Wednesday, March 05, 2008

D@mn the Man, Save Joes!

The forces of mediocrity are at it again.

"The Man/City Hall" has closed down Joe's!
Joe's Bar


Get out your pens, people!
I'm surprised to have not seen this anywhere else.

Here's the owner's letter/plea.

" Hello everyone,

As you probably already know, Joe's Cafe is currently closed and will
continue to be "on vacation". In order for us to reopen we will need
to obtain a permit for the "consumption of liquor" from both the city
and the state.

Some of you have offered to be of help, so we'd like to ask all of you
to send a few kind words of support ( a postcard is fine) to:

Joe's Cafe c/o Christman Studios
6014 Kingsbury Ave
St. Louis, MO 63112

The sooner the better! Proving to the city that there is a strong
basis of support for Joe's Cafe could go a long way in helping us to

Thank you,

Bill Christman
Andrew Pryor
Kevin Christman"

Sigh! In the name of all that is good, please write a letter! (or 100)

UPDATE: If you'd like to offer a few kind words of support to Joe's, but don't feel like dealing with stamps and paper, put your words in the comments below (or email'em to me) and I'll send'em on through.


H. Alan Scott said...

ugh, that sucks, consider a letter written.

Lolololori said...

I know, dude! I'm sad, I really am. I have to believe that it can be saved, though. What a precedent that would be!

Anonymous said...

I am truly saddened. I don't get out much and this wonderful place is going away. Another dream vanished. Another piece of heaven for those of us that think outside the box, shoved back down, hussled out of sight for those who prefer something like everything else...something dull, and yes, mediocre...ARGH! Stop the world, I want to get off.

Lolololori said...

No, get back on the world, it needs you! I know I don't live in a Frank Capra movie where letters can actually satisfactually Change the World, but we'll see if it can't help out a bit.

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