Sunday, January 20, 2008

sometimes I watch 2 movies

It doesn't happen too often b/c I'm not really a movie person. There's just not enough pomp to go to a theatre and I get ancy sittin' around.

So it's a good thing I got sick! It really knocks the spaz outta you.

Even then, I only managed to watch a lot of Keith Olberman/Tina turner on youtube aaaand Mr Smith goes to Washington! Oh the monument montage. Gotta love that Frank Capra, and Jimmy Stewart is extremely adorable.

But hey, the movie ended so suddenly! He passes out, the silver knight guy yells and roll credits! I was like, Yay Jefferson Smith!...? Yay America! I guess!...?

Clarissa was awesome, though. That girl could WEAR some hats.

So, next: I accidentally slept all day today - I had a little lack of sleep issue these past two days, and it's turned me nocturnal. I feel dumb complaining about lack of sleep when John Edwards probably hasn't napped since Iowa, but still. It's been weird.

So ok, today I slept through the time I'd typically use to do things like, curl the hair and call the friends, so instead - it's movie time.

And I saw ONCE, finally! It was good, I felt the love. More love than March of the Pengins, if you can believe it. Now WHY did everyone bill that as some sort of true love story? I was really hoping see something along the lines of The Big Hearthrob in the Snow : Pengins Fly on the Wings of Love -- like Noah and Allie, Nick Sparks' The Notebook love, but with penguins+morgan freeman+a little imagination -- but it was all pretty much lost on me. And I am not a prickly, cynical type of gal when it comes to seeing love.

I guess it just goes to prove what I suspected all along...pengins don't know a thing about romance!

They're just like those TV-watching wisecrackin' punks I saw on Beakman's World back in the day. Can I mention that I saw Beakman's World on TV today? It was awesome. And the wisecracking penguins were cackling with their smokers cough (naturally) by the tv as usual.

Did I really watch that show 10+ years ago? My, it is timeless.

So all penguin-non-love aside, there was something nicely real about the love or whatever you'd call it in ONCE - very good "meet cute" stuff that I always find just fun and sortof intriguing to watch. I sortof hate it how inudependent movies are always 20 minutes short of a wonderful ending, and just end in mundane normal posssible possibility but probably not possibleness. Like Chasing Amy. What was up with that ending!?! I know why, but I also am like, why not have a full circle awesome love story. If awesome love stories are good enough for Nick Cassavetes, they're ok by me - I'm just sayin'.

The musicy stuff of ONCE was cool to see - i guess the process of ONCE (and the fact that it took about a hundred thou to make) was the most important and I'm glad he kissed her on the cheek and bought her a piano.

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The Scott Blog said...

i read an article on mr. smith goes to washington once. the collapse is supposed to represent the collapse of greed in politics, good always triumphs, even if it causes you to collapse. maybe we should start doing that in everyday life. like, when we find that great restaurant, just collapse after the meal. "it was just sooo good."

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