Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Danny Ocean

Will I bike to my job interview tomorrow?*

Only the skirt I pick out to wear tomorrow knows.

*I probably shouldn't it will be so hot. But then how nice would it be to bike *away* from a job interview?

In other news, the extended family of 2nd cousins is growing and all the White women (clarification: me, my mom and my sister -- White is our last name, ok?!) are way excited in the gooey gossipy glory of it all. I'm pretty sure I'm going to name this one, as is the "tradition."

I return to St. Louis over labor day. That is also exciting. Take me to the river! Drop me in the water!

I'll have been a new yorker for one year on september 11th, 2010 (...) - and it doesn't feel labored. So it's good.

Good friends abound for NYC job hunt 2.0 - it sortof feels like I'm the Danny Ocean in the Ocean's 11 of job hunts. Which is a good feeling. But sometimes Al Pacino (andy garcia?) is just so scary! I need you now, Don Cheadle! It's definitely a caper.

While my days are my own, and I'm not doing the job search thing or working with freelance clients (I'm for HIRE!), I will definitely be going to see the Colbert Report.

Aw, I miss you guys.

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