Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remember the ladies

Another lady-themed post. Plans to make lady video games. I like the av club's ideas more than the vid game company's Pretty in Pink: Prom Paradise or whatever.

Video Gamez For Ladiez | The A.V. Club:

"If you're going to condescend to women gamers, Paramount, at least do it all the way. Why not Steel Magnolias: Shelby's Return, in which players battle a zombie Shelby by throwing tears at her lumbering corpse (Tears are earned by gossiping at the beauty shop). Or Not Without My Daughter: Escape From Alfred Molina, in which players must absorb a certain amount of Alfred Molina's yelling, before gaining the speed required to run out of Iran."


kim said...

LOL!! Zombie Julia Roberts is on the warpath and she needs some OJ! Thanks for sharing this - I will go read the whole article now.

Lolololori said...

YES! I like where you are going.

I am so on board for Steel Magnolias: Shelby's Return. Especially if Weezer feeds you armadillo cake, but then you'd earn lost points back if can tell which color is "blush" and which is "bashful" in some sort of Dolly Parton-themed bonus round.

also, if every time you get fed the armadillo cake, or get your car decorated with "rubbers" - there'd a sound byte of the "I'm ANGRY!" graveyard scene.

Oh I could go on!

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