Wednesday, November 09, 2011

See me like I see you

Women, War & Peace from Women, War & Peace on Vimeo.



Finishing up a 5 month digital strategy BENDER for the above documentary series, Women, War & Peace. It kinda ate my life, but I'm determined to make it worth it. Just seeing the aftermath of our social media audiences ACTUALLY satisfactully discussing women as leaders in peacebuilding makes it feel like the beginnings of a phase 2 feminism. Women in the workplace inCLUDING at peace negotiations -- even if some of these men at peace talks have seen have only ever talked to women they're related to. *boggle*

Anyway, before I fall into talking points, just wanted to check in.

Don't you love that mural?!?!

I miss the days when I worked at ALIVE magazine and blogging at work was actually possible.

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