Thursday, January 31, 2008

John Edwards for president (of the shadow government) of the USA!

As God is my witness, I'll never watch Oprah again.

I'm hoping that John Edwards (the only guy that could've beaten McCain, despite the collective svengali-ing Obama's been doing) will take up the cause of NOLA, healthcare, and the struggling middle class in a private sector way, grow a beard, make a movie about it, get an Oscar and win a Nobel prize.

That's how you do it now, right?

I like my shadow government presidents Pretty and Populist. Frankly, that's how I'd like my ACTUAL president, but its not looking so good in that area.

From now till Tuesday, I'm going to have to decide which of the two dems are the Robin Hoodiest, and vote for that one. I won't say which one seems to more likely, in my mind, rob the rich and give to the poor (though I've picked one), because I am STILL an Edwards Girl.

John Edwards for President (of the Shadow Government)

I was so looking forward to living in a more swedish/scandinavian (healthcare-wise, though I am not averse to a nice meatball) United States of America. John's gonna find a way to do it more expediently and better than he ever could have as president.

We'll wait and see what happens in the General.

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The Scott Blog said...

i have a feeling i will continue to watch oprah. i don't know what it is about her. she's like cereal to me, i can never just have the proper portion size. i will always overeat on oprah.

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