Thursday, July 24, 2008

Foam on cherokee

"Most people were excited. They'd seen work happening on the building and were anxious to find out what is going in there. I was invited into some houses and introduced around. A couple of people went out of their way to get me in contact with some of the others on my list who didn't happen to be around when I showed up. One property owner in particular who doesn't live in the building they own asked me to leave a petition with a neighbor so she could come down and pick it up. She brought it to her husband who, I later found out, is very ill. She mailed it back to me with the signatures and a little note wishing me good luck on my new adventure.

Some of the doors I knocked on were answered by people who obviously weren't expecting a stranger. Doors were answered by women in tears. One woman was nursing a baby. One man was in a towel. All of these people, while they were being inconvenienced, agreed to sign.

All in all it forced me to meet people I otherwise may not have met and I think it'll make my business and hopefully in turn the neighborhood stronger."

Mike of Foam is pounding the pavement in Marine Villa/Dutchtown/Gravois park/Benton Park West (is BPW a neighborhood ? ok, I checked - it is on the "official"map). That's not easy.

HIV immunity exists???

Researchers study HIV immunity - News:
"To gain entry into these cells, most strains of the virus bind to CCR5 receptors. Some people, however, are born with a mutation that causes a non-functional CCR5 receptor. This makes them immune to HIV infection."

wha? !


I want.

504ever? Yes.

314ever? Does it take a hurricane to rally? Should it?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remember the ladies

Another lady-themed post. Plans to make lady video games. I like the av club's ideas more than the vid game company's Pretty in Pink: Prom Paradise or whatever.

Video Gamez For Ladiez | The A.V. Club:

"If you're going to condescend to women gamers, Paramount, at least do it all the way. Why not Steel Magnolias: Shelby's Return, in which players battle a zombie Shelby by throwing tears at her lumbering corpse (Tears are earned by gossiping at the beauty shop). Or Not Without My Daughter: Escape From Alfred Molina, in which players must absorb a certain amount of Alfred Molina's yelling, before gaining the speed required to run out of Iran."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Girl Heroes

sidenote: I just figured out how to use the "send to" function on my google toolbar, so now I can quickly update this thing w/o getting overly distracted! Amazing! The tumblr might suffer, but all the better. Tumblr is stupid (though it's a lot prettier than my blog right now, ooo wee I need to spend some time).

So, I've been readin' up on the new batman movie. People have a lot to say about this film, and I'm liking it! So glad that lil' Katie's decided not to reprise her role. I always think Maggie G is a little too deep for her own good, but maybe the awesome husband+baby power combo have brought her back to normal-people world b/c I am lovin' her currently. Way better quotes than "we're so happy together" crap KH was saying about the last movie/tom cruise. (ps what's the deal with christian bale and the assault charges? He was in newsies!)

Maggie Gyllenhaal | The A.V. Club:

"What does it mean to be the woman in this movie, in this big Hollywood action movie?

And is there a way to do it that's cool, that's awesome?

Is there a way to do it that you actually believe that these incredible guys actually like her this much?

Is there a way to do it where she actually also has a point of view about the state of the world, the moral state of the universe, like these guys do?"

Replace the word "movie" up there with "life" and you'll have a pretty good critical viewpoint of a girl in a world that seems to be full of primarily male superheros. Its a pretty old conceit/motif/thingee, but one worth thinking about.

Go Maggie. She's thinkin'!

The AV club review of The Dark Knight, and the new batman movie itself, really touch on what it means to try to do things in a city and what the ups and downs can do to a person. To an extreme, sure - but its easy to lose that perspective with Carrie Bradshaw running around choosing the wrong boyfriend all the time.

Glad that Maggie's attempting to show what impact living in a city has on a real life girl, even though that real life girl is also a comic book girl-character. Not enough quality female perspectives (socialites don't count) when it comes to movin' and shakin' in the city. Any city. Even a fake one.

St. Louis is no Gotham, but do you think it would rank that far above us at #52?
I don't.

I Hate Cilantro - an anti cilantro community

Spending some of the workday tracking opening and closings of restaurants in St. Louis, I found a group of folks who actually hate cilantro!

I Hate Cilantro - an anti cilantro community:

"Warm chips and salsa
What are those green flakes floating
Be very afraid
- CilantroYuk

Why do folks hate cilantro so much? I love it. But I also love their haikus. Torn!

ht GutCheck



A for real college friend of mine got engaged! I am overjoyed for many reasons.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Southern Missouri Sisters

If any of you were wondering what I was like before St. Louis....

Me and the future mayor, meredith


My awesome cousins

Come on dad

BFF Scott and his awesome Kirkwood daughter, Baby Coco

Taken on a saturday afternoon visit with mer, who was just in town this weekend.

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