Monday, July 23, 2007

Sock hop

Just got back from Hairspray the Movie -- it was super joyous and wonderful, James Marsden was a dream, and I won't argue, post-viewing, I plan use more hairspray (lookout, people behind me). Still, it made me wish that St. Louis had Motormouth Maybelle who'd spin records at her record store, thus offering me a better place for me to boogie.

I'm all about local live music, but I just can't shake my tail feather to screamcore punk power pop whatever (though I don't deny that there are those that can). There's gotta be somewhere.

There used to be a fair crowd of swing dancers, but I think they got in some fight or something that I missed out on b/c I was like, being 17 at the time, and I don't know.

I'll try my best NOT to be all talk and no walk in the pursuit of my dream.

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The Scott Blog said...

Per our previous conversation, and having thought more at length about what we discussed, I've come to the conclusion that yes, I do need to fall in love with a black man that can dance. I'm going to bring a new meaning to the movie "Guess Whose Coming to Dinner."

Glad the old blog is back in all it's glory, let it shine honey, let it shine!

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