Sunday, January 20, 2008

music consumption of 1999 throwback

Remember when you'd search your name in Napster?
Where else would I have found the classic, "Tell Lori I Love Her" - by Keith Whitley?

I think it was one of the first songs I downloaded. That and like, I Don't Like Mondays by the Boomtown Rats b/c my History teacher at the time mentioned the band, and I wrote it down in my Planner. I think I was like 17 at the time.

I just discovered songbeat. Its like old napster! But wayyyyyy more legal. That's a good thing. Oh my goodness the gifts of What I liked about Napster was the whole, "ooooh, I must hear this random song that someone mentioned like, once or I saw it in a magazine (or heard from my history teacher, or has my name in it) and I want to hear it." Bam! You could search for it on Napster. There was so much obscure stuff, and then *poof!* gone.
The Man taketh away.
Makes me think about Empire Records.

What is it about The Man and Music? Contentious stuff!

Anyway, Songbeat approximates that music treasure hunt, so I'm happy. And its sortof pretty, too. And way easier than hoping that the random guy who set up Danny Kaye on has the song about the Congo (its a great song - how I long to have it on my profile...wait, is that dorky?). I'm liking songbeat wat more than LastFM...though I am learning to love the for what it is. Though I'm not so sure about having people see how much I've listened to Alan Menken and the soundtrack to Princess Diaries 2 (its uplifting and light! and I was a college senior - it was heavy times) , the awesome doo wop stuff that I would not otherwise have found is worth it! That's what you want. Stuff you wouldn't have found dovetailed from stuff you already like.

Though people/whoever on have tagged Marc Broussard COMPLETELY wrong, and I have no idea how to fix it...yet...maybe I could attach him to Bill Withers and Donny Hathaway a it stops sending me to Howie Day and such. Perhaps though, there is no one similar enough to Marc to make me happy.

This could be possible.

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