Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Openness and comments

Mr. G over at Stltoday.com is talking about comment moderation. Now, if you're not sortof somewhat into the whole blogging thing, you're probably like, whatever.

Still indulge me - I love comments.
Who doesn't?! To me, its the equivalent of commenting on a magazine cover in the grocery line ("Gah, Aniston's hair is always flat! Is that supposed to be pretty?") & having someone else say, "Hey, you leave Jennifer Aniston alone, Brad Pitt broke her heart!!" And then conversation happens. Usually (with, as always, the exception of crazy folk) these conversations are either hilarious or pleasant, but sometimes it gets life-changingly insightful and/or mean&angry. Same with blog comments.

Reminds me of the Dane Cook Sneeze story.
Dane talks like a boy, so watch out, there's swearing. But it's funny.

Is this life imitating blog, or blog imitating life?! Who cares. It is hilarious.

So far it's just me and my 2 blog-friends (old high school cohorts) who comment on each other's blogs -- occasionally I get a comment from someone outside my teenage schemers and I just get so excited! I actually really like the angry ones. Whatever, I like'em all.

My favorite (and longest -- woo 6 comments or something, half-mine. ) comment stream though was about tshirts. I feel strongly about tshirts, and so do others, apparently. There was some almost-healthy discussion, too. I'm conflicted about anonymous commenters (as you could probably tell by the above tshirt spree, I don't want you to be anonymous b/c I wanna talk to you, not your keyboard, y'know?) . A lot of my non-close-dear-I-know-their-mom-type friend commenters are anonymous, and I like their opinions, and would prob miss out on'em if I made everyone say who they were...or at least what their email address was.

Can you imagine having this grocery store conversation, only someone put a paper bag on their head or ran away immediately after responding to how you were on Team Angelina? It would be silly.

Meh, I'm done being meta.

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