Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dance for Pedro

At the new location of Head to Toe (my former leotard, tights and tap shoe keychain one-stop-shop) there is a shirt that says "Dance for Pedro."
Its styled how you think - blue ringer, red iron-on-esque letters.
Hello! That is too awesome for words.
I kindof want to buy one for my 2nd cousin Sam the Eagle -- this kid is poised to be the hit of every school dance, wedding and be-stereo'd living room around the world, b/c he is a kickin' dancer. I mean, I was the one that decided to take him into the kitchen and rock out to some sweet soulful bayou music courtesy of Marc Broussard (and his influences, Donny Hathaway, Soul Power (or something), Dave barnes, Stevie Wonder, and James Taylor...among others) .... so perhaps I take some credit, but the kid hit the ground running(dancing). He comes up with all possible new moves to show me now, and some of them are positively Timberlake-esque.

He's perfect in every way, I love my 2nd cousin Sam. I think I will get him that Tshirt - it will be awesome for him when he's a teenager and likes to wear weird tshirts as all teenage boys do.
Gift from Bia (my unintentionally street nickname, bequeathed upon me by Sam's 1 year old bro, Fat Willie).

I would love to tell you all about my week of making St. Louis and surrounding areas into my very own Nashville/Austin hybrid, but I've got some to do listage to tackle. I've been in St. Louis for about a year now, and though I havn't had the wherewithall to really relish in my wonderful city as much as i did in high school (expendable income, sigh) - I heart this city, this state, and all its crazy red state, down-home awesomeness.
New York, etc.. is some lame resort town compared to the real people, places and things here (and in other cities around my favorite river ever), and all those dorks from the Bronx in my italian class who attempted to refute my claim that real america is in the South/midwest - y'all don't even know, and what's more, your Italian sucked.
More on that later, perhaps?

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