Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I might be wrong?!

Went back to Sandrina's with my kid sister last night and.... it was pretty nice! Maybe a bit over drywalled, which is a shame, but eh.

The last time I went I was a little put-off, plus it was near closing, but maybe I can be done with that and end this whole miniseries happily. I hope. Then, there were just lots of ---though I'm sure they were lovely, kind and charitable --- sortof Xtremely bland types of people. Not exactly Helen Fitzgerald's, but not exactly what I was expecting either. Whatever. Now, on Monday nights at least, not a lot of company, but good company.

- The sis and I brought the total of patrons to about 6, which was fine.
- The bartender, Trish, was teriffic.
- My sister and I even saw some guy I met at the Prom (the grown up one at mad art...weird on a couple levels, huh?)
- We discussed our favorite theme parties, Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes, CEOs and Business Hoes, Barbarians and Librarians, etc..etc...
- M, my sis, found the bathroom stall in the ladies, "innovative!"
- The bar itself was cool, wooden, and the light fixtures nice and tulipy. I liked those.
- I've never been much for white/off-white/beige walls. The overwhelming beigeitude of the bar area takes away from an otherwise kindof awesome bar. Should've taken a picture or two.
- I don't know what the dining room used to be like, but it was more restaurant than bar, except for upstairs.
- It was friendly, slightly weird, and st. louis-y.

So, I of course had to ask Trish about the jukebox, and she immediately says, "oh, i can change the music if you don't like it!!" -- which of course wasn't necessary b/c she was playing Allison by elvis costello, one of my Favorite Songs. Turns out it was her ipod. So that was a good sign, Trish has excellent taste. We did some exploring upstairs. We were on a jukebox hunt -- it was in disrepair, but cool in a different way from mine...I still think mine has better Italian classics, not just relying on Sinatra to be up to code.
Come back to Sorrento, hellooo?

I hope they do get their 3am license - it would be a nice place to have around, and maybe the late nite vibe'll keep the riff-raff out, or at the trophy room...which is not without its merits, if you're in that sortof mood.

I'll happily admit having been wrong. Man, I hope I'm wrong! We'll see though, one of these weekends. I still think the remodel might've hurt more than helped, but I don't know much, other than my own opinion.

Now you know it, too.

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