Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Get you some a'that!

I saw this Really Awesome country rap (name check's Tim McGraw and the CMAs) video over here, under the headline (title?) "The Obama Effect" -- ?

All due respect, but I think that's giving Obama a liiiitttttle too much credit. But hey, if that is the case, bless him and his unifying ways, and I mean that in all seriousness! I tend to think it was maybe just the effect of some kind, everyday people, not some (extremely, ridiculously, like whoa) well marketed Harvard Law School fella with no voting record's mere presence on CNN giving a misquoted re-reading of "The Little Engine That Could." Sure that engine could climb that mountain, but could he croon? (and by croon, I mean vote in a consistent way b/c he has voted enough to have consistency)

Don't give your credit all to Obama - that's all I'm saying. But I guess Obama (or Will.I.am singing Obama's word) would tell me that I "can" give myself the credit. Well I do, and Barry Obama's got nothing to do with it, thankyouverymuch.

My horoscope said I should try to not be a grouch today...oops! I am feeling grouchy!

Well, if anyone thinks they can whip me up a batch of Obama Kool-aid to drink (I'll especially need it if he wins the nomination, and it will especially have to be made from a nice sugary policy-based powder...I also like watermelon flavor, fyi) -- whip it up!

Gah. I'm sorry! Politics are so obnoxious to me right now.

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