Monday, August 21, 2006

Keepin' it real in the Spin Capitol

So I talked to this fella at Eastern Market in Washington DC - i think he asked if he could have my hair. I said, "NO!" -- but he ended up telling me he had just come over from Africa.
Now, DC is a pretty random acts of violence/crime city, so I was wary - and I hate that a lot. I wish I were a 7 foot tall like, American Indian kung fu master or something intimidating like that so I would not feel so damn defenseless in the face of all the lovely culture around me that I really just want to talk to. I don't speak 3 languages for nothin', folks.
I love me a good market!
I asked this penn dude if he ever went to the amish market on 43rd in west philly, and he said no! &#$^%*#$? Needless to say, he is dead to me (for many reasons, this one being high up on the top 10).
I remember when me and Steph would venture to like, 50th street to get an apple popover because hey, there was a mini amish market there, and we the one we ate was on a picnic table prefabricated for chess-playing. We also bought a pitcher (for lemonade) for like 50 cents from some store with a lot of cooooool fake hair. Mind you, i think we were in the area where the Prince of Bel Air met those boys that were "up to no good" and who "started making trouble in the neighborhood" -- if you catch my drift. But it was day, and it was a good apple turnover, and you gotta love the amish. Moral? markets have really good apple turnovers, tomatoes and kooky folk, even if they are a bit scary.
Risk it.
Anyway, they were playing Nancy Wilson and Al Green at the market, it was mucho appreciated. Observe as I remind meredith what you're supposed to do when you hear music.

DC so far has been very corporate, yay american starbucks time, but I can dig it, obvi. I take time out from cynicism to love my zany country and all its idiosyncratic craziness.
Here's to you, USA! It's a very diverse city innately, as well as by virtue of the fact that many a different folk like to visit.

I went running with my buddy Scott and he got mad at me for breathing deep the air of democracy, and semi-screaming "best country ever!" in front of some south indian lookin' folk at the frickin' foot of the capitol --- I'm like, people need to know that I love my country, and they need not take offense. If I were in france (& i will be soon) and someone said, "Zeeiisss eeez zee beeeest coooohntreee eeeveeerrrrhhgg" -- I'd be like, "oui, man, oui, allez-y" (which translates, roughly to "yeah man, yeah, you go"). Because why not love the country that gave you freedom and sesame street?

I'm hoping tomorrow or wednesday day to grab that car and drive the streets of DC and find some real people. Thus far I've been searching out DC blogs and finding the occational tip 10% of the time, whilst 90% of the time I'm being burdened with folks' relationship problems.

Oooooh, yeah, I don't care. (and I'm proud of my stl for having non-therapy, doy?)

Also, bloggy hipsters here have a chip on their shoulders the size of the lincoln memorial when it comes to interns (my sister-esque folk). Oh I just want them to drop the resentfulness and tell me where to go to meet real DC people. I really would not like to be clued into how much they hate themselves while they diatribe on and on about how hateful the interns' youth, vigor, beauty and overall bushy-tailed optimism is. These atributes are not bad things - most cities would benefit, if not cater (like the business of DC do) to such youth and fervor and overall city centric blind soulmate-esque love. Most cities have been killing to eliminate the brain drain that is plaguing them, while the movers and shakers here are resenting them (at least in the blogosphere) ??
Also many of these arty fold seem to be dealing with dealing with not liking new york. Don't like it, its ok! Snakes on a plane, man - snakes on a plane. Just b/c its new york doesn't mean you have to like it. You can, though - sure. But you also can also not like it. I believe ghandi once said, " Be the new york you want to be in the world." Right?

It all makes no sense, and its getting in your way, cool ppl of DC! Can you dig it?
I hope I manage to hang out with these inferiority complex be-weighted people...I can only hope that they are not turned off by my optimism and hope for like, things?

ps the vintage here is about $200 dollars more expensive than the stl....and I'm really only exaggerating by $5. Seriously. Whoa. If I had lived here age 12-20 I would be facing age 23 with like, a pair of jeans. Only. I'm sad that Rock star rags is going kaput. If you know things about things, or you're my mom and her crew (=both?), you know what I'm talking about -- giant vintage clothing warehouse in North city? This fella Bill, who would steal all my moves on the dance floor - but it was ok b/c he was trying - would save us dancing gals the goodies, and cut us deals b/c he knew those dresses were going to LIVE. I have many a dress from there, thanks to bill! Anyway, there's a dancing gal here in DC who is 5'10" and danced with the crew back in STL -- we would go to rock star rags back in my senior year of HS -- it was sortof hilarious b/c, much to my suprise, and despite the fact that I was 5'3" -- we wore the same size, and had to be very diplomatic over dresses a'plenty in the heart of north st. louis. I gave her an awesome red plaid dress, and I wonder if she still has it. SHe's emo now, so maybe she will give it to me. If she's smart, though (and she is) she's sold it.

Sooooo is the score stl-2 dc-zero-ish??
I don't know, I'm trying not to let predjudice color my experience here in america's capitol. I feel like Dc's gonna pull ahead bigtime tomorrow -- Tomorrow I go swing dancing at The Jam Cellar with what I'd call some of the best dancers in the, um world? I'm not being brown nosey, but hey, these dudes and dudettes keep it real and they love to frickin' dance. What is not to admire!? I'm excited like whoa, and already planning the outfit. Hopefully the little dead foot that could (my right foot) will pull through. It will. An over-zealous rock step killed my foot, and many more overzealous ones will bring the foot entirely back ---b/c life is crazy like that. I'm in the spin capitol of the world, after all, and you can bet I'll be spinnin' on some dance floors. Spin doesn't only come from the pundits!

Maybe I'll teach'em some St. Louis shag - if they're lucky. They are, so hey.

These swing dancers seem to be a really great and truly american coalition of peers (Since Ben Franklin's Junto--- it was the bomb, and I can thank profesh Zuckerman for showing me that light, grazie), and they're making life better for the world, and I gotta love it, and I gotta love that dance is the reason for all of it. Any city would kill for this crop of dynamic duos.

Is social dance the band aid of our fragmented society? Do I even have to say, doy?

Frankie Manning, who I met at the Casa Loma ballroom when i was like 16 years old, says something about how when you dance with someone, you have to believe and be in love with them, and with the music for 2 and a half minutes...otherwise, its just not worth it. That's the way to live, k?

I like how I think everyone else's clothes are so 90's tastic. It was a decade of hope and of the Gap... not for me least not Gap wise. And like, I'm still hopeful. I sold that dress on Ebay, it now lives happily in florida! It was too high waisted for me anyway.

Expect a more detailed post about the DC later.
In the meantime, keep dancing please.

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