Sunday, January 20, 2008

Come in from the Cold

Oh my, I was exhausted from the caucuses, and then I got this crazy cold disease thing. Let me tell you, it was crazy. I was well at 5pm last Saturday, and by 6pm I was basically driven to uselessness (re: watching too much MSNBC) sick. The Nyquil sleep was nice though.

Anyway, I'm back! Life in the 3rd week of January in the City of Saint Louis is great. I'll give you a run-down.

I saw John Edwards yesterday at his rally at the Carpenters' Union Hall. I really do like him. We'll see what happens. I vote how I WANT in the Primary. I'll pretend its the general, and my mind alone could WILL John the nomination. Right? Right.

I also had a great interview this past Friday -- it was just a fun interview. Who knew!? I suppose I can share that in this here forum. Come to think of it, I've had a couple other interviews that were actually fun. Only the other fun interviews did not result in a Donny Hathaway John Lennon cover! That's good stuff, however you look at it.

A friend and I were talking about how much we hate the interview question about your strengths and weaknesses, and how annoying it is that everyone answers the weaknesses with something that will show that they work too hard, but it's something they're trying to overcome....that sortof thing. You'd do it, don't lie! It's an act everyone puts on when they're playing the interview circuit. Interviews are the new vaudeville.

So we came to the conclusion that the next time that question gets asked, why not play it for laughs and just say that my biggest weakness is illiteracy.

...And I've done very well, thank you - and I don't appreciate you bringing it up!

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