Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Red Lipstick Project

I've always wanted to do this, so no time like the present.
(full disclosure: I was inspired by Lauren's fierce red lips in the season premiere of The Hills - the lipstick that broke this camel's back!)

I'm going to wear a red lipstick every day for a month and see what happens. Maybe I'll think a positive thought about the world whenever I put it on, too.
It might change my life.

Could lipstick change a life?
check twitter.com/lolololori - I'll most likely flickr it, too - and we'll see.

ps I'd like to blog a little bit more about my career "journey", but it feels a lil' too overexposed, and it can get sticky. Stinks though, I know that the whole post-grad "chicken/egg" issue that liberal arts smarty-pants encounter could really be beneficial to someone who's maybe a step or two behind me. I know me 2 years ago would've loved that - to read about the nitty gritty. And frankly, me now would just love to see what other folks like me did to get that foot in that proverbial door!

Maybe I'll suck it up sometime and own up to the fact that my being a step or two behind the stuffed might actually be something others could learn from...and maybe that's more beneficial than this old-school smoke screening. Meh. I don't make the rules, malheureusement. "Behind" is a relative term, anyway!

pps I also would dare to say - since I posture some sort of Ricky Florida-esque commentary in this here web log, might as well come full circle here, folks - that this whole career journey thing is particularly symptomatic of what I hate to say may be a disease - "Insularitis" I'd deem it - that St. Louis, my dear St. Louis, is suffering from. Sigh.

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