Friday, September 15, 2006

Let me go, she said

Let me go, and I will want you more -- right?
Or is that just another Cake-ism?

Au Revoir, St. Louis!
Yes, I had to leave you for Lyon- but it will be better for the both of us! May the clarity that a year in Europe is sure to afford me bring you much good fortune, my USA, upon my return...For my sake, eh? I will still read my St. Louis blogs, and I will still long for some mississippi love, but for now, my rivers new rivers for the year are the Rhone, the Saone, and the Beaujolais - however I choose to spell them on any given day.
And what a valley it is that I live in!
It will take some time for me to find a real appartment (not in the semi terrifying arab rioting ghetto...though it is not without its cultural vibrancy and colorfulness during the daytime, of course...but I'm a young non-arab foreigner, and a woman at that? I mean, I'm tough, but hello, I am not (yet) a kung fu master/sniper type lady). It will take some time to complete my paperwork, get my bank account, get internet access, Skype (best internet phone ever, and yes Mer, they pronounce it Skyp-EE in France. How'd you know!?) figure out the bus, metro and bike (! yes the city has a bike system where you rent a bike to get from place to place and then drop it off...hello good idea) systems, and make a petit life for myself in french. I figure on that taking tops 2 months, and then its travel, live, drink, and explore this groovy city and others, entertain my multitudes of visitors, and just do etc, etc, etc... perhaps find somewhere to dance, too, of course, and gents to dance with. One is silver and the other's gold, but whatever metal they're made of, I'm happy to wear the rings of all my friends, be they people, bars, shoes or cars, in my heart. aw.
Other writing (namely Testimos) becons....this may as well be a temporary farewell to the Mississippi River Valley girl (on more than one level, whoa) - but expect her back every once in a while, and in full force come next September.
Don't forget to vote, and in the meantime, check out the french Lori, as I try my best to be my own doppelganger (merci Blythe), at the new blog, aptly punned (and penned!) - Fleur de Lori, in the meantime!
I hope to post well and often, much in the way I aim to live and laugh and love. Hey o!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Belated Anniversary

That fleur de lis : its having this eerie pervasive presence in my life, and I'm not even catholic. Zany!

I know my posts have been pretty, um, reticent (?) of late, but I've got a lot to say/think/do about this 1 year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.
I'll save it for later, though.
In the meantime, I'm in the midst of a get-lost-in-the-internet sojurn (the internet is so cool, btw!), and I fell into this fella's blog and he had a list of all these New Orleans blogs.
Check'em out.
I know something good will come out of all of this. I just hope sooner than later, and I hope to be a part of it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

This is awesome

I am so loving Wikipedia right now.

Cute dress, too.

RIP Naguib Mahfouz

RIP Naguib Mahfouz

I'm not going to pretend to have a graduate degree in anything that would allow me to grasp just how cool Naguib Mahfouz was, but I studied enough of him in my undergrad years to be able to say that his voice was a very special and important one, and will be missed gravely.

I have Professor Roger Allen - who boldly stepped outside the uppity professor box to be both a great professor and inspiring teacher and educator to lowly undergrads like myself at the U of P -- to thank for many things, but today I gotta give him his propers for nominating this guy for that um, nobel prize he won (impressive, huh?)...and for filling our bright eyed and bushy-tailed minds with little perspective on the whole east-west-whatever hullaballo courtesy of Mahfouz and his Cairo Trilogy...among other things. I'm a lot wiser courtesy of these these fellas.

Did you know that there's a poem that if you recite it on a plane in an arab country (and if you're a man, I'm assuming), passengers on the plane will be compelled to stand up an applaud? I know this, thanks to Roger Allen. He's so cool.

Catch Prof. Allen on NPR talk of the nation (audio available at 5pm ET ) the Lehrer news hour tonight at 6:49pm ET! I always wanted Prof. Allen to be all over the pundits, but his priority is obvi teaching and not spotlight seeking...still I wonder what he'll have to say tonight. Talk about a guy who knows things about things (and still manages to be a pleasantly eccentric british bloke) Did I mention how cool this guy is? mm hm.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Elvis Costello

EC turns 50-ish yesterday, and is expecting a kid with Diana Krall - excellent! You gotta love this guy more than slightly. I do!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Maybe you wanna BE an American!?


Maybe I do.

**These are my comments upon seeing the ACTUAL documents that formed the foundation of MY great nation...yes it is MINE.

It was a corporation-led adventure, but adventure nonetheless. We all experience america differently, right? But its all sorta the same. Whatever, insert poignant "we're all sleeping underneath the same big sky" thought here : _________.
Then try trying to belive it. Come on!
Starbucks. Sleep Inn. Target. Old Navy. Outback Steakhouse. The United States Capitol (?) - but I'm not hating. One time I was chillin' with Bono, and he told me "America's not just a country, it's an idea." (mind you, i was chillin with him and like a bajillion other penn kids, but he was talking to the balcony...of the giant football stadium...facing the sun...whatever, i felt it.) It's all part of the amber waves of grain, y'all. As momma says, you can't have the whole without the parts, and if you take (or hate) a part of the whole, then you're messing it all up. Get it? Momma also says "snakes on a plane" a lot now - believe me she has been impressing locals all across the greater Washington DC area. Its giving her major street cred.

I read the Declaration of Independence and I've read the Constitution of the United States, and they are some liner notes, dude.

In honor of bono, I wrote a song about america, and my sis choreographed a little accompaning jig.

America: Best country EVER!

Of course there is more to come later: Ghost of john quincy adams, swing dancing in the almost house of the VP of the USA (in a SUPER cool neighborhood), running into cool meg from casa loma (yes she still has the fish dress), near loss of $2 bill - and suggestion, by Mr. Dreamy, that I, "should like, make a coffee table out of it, or something" and like, other stuff. DC's pretty magical, but next time I go, I'm going to make up better must-see lists for myself and like, bring a moped. For now, M and I rep our city (and dis another, doy).

Go Pioneers.

Webster GROSS...!

Tomorrow we head for Cinci-nasty, home of many an impolite boy my aquantainces and I have been lucky to have encountered in our past. And maybe there's more? Will I be brave enough to be a french fry and go out to discover this homeland of Nick Lachey? I sorta wanna save what's left of me for STL, but if there's a will (and daylight, and dibs on the rental) there's a way.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Keepin' it real in the Spin Capitol

So I talked to this fella at Eastern Market in Washington DC - i think he asked if he could have my hair. I said, "NO!" -- but he ended up telling me he had just come over from Africa.
Now, DC is a pretty random acts of violence/crime city, so I was wary - and I hate that a lot. I wish I were a 7 foot tall like, American Indian kung fu master or something intimidating like that so I would not feel so damn defenseless in the face of all the lovely culture around me that I really just want to talk to. I don't speak 3 languages for nothin', folks.
I love me a good market!
I asked this penn dude if he ever went to the amish market on 43rd in west philly, and he said no! &#$^%*#$? Needless to say, he is dead to me (for many reasons, this one being high up on the top 10).
I remember when me and Steph would venture to like, 50th street to get an apple popover because hey, there was a mini amish market there, and we the one we ate was on a picnic table prefabricated for chess-playing. We also bought a pitcher (for lemonade) for like 50 cents from some store with a lot of cooooool fake hair. Mind you, i think we were in the area where the Prince of Bel Air met those boys that were "up to no good" and who "started making trouble in the neighborhood" -- if you catch my drift. But it was day, and it was a good apple turnover, and you gotta love the amish. Moral? markets have really good apple turnovers, tomatoes and kooky folk, even if they are a bit scary.
Risk it.
Anyway, they were playing Nancy Wilson and Al Green at the market, it was mucho appreciated. Observe as I remind meredith what you're supposed to do when you hear music.

DC so far has been very corporate, yay american starbucks time, but I can dig it, obvi. I take time out from cynicism to love my zany country and all its idiosyncratic craziness.
Here's to you, USA! It's a very diverse city innately, as well as by virtue of the fact that many a different folk like to visit.

I went running with my buddy Scott and he got mad at me for breathing deep the air of democracy, and semi-screaming "best country ever!" in front of some south indian lookin' folk at the frickin' foot of the capitol --- I'm like, people need to know that I love my country, and they need not take offense. If I were in france (& i will be soon) and someone said, "Zeeiisss eeez zee beeeest coooohntreee eeeveeerrrrhhgg" -- I'd be like, "oui, man, oui, allez-y" (which translates, roughly to "yeah man, yeah, you go"). Because why not love the country that gave you freedom and sesame street?

I'm hoping tomorrow or wednesday day to grab that car and drive the streets of DC and find some real people. Thus far I've been searching out DC blogs and finding the occational tip 10% of the time, whilst 90% of the time I'm being burdened with folks' relationship problems.

Oooooh, yeah, I don't care. (and I'm proud of my stl for having non-therapy, doy?)

Also, bloggy hipsters here have a chip on their shoulders the size of the lincoln memorial when it comes to interns (my sister-esque folk). Oh I just want them to drop the resentfulness and tell me where to go to meet real DC people. I really would not like to be clued into how much they hate themselves while they diatribe on and on about how hateful the interns' youth, vigor, beauty and overall bushy-tailed optimism is. These atributes are not bad things - most cities would benefit, if not cater (like the business of DC do) to such youth and fervor and overall city centric blind soulmate-esque love. Most cities have been killing to eliminate the brain drain that is plaguing them, while the movers and shakers here are resenting them (at least in the blogosphere) ??
Also many of these arty fold seem to be dealing with dealing with not liking new york. Don't like it, its ok! Snakes on a plane, man - snakes on a plane. Just b/c its new york doesn't mean you have to like it. You can, though - sure. But you also can also not like it. I believe ghandi once said, " Be the new york you want to be in the world." Right?

It all makes no sense, and its getting in your way, cool ppl of DC! Can you dig it?
I hope I manage to hang out with these inferiority complex be-weighted people...I can only hope that they are not turned off by my optimism and hope for like, things?

ps the vintage here is about $200 dollars more expensive than the stl....and I'm really only exaggerating by $5. Seriously. Whoa. If I had lived here age 12-20 I would be facing age 23 with like, a pair of jeans. Only. I'm sad that Rock star rags is going kaput. If you know things about things, or you're my mom and her crew (=both?), you know what I'm talking about -- giant vintage clothing warehouse in North city? This fella Bill, who would steal all my moves on the dance floor - but it was ok b/c he was trying - would save us dancing gals the goodies, and cut us deals b/c he knew those dresses were going to LIVE. I have many a dress from there, thanks to bill! Anyway, there's a dancing gal here in DC who is 5'10" and danced with the crew back in STL -- we would go to rock star rags back in my senior year of HS -- it was sortof hilarious b/c, much to my suprise, and despite the fact that I was 5'3" -- we wore the same size, and had to be very diplomatic over dresses a'plenty in the heart of north st. louis. I gave her an awesome red plaid dress, and I wonder if she still has it. SHe's emo now, so maybe she will give it to me. If she's smart, though (and she is) she's sold it.

Sooooo is the score stl-2 dc-zero-ish??
I don't know, I'm trying not to let predjudice color my experience here in america's capitol. I feel like Dc's gonna pull ahead bigtime tomorrow -- Tomorrow I go swing dancing at The Jam Cellar with what I'd call some of the best dancers in the, um world? I'm not being brown nosey, but hey, these dudes and dudettes keep it real and they love to frickin' dance. What is not to admire!? I'm excited like whoa, and already planning the outfit. Hopefully the little dead foot that could (my right foot) will pull through. It will. An over-zealous rock step killed my foot, and many more overzealous ones will bring the foot entirely back ---b/c life is crazy like that. I'm in the spin capitol of the world, after all, and you can bet I'll be spinnin' on some dance floors. Spin doesn't only come from the pundits!

Maybe I'll teach'em some St. Louis shag - if they're lucky. They are, so hey.

These swing dancers seem to be a really great and truly american coalition of peers (Since Ben Franklin's Junto--- it was the bomb, and I can thank profesh Zuckerman for showing me that light, grazie), and they're making life better for the world, and I gotta love it, and I gotta love that dance is the reason for all of it. Any city would kill for this crop of dynamic duos.

Is social dance the band aid of our fragmented society? Do I even have to say, doy?

Frankie Manning, who I met at the Casa Loma ballroom when i was like 16 years old, says something about how when you dance with someone, you have to believe and be in love with them, and with the music for 2 and a half minutes...otherwise, its just not worth it. That's the way to live, k?

I like how I think everyone else's clothes are so 90's tastic. It was a decade of hope and of the Gap... not for me least not Gap wise. And like, I'm still hopeful. I sold that dress on Ebay, it now lives happily in florida! It was too high waisted for me anyway.

Expect a more detailed post about the DC later.
In the meantime, keep dancing please.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Show me staters represent

So I just spent a lovely evening with my two best gals, and we totally brought it.
There were fresh pears, Helen the best bartender ever, tall irish-catholics, and STL roller girls (arch city rivals?), in all their pink hair bettie page hair glory (excellent choice with the fishnets and pink leopard skin mini, roller girl comradette, and no I am not being sarcasto-mean). Twas grand, figuratively, and eventually literally.
*because we were having fun, and eventually went to bars on the street called "Grand" ...badum bum!*

I've always wanted pink/red hair.

Anyway, there was much discussion of keeping it real, much trying of random drinks made out of fruits (but not fruity drinks, there's a difference) and much STL representing. Our talkin' was a bit like feeding meat to the tigers, b/c we are all serious stl-ettes, but we were all just like, you know, we have lived el
sewhere, and for some reason, ain't no lovin' like the one St. Louis' got.
We're really into the pretention-less, genuine nature of our stl brethren. Propers to you. All of you. Even the black barbie doll, i heart you as well.

We went to The Buttery, reccomended by my new best friend Stevie f. Smith - owner of the ever-relevant Royale, and 30 something stl gangsta: (I think he does other stuff, but whaev, do your own research - this blog is about ME!)

Excellent reccomendation, new best friend! Thanks!

I so enjoyed dancing with James the accident prone all purpose cook man to classics like "bed of roses" by bon jovi, some Sam and Dave B-sides and like Johnny Cash--- let us not forget other obscure country favorites that blythe knew ....all in addition to others, including "what's goin' on" and "Always be my baby" by marvin gaye and mariah, respectively, and respectfully.

Yes we sang along. Yes we were young and full of life.

You wish you were there.

We went there post south-side romp, and it was just lovely. There was dancing, and I ate a slinger, b/c I don't front - and blythe had the best grilled sandwich of the southside (professed mr. james) regrets, to be sure. Aaanyway, royale-mangia-buttery was a triumvirate of southside nightime fun and did I mention that you wish you were there?

I'm listening to the live recording of the Marc Broussard concert I went to see about a month ago -- one that had a sortof unintentional paradigm shifting effect on my life...(not all that uncommon for Mr. Broussard...added to the chuck berry concert the night before and it was just no wonder).

- he coughed in the middle of a song and he said he had a cold, and I yelled, "me, too!" That's how I roll. -

I leave you with Blythe's album cover - --- and a hope that you will
not dance like nobody's watching, but rather dance like EVERYBODY is watching, and you are a really good dancer.
That's what I do, and it's really awesome.

St. Louis dances like that, too. Just watch.

its 4:25am, and i'm signing off. Rep your city.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

One month

One month from now I will be a french citizen. Not forever, but for sometime. Am I sad to leave America? Hell yes, I love america, usually quite blindly. Am I sad to leave St. Louis? Hell yes, I am in the thrall of this city, once again. But I'm getting the hell out of dodge b/c hey, I'm blindly crushing on where I am right now. Distance fans an affection strong, and extinguishes one that is weak. I got that from a college buddy's AIM profile about her fiance, I admit this - and I cite my sources. In the meantime, I am going to be loving me some america, and I will leave the deconstructing my americanness for when I am an ex-pat.
Have I ever mentioned that I am like, so done deconstructing all the matricies of power that encompass my ancestry? Leave me alone, I'm tired of rebuilding myself in less oppressive ways - as an individual, I think I'm rather a force for good. This is neither here nor there?
Get excited for the last month - its going to be an excellent push for greatness, stlness and love, always love, people.

Monday, August 07, 2006

who hid the 20-somethings

So, in my attempt to live up as much St. Louis as possible, I've found that most of the (real) movers and shakers have a very 30 year old vibe. What gives, are all the 20 somethings eating sushi in Clayton? What are we supposed to do with ourselves? I have a very good feeling that I do not want to eat sushi in Clayton with the 20 somethings. Go to france seems to be my answer. In the meantime, I am happy to party with my elders.

Maybe I see but don't see them b/c I can tell they wanna play quarters with me or something. Oh but I do not judge - try not to at least. I am enjoying my not-party-in-the-park with the yuppies summer -- quite a shift from my stint at ALIVE magazine. Not that one is better than the other, but there are different strokes for different folks (though I still wonder where all the funky but responsible 20 somethings go to die/disappear). I am reminded of when I was in high school and I'd drive down Cherokee or somewhere else b/c I got lost on my way to this or that and just dream of a greater st. louis -- the one of the past or of the future...and here I am older, and I'm at it again - trying to be an STL connosieur, and I am soakin' it up!

I would like to own all of Cherokee someday. I would especially like to own the Casa Loma Ballroom and really kick that into some culturally relevant dancing high gear (in addition to rehabbing it in time for my wedding reception to as-yet-unforseen and i decided that today in the Great Wedding Discussion over Eggs Benedict of 2006) ... its a legit ballroom, and because dancing is so important to the neighboring people, and to me -- could it be crafted into something totally relevant and singular? Tcha! How do I get it...?

I see all these businesses opening up - for better or for worse as far as their enterprising owners are concerned and I just gotta wonder, how!? Does it take the decade to figure it out? Yes? I looked at all the whartonites, like the ones who started Bubble Tea (so gross, but $$ and I guess it served the community) and insomnia cookies (I think its 50% wharton)...well what am I talking about I clearly need to call up my wharton buddies...are you reading wharton buddy? Would you like to talk business? You know you would!

With all this craziness going on in the world -- though I'm about to go an ocean closer to it in a month -- it seems like America needs to turn inward and fix what is fixable. Internationalism is important, but why does my alma mater have to be soooo focused on becoming an international university, altruistic across the world, when my buddy from Lafayette, LA tells me that houses in new orleans are still spray painted with warnings of dead bodies? I hope, in my Great European Tour of my 20s, that I will be able to gain some sort of perspective from the lives of others and bring that experience -- like my Penn street cred -- straight back to the Heartland, a place that set me free, and if I do come back, I truly was it's to begin with.

I remember my high school teacher, Mr. Teson, would gaze wistfully at me and say, "you're never coming back, are you Lori?" -- maybe he was wrong. I do not know, yet...I would like to get some fixin' happenin' in n'orleans, tho. Maybe I'm supposed to go there. Hm?

In other news, I now know an authentic St. Louis Shag from like the 30's. I'll have to post more about this later, b/c I feel very authentic about it all, and will be going on a teaching blitz probably starting a minute ago.
What is this blog for, if not to announce my love of the dance.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Dance for Pedro

At the new location of Head to Toe (my former leotard, tights and tap shoe keychain one-stop-shop) there is a shirt that says "Dance for Pedro."
Its styled how you think - blue ringer, red iron-on-esque letters.
Hello! That is too awesome for words.
I kindof want to buy one for my 2nd cousin Sam the Eagle -- this kid is poised to be the hit of every school dance, wedding and be-stereo'd living room around the world, b/c he is a kickin' dancer. I mean, I was the one that decided to take him into the kitchen and rock out to some sweet soulful bayou music courtesy of Marc Broussard (and his influences, Donny Hathaway, Soul Power (or something), Dave barnes, Stevie Wonder, and James Taylor...among others) .... so perhaps I take some credit, but the kid hit the ground running(dancing). He comes up with all possible new moves to show me now, and some of them are positively Timberlake-esque.

He's perfect in every way, I love my 2nd cousin Sam. I think I will get him that Tshirt - it will be awesome for him when he's a teenager and likes to wear weird tshirts as all teenage boys do.
Gift from Bia (my unintentionally street nickname, bequeathed upon me by Sam's 1 year old bro, Fat Willie).

I would love to tell you all about my week of making St. Louis and surrounding areas into my very own Nashville/Austin hybrid, but I've got some to do listage to tackle. I've been in St. Louis for about a year now, and though I havn't had the wherewithall to really relish in my wonderful city as much as i did in high school (expendable income, sigh) - I heart this city, this state, and all its crazy red state, down-home awesomeness.
New York, etc.. is some lame resort town compared to the real people, places and things here (and in other cities around my favorite river ever), and all those dorks from the Bronx in my italian class who attempted to refute my claim that real america is in the South/midwest - y'all don't even know, and what's more, your Italian sucked.
More on that later, perhaps?

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Newborns are small

I met my baby cousin today - she was like, 23 hours old.
We bought her a garden knome and some gum cigars at the gift shop. Someday she will really appreciate these things.

Its really exciting to have her around, except she's little and doesn't do a whole lot. Which means, A) I can't teach her to dance and B) she has a cauliflower brain. That's cool and all, but not exciting - at least not on the surface. There's an word for that other than surfacely. I REALLY wanted for her to be born on the 23rd and not the 24th b/c Jason Mraz, among other cool people (like astronauts and dukes) were born on the 23rd, and pretty much no one has been born on the 24th. But she's a girl, so it could be good for her to have the ethical ambiguity and technical dexterity the birthday book prophesized her to have.
But we're going to call her Coco, so she's going to be good a start to a life as anything.
Maybe we can enroll her in dance and she'll use that technical dexterity to be come a virtuoso tap dancer.

I've been watching Bridget Jones Diary and would like to be as dilligent about my diaryizing as she. I'm going to france soon anyway, so I must hone the diaryizing/journaling skills as I'm sure I'd better kick it with the written word quite a bit so as to document my life-changing journed for all biographers to see.
It probably doesn't help that I write my journals when I'm about to go to sleep. THey always end with - and now I'm tired, so bye.
I mean, I could do better.

In other news, I am finished with substitute teaching and Kevin Klein's old (uppity & private & catholic) high school. Highlights inclued one notoriously disruptive kid calling a Vietnamese kid a terrorist - only topped by the 2 smartest kids in class making (terribly constructed) paper planes, throwing them while saying, "It's 9-11!"
I was like, is that funny? I need to know, b/c I'm old. But I laughed, b/c those are some genius 11 year old cojones. Besides I had a unique understanding with these 2 dudes, and I think they decided to cut loose on the last day I was there...ok fine. I appreciated their raps about Llhamas and their drawing of me:

You really should click on it to get the full effect - it was easily the best going away gift ever.
This and more is documented on along with other awesome photos by 14 year olds with creative minds that were briefly fed by me, y'all. I love it! Posterity.

This myspace business is the website of the band the kids in my class semi-ficticiously formed. It was like school of rock, only they were writing, rhyming, working together, and having fun - and it was totally curriculum appropriate. I was totally dead poets society, only instead of "o captain, my captain" it was:

"You need to hurry, so use you some Fedex
Becasue I'm d-a-n-gerous, just like car wrecks
Writing check after checks, no wait that's too old fashioned
to go chilling with my homies, that's the direction I'm dashin'
We're bashin and dancing with a monk on da' porch
Watching MTV and talkin' bout sports.
Durka durka dur! Its gettin' hot in herrr!
It gifts were gold, incense and myrrh
But please, don't give me fur

and other such gems that they wrote/rapped/thought up themselves. I had them listening to green day&other songs they liked, (including Tally Hall, of whome they were immediately in awe and who they downloded immediately) and it was pretty awesome b/c they clearly did not realize that songs had rhyme nor reason to them. So I told'em au contraire and they were stoked. I educated the youth - check it off the list, only to do it for a good half a year starting October - this time in french, occasionally backwards and in high heels.

I just listened to marc broussard -- apparently he has done a cover of you can leave your hat that includes the improvised line, "I know I just bought you a brand new coat, but I want it-a on the floor."
I like it b/c he always wears (really cool) hats, and so of course he would lay out the option of leaving it on to all involved. He's just so bayou, I love it a whole whole lot.
It really makes me wanna learn how to play the guitar. I also really want to learn me some minor keys and how to do more finger picking. Twill be telling guitar teacher soon, espesh now that I have a new guitar. Movies and songs : inspiring me to have new hobbies since 1987 (or so). ever since flashdance, people.
In other words. What happened to my Penn friends? I miss them, and off the earth they have dropped. Espesh my junior year buddies that were so rude as to graduate early (on time for them, but no matter). I loved those people a lot, but I'm sure they're saving the world. Still, I want to chill with them and tak about everything from boys to flamenco dancing with them. Boo hoo, man. I'll find'em again. People like'em? Maybe not - I hope to come close.

I also need to get some good literature on europe. I'd also like to go to cambridge. Time to timeline and work the problem. GRE as well. Motivation is good.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pervs, I have had enough

Next time any creepy boy touches me or looks at me like I am some sort of fast food, I will go medival.
I really will.
In the meantime, I will be teaching 11 year olds about participle phrases.

In other news:
Two guys from my favorite nice-guy band got mugged. Having been a victim of crime myself recently, this broke my heart a little. They seem like such nice boys. Go to their page, to see the picture on their journal. Its so spooky and terrible, bad people are out there and it's slightly disheartening, especially when the bad guys interfere with forces of good, like Tally Hall.

These are the kind of guys who eat dreamcicles, play acoustic sets for underagers who couldn't get in their show, and who give certificates of excellence to people who fix their vans.
That these boys were mugged is an affront to karma.

SO, in an attempt to be a good force in a world wherein evil seems to be slowly closing in, I wrote them this email. (it's not quite like becomine a batman-esque vigilante - something I've considred doing - but hey, if thoughts count, then...)

Dear Guys,
Saw the mugging picture - and I just wanted to say that I, your fan, am so sorry that happened to you! What trauma for you all! Sure, you're just a band from michigan, and I'm just a girl from st. louis that taught rob how to say pineapple in french when you came to Mississippi Nights, but since you've all signed my record cover of your CD and seemed so effusively and unassumingly charming and kind, anyone who mugs Tally Hall mugs me a little.
And that's just not cool.
My thoughts are with you and your black eyes and bruises.

And lastly, a quote from Les Miserables:

"The bishop approached him and said, in a low voice, ‘Do not forget, ever, that you have promised me to use this silver to become an honest man.’ Jean Valjean, who had no recollection of any such promise, stood dumbfounded. The bishop had stressed these words as he spoke them. He continued solemnly, ‘Jean Valjean, my brother, you no longer belong to evil, but to good. It is your soul I am buying for you. I withdraw it from dark thoughts and from the spirit of perdition, and I give it to God!'"

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lsats, not so much

I don't want to be a lawyer. Now to find a way to fund life without law(school).
I leave you with some Mraz lyrics, b/c i like'em:

Gypsy MC
I'd like to give a shout out to all the g-y-ps and
Individualize because I am an MC. I can because I care
Cause my family's there cause I, cause I
Cause I appreciate the mentality of music
Saving all my sentences unless of course I'm smoothly spoken
Quiet type the kind to watch out for
No man of the clan perpetrating the scam
Sure I'm the boy with the fallopian voice
Straight from the sleeve of any wizard of choice
I got the reason to be roamin' out the coverage area
Send me the bill if all my lovin' is scarin' ya

Dare you to dream the way that I believe
Got the skill to go commando in any fatigues
I got the best damn band in the music scene
Oh I can even flow solo or just let it be
Because of the love
Oh the self-realization is the ifs ands & buts
Cause you gotta know your name before you play-a the game
Keep a level-headed check on your health and stay sane
Address the tack on the track put the needle on the record and
Prepare for playback
Could I buy another vowel I need another clue
And I could also use a towel
And how goes the medium tempo
Slaying all the teachers like the class of '84
And down low you know that my fidelities low
And I would never hurt a fly with my flip-flops on
Got control
Even keep a clean toilet bowl
2000 flushes blue and it's still going strong
Do I do what I do for the sake of the song
Comin' through on the radio it's for you
This is proof my own story's a spoof
I'll always be a gypsy or forever be aloof
And if you never get to liking me it's okay too
Well you've made it this far so pay a toll at the booth
And move on
Yeah I got top score on Donkey Kong
Move on
Move on
Move-a-move-a-move-a-move-a move on

True or false? I can be a sensitive man
With sensible plans for the everyday woman
And I can keep you eating out the palm of my hand
Because the dope that we smoked was grown on my land
The words I burn they don't come from a can
The movie in my mind will be the winner at Cannes
So take your chance a plot of full or part-time romance
Clever as a bell don’t measure up to whatever
Cause it don't matter how tall, how fat, or how small
The equal opportunity is open to all
The casting call the line forms down the hall
All you need is ID that shows that you're legal
But people with egos well you better not go
Cause you know I don't need those
And if there is a problem that I really oughta read
Post it on the web care of R-K-O-P
It's easy like me but a bit less the sleazy
Go heavy on the melody and add a little cheese
And if you can't stand the kitchen, get the hell out the heat
To meet with the geek all you need is a
Heart beat beat beat beat beat beat beat

And remember that fame
Fame is nothing more than loving someone
And that fortune is nothing more than loving what you do
Is nothing more than loving you

[I’m here at a very big hole]

Well, I'm type A positive and just the way I like it
Right away I'm satisfied with my food before I try it
Can't deny it to save my life, I'm never lying
To brave this mic without the same thing twice
Is actually an act to staying up all night
With the mood just right
And the purchase of a flight from the west coast
To the northern lights
It's aurora borealis' company that I'm tight with
Despite all the things that you've heard
I'll admit that most is true and I'll be keeping my word
By doing double-duty on a search for new verbs
I report to work early to deliver the worm
With a back well covered by the buddies of ease
And no way in hell that I could ever catch a disease
And breaking all the codes on the latest machines
Well I'll even let you download me for free
I'm free
I'm free

Just remember that fame
Fame is nothing more than loving someone
And fortune is nothing more than loving what you do
And in the eyes of love
Love will overcome
Love will overcome
Well love
Will over
Over overcome
It's true
Cause look what you've done to me
To the gypsy

Magic shuffle - rounds 1&2

I like the first round.
I had to do 2 rounds just to prove to myself that I wasn't creating links in my mind in order to make this make sense.

How does the world see you?
Rocky Raccoon - Beatles
Suddenly Seymour - Little shop

Will I have a happy life?
Gypsy in My soul - margaret whiting
Look what you've done - jet

What do my friends really think of me?
Sonnet 29 - Rufus Wainwright
Wisemen - James Blunt

Do people secretly lust after me?
Her or me - Miss Saigon
Ugly Boy - Bat boy the musical

How can I make myself happy?
Sur le Pont D'avignon
No stopping us - jason mraz

What should I do with my life?
I can cook too - Wonderful Town
Everybody's got something to Hide...- beatles

Will I ever have children?
Say it Isn't so - Michael Feinstein
Blue jeans - marc broussard

What is some good advice for me?
A Little Bit In Love - Wonderful Town, Leonard Bernstein
Don't stand so close to me - police

How will I be remembered?
A Whole New World - Disney's Aladin
Honey Don't - beatles

What is my signature dancing song?
If I needed Someone - the beatles
Ripchord - rilo kiley

What do I think my current theme song is?
What's it Gonna Be - EnVogue
Somewhere that's green - little shop

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?
Don't Take Your Love From Me - Louis Prima and Keely Smith
can't buy me love - michael buble

What song will play at my funeral?
Getting Better - The Beatles
All I want for christmas is you - mariah

What type of men do you like?
Boys Remix - britney spears
I can't turn you loose - otis redding

What is my day going to be like?
Intuition - Jewel
octopus' garden - beatles

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Vacation for a living (add LSATS)

So I'm taking the LSATS in June. June 12th to be exact. I'm excited to have a goal for myself that will be culminating shortly....I'm sure I can work in 2+ hours of study a day. even while I'm vacationing for a living.
I'd like to take off after the LSATS and move to DC and just swing dance until France (which I havn't heard about BTW), and maybe I can. Others have done this...bohemian hipster types. I could for a summer, espesh if mer is living in DC.
Ok, got to practice the guitar.
-sylvia plath's diaries are suprisingly awesome and not at all depressing
-I beefed on the street while falling, and totally tore up the palm of my hand
-hung out w/ an old robinson boy, he was trashy, no suprises there (must find a way to meet not high school people...where are the upwardly mobile in this town? The ones who didn't all go to "Missouri State"???)
- Reading a moveable feast - its pretty good...interesting. Not particularly pulling at the strings of my heart, but I dig it.
-I'm working at testimo's seems fun! I hope I can be a good salesperson.
-I also wish that i could work on a campaign here...I'll bug some more people about that sooon enough.

peace out.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tales of guys who will hurt people for you

A+ to you fellas.

"Take care of me - I'm only a wounded pigeon on the cold, unfeeling streets of life. But if anyone looks at you the wrong way in a bar, I'll kick their ass."

Pretty funny blog, love the useless conspiracy theorizing almost as much as I love the quote.

Another quote from my main lady, Shirly MacLaine:
"MacLaine notes that Sinatra was protective of all of his friends, and particularly of her. "He was a happy man when he was able to come to my rescue. 'Oh, I just wish someone would try to hurt you so I could kill them for you,' he'd say when he was trying to express his feelings of friendship."

I'm noticing a theme.

More on guys beating people up, Johnny Knoxville:
"Knoxville apparently didn't appreciate the assault, "so I punched him a couple of times then I went for his friend," Knoxville said. "You know, I just wanted a drink."" Tittle Tattle

Trashy post, yes, but snaps to you, guys who will hurt people for me (I'm using "me" loosely, but you get what I mean).

Monday, April 03, 2006

Open up a dirty window

Let the sun illuminate the words that you cannot find.

I can find some words, though. That's not (never been) the problem.

"Some of us go full circle. Some of us blindly go nowhere. The circle doesn’t have to be very large to make a point, kick your ass and/or be entertaining. Remember that and stay light."

Fare thee well, employment. Hello cliche' existence.
But only for a little while, so no worries - its just a cusp, and finding the balance between not rushing into things blindly and shutting your eyes to the reality of everything is a little pitchy. I don't even know it that's the word for it - b/c I wanted to say pithy, but I know that's not the word. Feel free to mad lib in the correct adjective.

I was trying to get into James Blunt b/c he has dreamy blue eyes, and even bluer British blood (that sounds really creepy now that I've typed it) but he's depressing me. Its ok, Pandora has directed me to another whiny guy singing. Continuing on with my writings would be important now.

I feel that I should mention that I poked an old elementary school buddy of mine on facebook the other day, just b/c I am just that daring. I'm proud to say that he poked me back, and this marks our first communication with each other since we were 11. Breaking news, this is. I'm rather afraid to actually talk to him - I'd rather just remember him for the awesome 11 year old he was, not the negligibly cool 23 year old he may (or may not be) be now. I mean, I was absent from his life for over a you think there was much a chance for him to better himself without me? tcha! Do I even have to say as if? But that's neither here nor there -- what's important is that it's important to act like a 13 year old at least once daily, and I did. Keeps you humble.

I had a dream of peace last night for a friend who stopped talking to me (probably due to snarkiness taken wrong - how do I do it). It was lovely, and, like most of my dreams, a lot like a nancy drew novel. I always thought friends were forever, and I'm very disapointed to find that maybe that's not true sometimes. I'll never believe it though - I much prefer to believe that friends are forever, b/c from where I stand, they are. I also got to spend some more time cavorting backstage somewhere with my penn buddies last night in my dreams. That was nice of my dreams to do that last night.

I'll interrupt this self reflection with some self-reflection. Employment, I feel the call to public service. We should all answer our call, right?
campaign? Senate aide?
law? International business?
I can't help but think I would be a very thoughtful EU expert at some big old company/think tank. Peggy curchack, grrr. (sidenote)
How to be a professional expert lucratively? Professor?
Ms. Shipmann from CURF, you rule. (sidenote) I really really want a fellowship at Cambridge. Is it ok for me to dream at 23 with such a lack of foundation? But I don't lack in foundation - I have a degree, and potential for income.
I want to make sure my motivations are pure (i.e. not tainted by the need for revenge, self-aggrandizement, etc...) but then again, I'm a human, not like, Jesus, so how can my motivations be pure? I'm just tryin' to be good.
In the fountainhead, the people who just try to be good do not get to be successful...its the one with the most integrity to their purpose who achieve their ends, lucratively and successfully.

Obviously - from the opacity of this blog, you may be able to tell that I'm really only using it to clear my mind so I can write about another pair of skull boots and to leave space for me to determine how to change the world by being alive. I'm sortof comforted by the lack of comments, b/c that means no one is reading this, and that this blog is mine. Blogs, what is your deal? You're a good place for me to misplace new vocabulary words, and sieve out my thoughts...but I should do that in my journal, its so much more elegant. Would Sylvia Plath have a blog?

Clearly, testimos (and my sudden compulsion to knit 24 hours a day : we're talking a sweater, 2 scarves, a dress(crochet, admittedly), and what will eventually be a baby blanket) is blocking the clear vision I would like to have to craft a brighter tomorrow for me.
Tomorrow I make a tape to try out for Hairspray the movie. Could be thrilling and most quality things in life, right?

Writing this chapter of my life is proving interesting...but my wise friend Dr. D'Souza tells me to enjoy the journey b/c it is just as important as the end. He's right.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Light bulb or flash in the pan?

The plan begins to unfold....

International Business Policy, emphasis on management, ethics and technology
- minor in international relations/studies, foreign policy
- concentration on east/west, reconstruction, democracy, EU/USD
disseration:programs w/in complit depts to increase cultural awareness = political awareness -- look further into anadalusian music, poetry, history?
- take an international business/comparative politics/history?
- but I don't want my life in danger all the time

= consulting w/ a big education

- I need to get some teacher recs on file...allen, barnard, prince, dwyer, zuckermann, espey, hirshmann, love(?), Ty,
- internships
- live like a monk

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

"I don't want to think I may be doing something right. I'm too scared to admit the possibility of that. Because then game is over. Isn't it?"

Wise, sortof depressing words, Hugh - I dig it.

And on that note, I'm a puzzled girl!
But I guess none of us are blessed with the sort of clarity that everyone else seems to have.

One minute its consultant, the next political analyst, the next comedy writer/actress/emma thompson -- is it possible? Why did my interests diverge into such high/low careers?

Well, The Terminator is now governor of California. So I suppose there's hope. I'm gonna apply to the Second City summer camp - do writing/improv stuff. Should've done a long time ago...maybe my fantasy of being a british comedian/intellectual isn't so far off. I'm just gradually siphoning off the riff-raff.

How devastating are these 2 articles I found about hugh laurie? (while trying to find out what his favorite piano piece was -- ugh, I'm so internet crazy. ought to take to asking real people the things I ask google, i know it.)
Devastating artice 1

Pretty throrough devastation, hope, etc...

Insight into Hugh is a good glimpse of pathos in the face of constant support, encouragement and luck. So, this is sortof hateful. Whatever! Bewitching, no less.

They're just so devastating - in the way good looks can be devastating, rowr - what a fascinating guy. They made me feel a little bit better in a sort of stagnant way. I can relate to the guy, I really, strangely can (outside of the hubongo crush I have on him/his character/what he symbolizes -- snaps to Miss Blythe for putting to words all the crushes I've had in my life - its sortof a duh that she'd do that though) but come on -- I do allow myself to be proud SOMETIMES and not downplay it away - though I probably come off like old perpetually frustrated and unsatisfied Hugh anyway. That's ok, b/c its not how I think most of the time. Maybe someday I'll meet a dude like Hugh and I'll get how someone else, besids myself, could never be satisfied...maybe I have met one, two, a lot (@ Penn) and never had the chance to write an interview about them. But that's neither here nor there. I do now know what lugubrious means, though - penetrating articles good for more than self insight, also good for the vocab - which is pretty sweet, y'all.

On that note, Ii've tried to self-remove some old nail polish and i think I've taken some nail with it...hate when that happens.

I will share with you, oh blog, for the sake of my reading you at a later date when I'm looking back on my kooky post-college years (bless you if you're not me and you're reading this introspective molasses)...

My Books to read:

The Pythons (ginormo hardcover)
Art of Seduction (important for the knowledge arsenal - doubtful it'll supercede my usual hard-to-get manoeuvers)
My Life by Bill Clinton - (oh midwestern man with vision, lend me some)
A Moveable Feast - (favorite of Mom's -- she oogles over it when she goes into that overly human mode that sortof freaks me out b/c its like, you're mom not a person who falls in love with books! I may or not be spurned on to read it b/c Andy Reid likes it...bonus points to you if you know who I'm talking about)
Vanity Fair (conniving Becky may have some lessons to teach)

I'm hoping to finish these all by april or so. Tcha!

, this part's just for me. (sortof shows how work isn't really keeping the old bean busy enough - I love having a tired brain! havn't had one for months! how to remedy? hmmm.)

My to-do for to-day:
call about Guitar & Piano lessons
write fan letter to Emma Thompson
2nd city applications
get cool lip gloss at Sephora (lip-gloss addicion, guilty)
Find my old Prof. Dwyer papers/books
Buy Peter's Friends (done, thanks you amazon, $6!)
drink water
less distractions at work (oops)
-notably, i havn't gone to, though i do wonder what kate moss is up to.

oh, a web-based can't be the sign of my times! No more than to keep up with the way the world is going and whatnot. marc broussard has no interest in the internet - i found this out on the internet (, specifically)...sortof strange, huh?

Oh well, its nothing to worry about yet, though its getting rather close!

Speaking of freeing myself from the internet, I ought to get myself to the places I fantasize about soon - I need some reality. As much as I like harboring the dream, I don't like being naieve unless it's by choice.
I wish I could explain what I mean to you, but you know what I mean if you go somewhere expecting one thing and find only an outline of what you were hoping for.
I still believe in the outline, its just good to experience the reality that fills it...helps me to come back into myself instead of all my imaginary selves doing all these exciting things in my versions of various cities, careers, etc...

So - to go to: (I'll skip out on the careers to pursue)
Charleston, SC
London, Cambridge - UK
Italy (though studying italian culture ruined it enough to be sufficient)

San Francisco so far is the only city that's retained the dream...maybe Nice, France, too - but those are dream cities, famous for their escape-from-reality-like qualities...AND i visited them for a short-short-short time. It seems so dreary, going through life waiting to be kicked in the head with reality - that's not how I like to think, but it's an undercurrent, neanmoins.
I'm sure i'll be proved wrong about this whole disappointment crap, anyway - its only a matter of time until the post college malaise stops clouding my happy brain and some form of oceanic feeling sweeps on over!
I used to feel that at school, especially junior year - connected to everyone, my studies, living some sort of Dead Poets Society-esque life in pursuit of equal parts scholarly stuff, success and ballyhoo.
And so it will be again - just have to find the right stage for my proverbial show.

On that note, flights to paris are $292 for the month of march.
It could happen.

Oh enough introspection, I'm sqeezing it out - all I really want to do is go on a road trip.
Easy enough!

Side note: I got the 2005 Kiera Knightly (strange nose/lip area, that girl has) Pride&Prejudice and I thought that they didn't capture the Lizzie/Dad/don't marry a stupid wife b/c it will suuuuuck aspect of the book - and that whoever played Darcy made him more pathetic/shy than pompous was pretty ridiculous. Snaps to you Colin Firth, you did it better.
Pretty music though, and much prettier people (jane particularly) - making the whole courtship bits a lot less puzzling b/c the characters that are said to be "fair" or "handsome" or whatever, actually ARE - than the mini-series, which was much appreciated. For some reason I just can't stand that little Donnie Darko girl, though. my 2 cents, put in!

Off to be lost in my work (not


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Paradigm shifts and Medical Dramas on DVD

Oh what a time it's been.

I can't recall the last time I posted, and I'm not much for caring.

I've been dating different careers lately, it seems. Sure, I'd love to go steady with a good, reliable boyfriend of a job, but hey - i have barely played the field, and there have been no love at first sights in, well, sight. Heck, I don't even think I've been hanging out in the right bars lately even, to take a terrible metaphor even more painfully further.
Shall I continue?

So I sew my career oats! I make mistakes a'plenty. The odds are in my favor as long as I see them that way - mind over matter being one of the stronger forces when you're dealing with career discovery.

A wise lady once said :
"Life is to be lived. If you have to support yourself, you had bloody well better find some way that is going to be interesting. And you don't do that by sitting around wondering about yourself."
- Katharine Hepburn

I couldn't agree more - not that Kathy would know, acting sortof found her through the pathways of destiny that only some of us ride upon, and I'm thinking she didn't have to support herself so much either. Still, wise words!
So, I'm recently released from a rather destructive relationship with Penn (though it was more of a learning experience than anything, obvi) -- a very controlling and needy boyfriend, and one not altogether conducive to my sanity, focus, and ME-time. SO suddenly realeased, the blinders of stress come off, and what I was blind to before - opportunities, research, pathways of work/information, dormant passions, etc... - are suddenly popping up everywhere! Its cool, but its overwhelming. And it seems that penn was the station where all these trains would arrive, and oops, I was too busy in my own little mind to catch one.

But that doesn't mean they won't keep on schedule - all I need do is find a new station.

At least this is what I tell myself - again, mind over matter.
I wonder what my Managing People professor - Dr. Dwyer, who believed that the excuses we make to justify our own laziness are the bain of society's (and the individual's) existance - would say.
He gave me an A, so I shoud feel good about managing this person, and I do in a way.

Anyway, close that chapter - too much navel-gazing is bad for perspective.

But allow me to talk about myself some more.

I've recently become slightly-more-than-obsessed with House MD, a ridiculously amazing medical mystery show on FOX (yes Fox).

“Hugh Laurie… the British actor is the thinking woman’s sex symbol.” - Entertainment Weekly

Tcha, duh. He's pretty grouchy, but if you combine his character's grouchy, tortured and intolerable genius with his real life persona of this self-deprecating, piano-playing british comic, its like, nothing short of blowing my mind. For better (but usually worse) I love me some blue-eyed wierdos, mon amie pointed out. Perhaps I'd do better to go for the Patrician types, like Laurie. Do I have to point out that if - in another time, obvi - Hugh and I were go get married my name would be Lori Laurie?

Enough gushing.

So, I went to Target with the mom with the purpose of buying Prince's new album - b/c he was just relaly cool on SNL the week before. But it wasn't there, so Mom decide's that we should splurge and get the DVD of house.

Watching House was sortof a Eureka moment for me - and got me thinking about what I'm doing and if it's as satisfying as I'd want it to be. I've always had a fascination with the sort of team work mystery-solving that affects people directly that you see in shows like House, and read in books like Nancy Drew, and that I've been lucky to experience here and there and I'm like, why didn't I run with that? Again, clarity come a little late, but not too late (I ain't dead yet!), but it came nonetheless.

sidenote: my writing style is being peppered with some pretty annoying words - nonetheless being one of them -- and I think it's b/c Pride and Predjudice is on. I digress. (see, I did it again!)

Right now at my current post there's not teamwork, and not direct lives/reputations/etc hanging in the balance problem solving, no high pressue, no dynamism. Ugh! I know everything's about the bottom line, but there have to be professions where that's a footnote, not a headline.

I wanted to live a life like House, where you're frustrated, and busy and you're making things happen! Sure, its awesome to know the best club to go to, and where all the young professionals love to get mojitos, but I don't want to live the rest of my life like its one big popularity contest that changes with the season...I've always opted for respect over popularity (at least in intention) and though that won't (and didn't) make me much of a politician/social butterfly, it worked and will work for me. Hopefully it will eventually work for me at my place of work -- hey-o!

So paradigm shifts and medical dramas are what's new - farewell then, respectable and lovely magazine career, and hello something in consulting/international relations/fellowships/ and the like. Hello washington DC, i suppose - the most tolerable city on the Easter Seaboard for a missouri gal like me. I've been reading Bill Clinton's autobiography, and it's been helpful. I used to be (like 3rd grade) an avid consumer of the Robinson Elementary Schools bio/autobio section. I remember I repeated ly checked out the biography of Jackie Onassis (and no I'm not telling you this so you'll think I'm cool and classy - again, respect first, popularity will either come or it won't). I thought I was going to solve the assasination of JFK by reading about his wife 4 times over. Kooky, huh?

Anyway, I remember why I read biographies, and why its important to find one that's contextual. I tried to read Elizabeth the first's biography, at the reccomendation of a teacher of mine who I now realizes acts a WHOLE lot like Christopher Walken, hoping to absorb some of her leadership qualities here, her female prowess there -- but the fact remains that I was not born into a royal family, I didn't know how to dance the volta, and I didn't have any brooding lovers, or spanish assasin monks running after me - in view of how I use biographies as a resource and not for the sake of a good story (perhaps someday I'll be able to read about someone and not want to be as cool as them - though the chances for that are slim) -- so, the bio of the virgin queen was altogether inappropriate.

I have a lot to learn from Bill, a southern/midwesterner like me - who was a lot more determined than I, but whose drive I know I could share if only I could find the road.

As my new favorite artist, KT Tunstall writes, "Well, I can't reach for the sky until I like it on the ground."

Word up,my scottish sista - can't wait to see her at Blueberry Hill in March...she's pretty rockin', and even my mom - who's newly rediscovered that she likes music - totally digs KT. She's a cool mom - hormones get in the way often, but she's pretty rockin' most of the time.

On a brief footnote, b/c I am runnin out of steam : I went to mardi gras yesterday, and it was just like, being drunk with lots of people and the sun was out, and sometimes youd' get beads. Not all that aMAZing. Though i will admit I SUPER loved throwing beads to the hundreds of people from the stage I snuck onto...I do love stages...not sure how to incorporate that into the paradigm shift, but no worries. I also liked trying to get dance lessons from the 13 year olds that were just hanging out at the festivities...that's an original source of good dance moves! Needless to say, I was a comically terrible and enthusiastic student. I did get a, "girl, you're not so bad!" so I feel good.
I think soon thereafter I had a dance of with multiple unwilling contestants b/c during mardi gras, unitnentional eye contact means, "hey lori, I challenge you to a dance off."

Who am i kidding, and day of the year uninentional eye contact means, "Lori, I challenge you to a dance-off." Its just I was more apt to accept the challenge, given the kooky atmosphere.
We met mostly rude rude boys - b/c boys - more openly and unabashedly at mardi gras than at other places - only want one thing.
And girl, I did not show usefull a currency as it is!!! (and my currency would've been valuable I'm sure....but how close do you have to come to be a prostitute? honestly!) But I'm so much more than one thing, and my humanity cannot take such obvious objectifying (as if anyone else's can.) OH, another day, another disection of misogynistic religious holidays. I wish there were some exclamation that embodied "oh, lets not talk of this annoying crap, b/c really its better to just ignore it and do other things!"

Pish posh? but that's neither here, nor there? but let us not talk of such unsavory things...that one's probs best, but again with the sounding like jane austen.

My froggy ancestors express this sort of eye-rolling malaise best with the phrase, "Bof."
So, bof.

Anyway, back to mardi gras and the understanding the boob question.
I suppose I'd freak out if there were some festival I could go to where boys would be flashing their financial promise,
intellectual, endearing and self deprecating wit, capacity for love, and their sense of humor all over the place.
I would freak out! I'd probably even give them beads if they flashed it.

Ok so the parallell isn't so stable, but are you suprised?

Anyway, more blurbs to be written - check out Testimo Boutique for some of my snarky, fluffy product descriptions. If you do go there, tell me what you think, b/c I can't tell if they're lame or not -- though I'd like to say they're awesome, but I'm trying to develop my self-deprecating nature to overtake the over-exaggerated self-aggrandizement nature, the sort of personality that jumped the shark as soon as Chandler married Monica. Much unlike the neo-biker-goth tattoo art and skulls you'll find @Testimo's, self deprecation's a trend I hope won't be going away with the season.

On that note, I'm signing off - Iet me know if you'd like to be sent a dose of excedrin - that I have ready for addressing in pre-stamped envelopes -- in case my blog gave you an eye-crosser of a headache, as it is prone to do!
I take excedrin before i begin writing, but far be it for me to deny someone else a headache free blogspot experience just b/c i'm the only one who could see what's coming.


Saturday, February 04, 2006

hm, this is weird

for some reason, my own computer doesnt' think I'm authorized to view my own blog.
In other news, I'm going tanning tomorrow, and I might just go to sears, too.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sometimes words cannot describe


Who am I kidding? They totally can.
Anyway, I'm happy to announce that my france thing hath been sent to the embassy (I hope to heavens I get it), and that I am going to start swing dancing again. The foot is healed, and its time for my right leg to come alive again! I will be happy to kiss the yuckiness that not being able to dance has brought to my life goodbye, yay!
In other news, I have to write 5 articles about fashion...don't ask.

At least not until I tell you I have good (employment) news.

But I won't be silly and go into details!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Benjie!

One of my favorite professors (i'm discovering in hindsight, that I did in fact have them), who sortof reminds me of Captain Kangaroo because of the way his voice is always full of wonder (and is always scripted - the man wrote 1.5 hour movie-monologues-soliloquies of lilting prose) was interviewed for some TV show about Ben Franklin's relationship w/ John Penn (of the Pennsylvania Penn's).

John Penn "truly thought that he was better than Franklin. Penn was noble, and Franklin was common," Zuckerman said. "To have this guy, by an accident of birth, think that he was superior to Franklin was a kind of haughtiness that tore Franklin up. I think so much of his career is a vindication of the possibilities of commoners."

What would Ben say now?

Ben Franklin's birthday and all this Penn talk remind me of something my neighbor, Damian, - The Poet of Sweetbriar Lane - said to me:

"Penn, yeah! I know that one - founded by the Penn Brothers : William and Sean!"
"Damian, the founder was Ben Franklin!"
"Yeah, the Penn Brothers! Willie, Sean, and Ben!"


The Penn Brothers

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Why did I do that

In an attempt to find an exciting life for myself, I went on the Rhodes scholar website.
I don't feel inadequate at all, I just feel UNDER-advised.
How did these kids have any clue how to become concert cellists, olympic skiiers, AND 3rd-world development scholars who also volunteer at an orphanage in Bangladesh during the summers while formulating micro-funding matricies for the lending of small amounts of credit to disenfranchised women of the local village, all the while advising wayward teens at the local Y -- all at the same TIME??

I do not begrudge these turbo-people their achievements - clearly their efforts are going to be a good thing for the world, and some of them may be fun to corner in a rocking chair on a porch with some lemonade for some lovely chatting, but hey, I'd like to study at oxford, why didn't I know i COULD do all this crap, and why, where, and when did I get so dis-enabled, dudes?
Anyway, I shouldn't have done that web-site lookin'.

But the fact is I want to travel, and I dont' have the dough, so I've got to find my motivation and the dream somewhere so I can get a grant, or get the magical blessing from above that is supposed to be bestowed upon those who dream, etc...

This dead-end job business is just a ill-fitting pair of jeans on the legs of my life, and I'm ready to take them off.

I remembered reading jane eyre, and the one thing I just HATED about it was that she was so OBLIGATED to everyone but herself, and now I am Jane Eyre, and that is not cool. Still, I have no desire to be THAT girl on the blog, introspecting my life away while the years go by....yuck, the feeling sorry for yourself blogger - trite and tragic! And nothing like me, so I'm not concerned, but I'm listening to a lovely phone message from jason mraz to some website (yes, its a little creepy, but he makes it not seem so), and well, its helping me to feel a little peace in his exhuberance, and his having made his peace with God, and in the knowledge that the sort of completion he's found waits for everyone.

and it does!

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