Saturday, August 04, 2007

Kirkwood's got a fever

and the only prescription? Signs.

Sure this isn't an architecture blog per se, but there's trouble on the homefront!

I'm not entirely sure of the details of the situation, but this Teardown Fever business is a familiar story, especially to my hometown of Kirkwood, and especially lately -- an older homeowner sells totally cute house on a historic street and doesn't want it torn down, some developer decides to knock it down, the house, gets knocked down, everyone talks about it for 5 years until it happens again and we all go, "its happening again, what can we do?"

I remember reading about something similar to this over at Toby Weiss' B.E.L.T and thinking whoa not again.

Residents of Argonne, a neighborhood that's listed on some historic lists of something, but none of the neighbors have any say as to what's to become of this precious little 80 year old chalet
located at, if you havn't noticed already, 407 Argonne. There's talks of the neighbors going in to buy it, rumors that the fella who rennovated the nearly unsalvagable home just next door (the former home of the Kirkwood Historical Society, at that) wants to buy it to do the same...

I'm just wondering how it got this far?

The signs are pretty cool though. If anything, since this house looks like it is very very much on its deathbed, maybe other deals like this won't get dealt b/c the community seems to be once again mad as h**** and they're not gonna take it anymore. Its fun to stand around and watch everyone slow down and point - I saw at least 5 cars stopped, and some residents walking their dog chatting about it.

There's more photos on my flickr account - but drive on by if you're in the neighborhood, its some really striking signage.

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