Monday, November 09, 2009

Let's get interesting

Hi guys, it's me.

I've been a little busy and a little harried for the past month or so, but that's not to say I don't like you! I've really been thinking about what I want to do for this blog and how I want to use it to oh, I don't know, help me help myself and help whoever needs help.
Help help help.

I do not want this to be a business only blog, but i like smushing it into things - we all ahve a platform, right?

I have an amazing gig right now at the Majora Carter Group doing new media strategy and development. Words cannot express. I get to do branding work AND potentially small-city online organizing. DREAM. Also, CHALLENGE beyond measure b/c it is so dreamy.

I've been really looking within and without at ways to really set up this business online in a way that makes them seem as amazing as they are in real life! I tell you it is crazy - I've been working with them, and they're actually better offline than they *seem* like online (and they seem pretty typically great anyway, in that TED speaker kind of way). How many times is the opposite true -- i.e. either brands/businesses are LAME IRL but seem so great online...or, they seem great enough offline and online you discover they have a cringe-inducing personality.

MCG is exactly what you'd hope it would be - vulnerable, brazen, constantly learning and changing, vibrant, diverse, empowering, creative, sensitive, practical, real and unpretentious. Also, the curtains are really pretty. But these qualities aren't coming through online as much as I want it to (as much as they really should). Future clients must know! When there can be some real shysters who know how to slap together an ad-hoc branding campaign that makes them "seem" amazing, MCG is amazing and it's work is even more so. So, it will soon have an online presence worthy of the group's pioneering presence in the Main Street environmentalism movement (to coin a phrase)....if I have anything to do with it, and I do!

I've just been looking into how to really do it right. How to do right by MCG and by the communities that have no training in the community tools and organizing and facilitating and commerce-supporting platforms that are present on the interwebs. I think of this and my mind explodes with joy at the possibility of making real the online community and infrastructure - similar to what humidbeings and all those in that galaxy are up to....but everywhere! Not just in San Francisco and New York. In Elizabeth City, North Carolina. In Easton, PA! In Kansas City In ST LOUIS! (ps Alderman French is totally giving us all a head start there guys)!

And it's so overwhelming that I sortof want to sell myself as a mail order bride right now (the glamorous alternative would be to marry a prince who would discourage my pursuit of anything but expert needlepointing and glamorousness). But this is not the answer.

I've turned to friend of a friend (i.e. trust!) Armano, whose advice-storytelling goes down easy, and to Oliver Blanchard, who is absolutely terrifying and social media career existential crisis-inducing, but sortof in the way that the ropes course at 6th grade camp was terrifying...get through it and you're out of the awkward phase, and on to something more comfortable. He keeps it real and I can appreciate. I'm reacquainting with other trusteds.

All this browsing and research has helped me figure out where I'm going with MRVG for now - I want to show that awkward phase in between Social Media rookie to actual director-level quality non-charlatan real deal-type person. Aspirational! Also hard to find. You either get experts yelling at charlatans and telling them not to be so obnoxious...or you get charlatans yelling at everything that they ARE experts. It's a little bit looking glass.

I want to show (maybe you, maybe my grandkids down the line) those "lost" kind of years in between being young and free and being an established elder statesman. I'm fascintated by these years.

I am IN these years.

Its not quite a not-a-girl,-not-yet-a-woman-type scenario, but it's approaching that. I want to become better at social media. I want to do it for brands. I want to do it for CITIES. (even more difficult, i want/have to advocate for cities i no longer live in, nor am I close to them. oh the questions you'll ask that begin with HOW.) I want to have a career. I'm approaching all these personal platformy things.

Anyway, I'm here I'm real, I know some things about things, and I'm trying to learn more. I love using metaphors to tie the room together, but in the interest of your cheese factor-o-meter, let's just say that a river (maybe similar to that big one found in that big valley) runs through everything - and it's where the water gets dirty that things get interesting. So...let's get interesting.

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