Sunday, August 13, 2006

One month

One month from now I will be a french citizen. Not forever, but for sometime. Am I sad to leave America? Hell yes, I love america, usually quite blindly. Am I sad to leave St. Louis? Hell yes, I am in the thrall of this city, once again. But I'm getting the hell out of dodge b/c hey, I'm blindly crushing on where I am right now. Distance fans an affection strong, and extinguishes one that is weak. I got that from a college buddy's AIM profile about her fiance, I admit this - and I cite my sources. In the meantime, I am going to be loving me some america, and I will leave the deconstructing my americanness for when I am an ex-pat.
Have I ever mentioned that I am like, so done deconstructing all the matricies of power that encompass my ancestry? Leave me alone, I'm tired of rebuilding myself in less oppressive ways - as an individual, I think I'm rather a force for good. This is neither here nor there?
Get excited for the last month - its going to be an excellent push for greatness, stlness and love, always love, people.

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