Friday, August 18, 2006

Show me staters represent

So I just spent a lovely evening with my two best gals, and we totally brought it.
There were fresh pears, Helen the best bartender ever, tall irish-catholics, and STL roller girls (arch city rivals?), in all their pink hair bettie page hair glory (excellent choice with the fishnets and pink leopard skin mini, roller girl comradette, and no I am not being sarcasto-mean). Twas grand, figuratively, and eventually literally.
*because we were having fun, and eventually went to bars on the street called "Grand" ...badum bum!*

I've always wanted pink/red hair.

Anyway, there was much discussion of keeping it real, much trying of random drinks made out of fruits (but not fruity drinks, there's a difference) and much STL representing. Our talkin' was a bit like feeding meat to the tigers, b/c we are all serious stl-ettes, but we were all just like, you know, we have lived el
sewhere, and for some reason, ain't no lovin' like the one St. Louis' got.
We're really into the pretention-less, genuine nature of our stl brethren. Propers to you. All of you. Even the black barbie doll, i heart you as well.

We went to The Buttery, reccomended by my new best friend Stevie f. Smith - owner of the ever-relevant Royale, and 30 something stl gangsta: (I think he does other stuff, but whaev, do your own research - this blog is about ME!)

Excellent reccomendation, new best friend! Thanks!

I so enjoyed dancing with James the accident prone all purpose cook man to classics like "bed of roses" by bon jovi, some Sam and Dave B-sides and like Johnny Cash--- let us not forget other obscure country favorites that blythe knew ....all in addition to others, including "what's goin' on" and "Always be my baby" by marvin gaye and mariah, respectively, and respectfully.

Yes we sang along. Yes we were young and full of life.

You wish you were there.

We went there post south-side romp, and it was just lovely. There was dancing, and I ate a slinger, b/c I don't front - and blythe had the best grilled sandwich of the southside (professed mr. james) regrets, to be sure. Aaanyway, royale-mangia-buttery was a triumvirate of southside nightime fun and did I mention that you wish you were there?

I'm listening to the live recording of the Marc Broussard concert I went to see about a month ago -- one that had a sortof unintentional paradigm shifting effect on my life...(not all that uncommon for Mr. Broussard...added to the chuck berry concert the night before and it was just no wonder).

- he coughed in the middle of a song and he said he had a cold, and I yelled, "me, too!" That's how I roll. -

I leave you with Blythe's album cover - --- and a hope that you will
not dance like nobody's watching, but rather dance like EVERYBODY is watching, and you are a really good dancer.
That's what I do, and it's really awesome.

St. Louis dances like that, too. Just watch.

its 4:25am, and i'm signing off. Rep your city.

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