Thursday, July 24, 2008

Foam on cherokee

"Most people were excited. They'd seen work happening on the building and were anxious to find out what is going in there. I was invited into some houses and introduced around. A couple of people went out of their way to get me in contact with some of the others on my list who didn't happen to be around when I showed up. One property owner in particular who doesn't live in the building they own asked me to leave a petition with a neighbor so she could come down and pick it up. She brought it to her husband who, I later found out, is very ill. She mailed it back to me with the signatures and a little note wishing me good luck on my new adventure.

Some of the doors I knocked on were answered by people who obviously weren't expecting a stranger. Doors were answered by women in tears. One woman was nursing a baby. One man was in a towel. All of these people, while they were being inconvenienced, agreed to sign.

All in all it forced me to meet people I otherwise may not have met and I think it'll make my business and hopefully in turn the neighborhood stronger."

Mike of Foam is pounding the pavement in Marine Villa/Dutchtown/Gravois park/Benton Park West (is BPW a neighborhood ? ok, I checked - it is on the "official"map). That's not easy.


GMichaud said...

So what is the address of Foam, when is it opening?

GMichaud said...

never mind, who cares

Lolololori said...

Hm, I care. Enough to have linked to information on Foam in the original post. But you're right, I haven't come right out and said the info.

Foam is on the corner of jefferson and cherokee -- for opening dates and whatnot, follow the link to

Mike's a great guy and I wish him and his project the best.

Anonymous said...

i look forward to visiting foam. i do hope that you continue to reach out to your neighbors that were kind enough to sign your petition. i thought your comment about them not being the kind of people you'd usually talk to, a little snotty. i hope i'm wrong about that.

-cherokee bird

Lolololori said...

Hi Cherokee bird! I'm not the owner of Foam by any means, and the owner Mike is the least snottiest person I know - and that's saying a lot for st. louis, where folks aren't generally snotty. :)

You should go, it's a really nice place. Thanks for writing!

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