious or pleasant, but sometimes it gets life-changingly insightful and/or mean&angry. Same with blog comments.

Reminds me of the Dane Cook Sneeze story.
Dane talks like a boy, so watch out, there's swearing. But it's funny.

Is this life imitating blog, or blog imitating life?! Who cares. It is hilarious.

So far it's just me and my 2 blog-friends (old high school cohorts) who comment on each other's blogs -- occasionally I get a comment from someone outside my teenage schemers and I just get so excited! I actually really like the angry ones. Whatever, I like'em all.

My favorite (and longest -- woo 6 comments or something, half-mine. ) comment stream though was about tshirts. I feel strongly about tshirts, and so do others, apparently. There was some almost-healthy discussion, too. I'm conflicted about anonymous commenters (as you could probably tell by the above tshirt spree, I don't want you to be anonymous b/c I wanna talk to you, not your keyboard, y'know?) . A lot of my non-close-dear-I-know-their-mom-type friend commenters are anonymous, and I like their opinions, and would prob miss out on'em if I made everyone say who they were...or at least what their email address was.

Can you imagine having this grocery store conversation, only someone put a paper bag on their head or ran away immediately after responding to how you were on Team Angelina? It would be silly.

Meh, I'm done being meta.

Red Lipstick Project

I've always wanted to do this, so no time like the present.
(full disclosure: I was inspired by Lauren's fierce red lips in the season premiere of The Hills - the lipstick that broke this camel's back!)

I'm going to wear a red lipstick every day for a month and see what happens. Maybe I'll think a positive thought about the world whenever I put it on, too.
It might change my life.

Could lipstick change a life?
check - I'll most likely flickr it, too - and we'll see.

ps I'd like to blog a little bit more about my career "journey", but it feels a lil' too overexposed, and it can get sticky. Stinks though, I know that the whole post-grad "chicken/egg" issue that liberal arts smarty-pants encounter could really be beneficial to someone who's maybe a step or two behind me. I know me 2 years ago would've loved that - to read about the nitty gritty. And frankly, me now would just love to see what other folks like me did to get that foot in that proverbial door!

Maybe I'll suck it up sometime and own up to the fact that my being a step or two behind the stuffed might actually be something others could learn from...and maybe that's more beneficial than this old-school smoke screening. Meh. I don't make the rules, malheureusement. "Behind" is a relative term, anyway!

pps I also would dare to say - since I posture some sort of Ricky Florida-esque commentary in this here web log, might as well come full circle here, folks - that this whole career journey thing is particularly symptomatic of what I hate to say may be a disease - "Insularitis" I'd deem it - that St. Louis, my dear St. Louis, is suffering from. Sigh.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Maybe I DO want to be a Lawyer

I mean, seriously, maybe I do.

"In contrast to the disappointment raised by our elected officials, law students from across the country have responded to the call to work for social justice in the Gulf Coast."
the humid haney rant: The Student Hurricane Network (SHN)

That's what the law is there for, right? Are all lawyers bad? I will have to talk to my friends about this. Would definitely turn my dream of being creative director of my own local boutique ad firm on its head, but .... well, I'll look into it.

Oooh, but LSATS are sure hard.

Gah, can't I just do both? Will be looking into how to take action on these fronts.

Complicated life

I'm sure I've posted this before, but I just wanna be this guy today.
I'm gonna try my best tonight at the Full Moon bike ride with the Friendly(ed.) Bike Club. Exciting that it is on a Friday.

Now, I owe this lil' chronicle a little more than a stream of youtube, and though I have gears a turnin' in my everything there is a season. So until the world makes a little more sense, or the full moon goes away (or both!) -- enjoy the video.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get you some a'that!

I saw this Really Awesome country rap (name check's Tim McGraw and the CMAs) video over here, under the headline (title?) "The Obama Effect" -- ?

All due respect, but I think that's giving Obama a liiiitttttle too much credit. But hey, if that is the case, bless him and his unifying ways, and I mean that in all seriousness! I tend to think it was maybe just the effect of some kind, everyday people, not some (extremely, ridiculously, like whoa) well marketed Harvard Law School fella with no voting record's mere presence on CNN giving a misquoted re-reading of "The Little Engine That Could." Sure that engine could climb that mountain, but could he croon? (and by croon, I mean vote in a consistent way b/c he has voted enough to have consistency)

Don't give your credit all to Obama - that's all I'm saying. But I guess Obama (or singing Obama's word) would tell me that I "can" give myself the credit. Well I do, and Barry Obama's got nothing to do with it, thankyouverymuch.

My horoscope said I should try to not be a grouch today...oops! I am feeling grouchy!

Well, if anyone thinks they can whip me up a batch of Obama Kool-aid to drink (I'll especially need it if he wins the nomination, and it will especially have to be made from a nice sugary policy-based powder...I also like watermelon flavor, fyi) -- whip it up!

Gah. I'm sorry! Politics are so obnoxious to me right now.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Good News!

Do-Nuts Drive-In St. Louis, MO on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Flickr has improved my life today.

THE Donut sign on Chippewa is returning!
Save the Donuts

From agilitynut on flickr -- (it pays to see if anyone's responded to your comments, as I did for the first time today):
"It's some sort of Route 66 grant. But since my post, I've spoken to the sign shop. The guy working on it is very much a preservationist and he assures me that the sign will be back up, one way or another, in June."

Yay! This is good!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


It's not real!


It is kindof brilliant though. It's for Rolling Rock Beer! Those beer advertisers. What do they do all day? Can I do it, too?

What the heck is a schmoopie?

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

D@mn the Man, Save Joes!

The forces of mediocrity are at it again.

"The Man/City Hall" has closed down Joe's!
Joe's Bar


Get out your pens, people!
I'm surprised to have not seen this anywhere else.

Here's the owner's letter/plea.

" Hello everyone,

As you probably already know, Joe's Cafe is currently closed and will
continue to be "on vacation". In order for us to reopen we will need
to obtain a permit for the "consumption of liquor" from both the city
and the state.

Some of you have offered to be of help, so we'd like to ask all of you
to send a few kind words of support ( a postcard is fine) to:

Joe's Cafe c/o Christman Studios
6014 Kingsbury Ave
St. Louis, MO 63112

The sooner the better! Proving to the city that there is a strong
basis of support for Joe's Cafe could go a long way in helping us to

Thank you,

Bill Christman
Andrew Pryor
Kevin Christman"

Sigh! In the name of all that is good, please write a letter! (or 100)

UPDATE: If you'd like to offer a few kind words of support to Joe's, but don't feel like dealing with stamps and paper, put your words in the comments below (or email'em to me) and I'll send'em on through.

Monday, March 03, 2008

My day with Roz - a double date with St. Louis

Y'all wish you were riding with us today!

I had so much fun running around town with my college pal, Roz. She's just as cool as way way cooler than I remember (hadn't seen her in 2+ years!)...and she is pretty cool. Can't say enough about this girl. Delaware should be proud to have produced her! I'm also glad her Dad, who went to SLU med school, sent her to me with such enthusiasm for St. Louis! I'm glad in general today, though I am exHAUSTED.

I'll definitely be posting a'plenty later about our trip today, with a few pictures. The order particular of our sightseeing was the most noteworthy for us, also pretty hilarious and pretty perfect. Gosh I miss my Penn friends a LOT sometimes/all the time. You forget what wonderful people you get to say are your friend when they're all so spread out across the frickin' globe. Lucky world. (Roz is going to Uganda soon - and blogging about it - so if you're into that, you know there will be links)

So, we absolutely didn't fit everything in, and barely went to any bars, so I'm hoping to take her out for a congratulatory cocktail after her med school interview is over. Hopefully she will be as impressed with the Jesuit Medical training offered here as she seems to have been by the city proper. We had such fun discussions as Roz got to know St. Louis.

PS I was totally wrong about the "new" Sandrinas... I'll tell myself I was just misled by Grand Opening Weekend Crowds so I don't feel too dumb. Its a win-win situation for me though, I am quite happy to have been wrong! Went there on Thursday - the jukebox was working!!! - can't say enough. Yay!
PPS The Buttery is now a stranger place to visit, and not in a very good way. I've been scared/upset about people the past 2 visits. It's also more crowded, which should be good, but turns out its not. Seems so at least. More on that later.

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