Saturday, March 29, 2008

The *Friendly* Bike Club

I know all you cool kids have been riding in this since you got off training wheels, but I just got a chance to participate in this awesomely weird St. Louis full-moon tradition. They're called the FBC, and they are really good at bikes. We rode from turtle park to carondelet park and back. That's a long way for this gal, but it was totally worth it to get dressed up and go. I do love riding bikes in cities.

When my pal Roz came to visit me here in St. Louis, she mentioned how she liked that this town has a lot of fun in which a girl (or guy) can participate. I always thought that there was more to DO in those big coastal cities like, new york?!!?! wink wink. Whatever, to each his own - stl's a do-it-yourself town, and ain't it grand?

So, here's the FBC through my wobbly camera.

I wish I could've gotten more takes of the group in its entirety. There were something like 60+ people riding their bikes down Macklind, it was pretty great. I was definitely at the tail-end of the ride, and had the privilege of explaining what the heck was going on to all the local folk. It was funny - and friendly!

See you next full moon!


Jeff said...

the full moon fiascos are always a fun time. This month the full moon is Sunday the 20th. The theme is dress like a stoner.

Lolololori said...

OOooo, a theme. I will have to get out my poncho and birkenstocks or whatever stoners are wearing these days.

Apparently in my mind stoners dress like the guys in *Clerks* - this could still be true.

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