Monday, June 04, 2012

Real Talk on Real Movies with Lori

So it may come as no huge surprise to a few of you that I now work in social media strategy and do a lot of writing for film (marketing, specifically). When I love it, I LOVE it. Some of my favorite moments come when I get to talk about a movie in the way that people talk about a movie and about things that I personally would be interested in. (I'm into people-talk & interesting things and so are you). Surprisingly enough, the way movies are talked about isn't determined by people a lot, but by giant talking machines, so it's good to get back to basics. I'm a human talking machine and so are you.

I'm always trying to sneak in more humor, writer-writing and #realtalk dialogue into my work, so here's how I get to do it.

(also, if you live in NY and you want on my funny advanced movie screening email list, tell me. email's probably best)

Indie movie cred time! See LITTLE BIRDS! - teenage white trashy runaways gang love story gone murdery. Get INTO IT (also free drinks for you and anyone you invite)

Attention hip, indie movie appreciator friends of mine! You're a small and mighty group.
I wanted to invite you to a special screening of the new film Little Birds on MYSTERY DAY at MYSTERY LOCATION (cue link to awesome ninja turtles art!) to be followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Elgin James and actress Kay Panabaker. (you may remember her from the Suite life of Zach and Cody! Also, my personal favorite from her IMDB page, A Modern Twain Story: The Prince and the Pauper  -- well, girlfriend has gone straight up Indie and she's in a movie with Juno 'almost always nude' Temple! She's wearing jorts in this one!)
The movie? Well it's pretty damn dark, and kinda teenage white trashy runaways gang love story gone murdery.  Watch the trailer here

The film was one of the most buzzed about premieres at Sundance last year - i think mostly b/c people at sundance have never actually LIVED in a super poor trailer trashy town and never ever will, so it excites instead of terrifies them - AND its director was a part of the Sundance workshops, where they take unknowns from wherever (in his case, from a creepy and also murdery gang, and also like, jail) and they make them into FILMMAKERS! 

*leaves email to quickly join a gang and murder someone and also mail in my sundance workshop applicaion!*

... ok I'm back. See you at sundance!

Anyway, this the sundance director's workshop turned my one of my favorite directors/people into my favorite director ever (ahem, his name is Taika Waititi and he made BOY) -- and I like to imagine him giving this creaapy gang leader the sideeye while reading his kinda indie-creeper script. The movie features an all-star cast including Kay Panabaker, Leslie Mann and Kate Bosworth, and opens in theaters this August.  

First-time director Elgin James has had a very unique journey to filmmaking - from spending time in the foster care system to forming the notorious FSU gang to serving a year in a maximum-security prison.  He will join us after the film to speak about putting his violent past behind him with this striking directorial debut.He's straight edge now! He won't murder you. I don't think!

 Date and Time: 
(screening will begin promptly MYSTERY followed by a Q&A with Elgin James and Kay Panabaker)



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