Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Best Year Ever and Voting

Ok, first things first:
My sister is going to be on Good Morning America tomorrow (Jan 2nd) MORNING with Johnny Reid Edwards eating pancakes in Centerville, IA. Yeah! She is the fiercest blonde democratinista since I don't know when. Y'all know she'll be busting out the hot rollers in a couple hours from now.

As for me, I'm on nocturnal hours as a result of new years I'm posting this 'round 3am....and I'm getting ready for....

the road trip to the IOWA CAUCUS 2008! History in the making, and I'm gonna be an ingredient at the Ottumwa Caucus. It's too bad I'm missing The Royale's mini-caucus (I didn't know Missouri used to have a Caucus...that is something I could get INTO! Caucuses strike me as conviction with a dash of showbiz...I'll get back to you as to whether or not that's true), but I don't really care so much. The Kirkwood delegation of Youth in Government will be making a SHOWING in Iowa!

Resolutions 2007: I didn't make too many official resolutions,. but here are some informal ones.
Rehab Dead foot - not back to running yet, but back to dancing!
Grow Hair on my head - I know I'm not really "in charge" per se of this, but it actually started growing this year, which was awesome...I don't think its been this long since I was 12.
Career path - found it last year, following it now...trying to keep the path IN ST. LOUIS
Do good for the STL homestead - so far the only good I do is go out and make friends, but I am very good at representing. I have gotten myself into some scraps!

Resolutions 2008: oh I've got some! Aside from the pursuit of an actual satisfactual career here (natch) in the great St. Louis, I am going to resolve to :

- Be more like Beyonce at all times
- Start online tshirt racket highlighting esoteric StL pride...all designed by local artists or graphic design/ad least think of a name
- Stay positive
- continue growing out my hair
- Be a part of an StlBlogger unconference, reach out to StL and StL's university geeks
-----possible meet up with Memphis, NOLA, StL blogger peeps
- Get the Historic Hat Mart, prepare more coworking research
- revisit local musical theater
- Visit New Orleans, Memphis, Philadelphia, Santa Fe
-----possible meeting friends in NYC, LA, SanFran...blah
- attend web conferences
- kick choreography into gear with the Alleycat ladies
- find or start Krewe de Vieux type marching krewe for StL's mardi gras
- enjoy my bachelor lifestyle
- consider getting a dog
- keep it real
- more blogging about river city livin'

ok, enough. Times they are a'changin' and things couldn't be more exciting.
Watch out for Meredith on GMA!
Happy New Year.

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