Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Anonymous Comments and T-Shirt drama

"All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move." -Ben Franklin

That quote'll make sense later -- if ya really think hard!

So - I love it when I get an email in my inbox that says I got a comment on a post. It's really cool - I don't think I have to go into detail why I think comments are cool...the connection, its nice validation, its community, its good stuff.

It seems that my post over on the Europe Blog comparing DirtyCoast to Stl-Style has made some people angry.
Check it:

Anonymous said...

Who says STL Style wants to be or should try to be like Dirtycoast? They have their own thing going, and I actually think their stuff is pretty cool. it's easy to be an armchair critic, but the Style guys started something out of pure love for their city.


Sat May 12, 12:13:00 PM PDT
Lolololori said...

DetroitLove, i could not agree with you more --- but I´d love it if STL Style (real innovators in a little bit of a status quo'y city...at least until NOW!) really took advantage of their position in the community as a force for awesomeitude and for good...and they do, too...Ive been emailin´em for a bit now...now if only they´d take me up on my offer to help them do it --- for free. How´s that for armchair, eh?

Question...does detroit have a similar tshirt thing going? Seems like you´d know...

Sat May 12, 12:21:00 PM PDT
Anonymous said...

what makes you think they need your help or anyone's help. i just went to an event sponsored by stl-style and it looks like they have their shit together. they were doing gangbuster business.

Tue Aug 21, 08:23:00 AM PDT
Lolololori said...

Well, anonymous - I'm not hating, just constructively commenting...have you checked out what is going on at dirty coast? StL Style recently sponsored a music event in St. Louis' Cherokee district to raise money to support/save a local building in disrepair...(is that the event you're talking about? Mullanphy? I wish you'd leave your email/profile so we could talk, ps)it's just this sort of thing I like to see. My favorite founding father, Ben Franklin said, "All mankind is divided into three classes: those that are immovable, those that are movable, and those that move." -- I just like to see a company that has class, namely StL style, keep on movin' and living up to its GREAT potential! I love St. Louis, and it deserves nothing but the better than best. And StL-Style, much as I love them - in my lowly opinion - could to better.

So they're mad...Good!

(I'm also sortof proud of my post with 4 comments - 2 of which are mine, but whatev, yayyy!)

This class of people who are commenting clearly want to moooove - they speak their minds, they have opinions, and they're out and about in their cities -- and I like that a LOT and respect it even more, I really do. But why do they want to move so anonymously? I answer all my comments nonetheless (not like I have a million, but hey, its a principle), but Tommy Anonymous, can you hear me?

Dear Last Anonymous Commenter,
It seems we both share a love for StL style. Maybe we could work together? Maybe we both could encourage and help StL-Style to list local businesses, blog about local interests, recruit new designers, encourage creativity in new designs, brainstorm fun/important St. Louis-centric things to make tshirts about, and really use the T-Shirts as a way to be proud of StL and to encourage pride in others. I know the Sklar Brothers wore the St.Louis Connection shirt on VH1, but there's more.
So Don't be anonymous, let's be buddies,

Now, Ben Franklin also said, "
Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do."

Am I doing all those things in this letter I sent to Randy Vines, one of StL Style's Vines Brothers? I sure don't want to.

Firstly, I love the shirts - I brought the St. Louis highway sign one
over with me to Europe, and i have worn it, and washed it until it
turned pink/grey/brown (love the french laundromats).
Since you're the "production assistant" - I was wondering if you had
seen the productions going on over at Dirtycoast.com -- sortof a
similar theme, but for New Orleans -stl's sista down the riva, but
they've got this real groovy community suport thing going -- and a
blog, yadda yadda.
You guys ever consider doing that?

I think you should! I'll be back in town for good in June (i've been
teaching english in france, dur) and I'll voluntarily help you guys
set something up if you need help - I'm into this social media for the
good of community thing (as y'all seem to be, too)!
Somethin' to talk about! If you've seen what the threadless.com guys
are doing with tshirts and community -- there's just so much

Soo, even if you don't need my help, have a look at dirtycoast (as if
you havn't already, but there's a chance!) --- I know you StL
supporters'll like what they're doing.
(the shirts are super cool, too).
Keep in touch, and tap me in if you need me, eh?

I talked to a young lady today who was wearing the "Where'd you go to High School?" t-shirt (classic) and we both lamented the lack of community action up at StL-Style. This is not hating, it'sjust motivating! If you agree, give Randy an email...its on the site here.

The fact of the matter is, I love love love what DirtyCoast and Threadless are up to, and I want to be a part of that if STLStyle goes in that direction.

Don't you?


blythe said...

Those are some fabulously well-phrased comments, Miss L. And I think it's great that you didn't jump on the defensive. Not easy, not easy.

The ATX says haaaaaaay and misses it some you.


The Scott Blog said...

You're a rabble rouser that's full of grace and calmness, I love it!

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