Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anyone know what a speakeasy is in this town?

So, ok. Sauce Magazine, I love you. But your very talented writers have described the Sol Lounge (in the back of the new Grind coffeehouse, which has a Glorious amount of space for study) as the a place that "serves up the perfect pint and a speakeasy feel."

So I'm thinking, Oh my gosh, beer and a speakeasy. Two Very Awesome Things! Will there be bathtubs filled with bud?!?! Maybe some red velvet curtains and someone soloing on clarinet, that sorta thing. Wow. You know, maybe I should bring my tap shoes.

Now don't get me wrong, it's a cool place.
My sis and I stopped by for the Young Dems State of the Union viewing party (which was, apparently, a dress-down event. Didn't get the memo that we wear sweats to bars now, ya democrat hooligans.) and had a pint.

It's visually stunning! Big ol' tv screen. Blue bricks! The blue bricks are awesome, and in different shades that match the fishtank/fireplace...kindof a decorative non-sequitur, but I liked it. The bar was cool. There were blue lights. DJ booth. Little living-room looking loungy areas with little mod couches and gossamer to separate the one from the other.

But...there was NO local beer on draft (not. even. Bud. C'mon!)
- perfect pint, no check
Aaaaand, the place was more "bar from the Post-it episode of Sex and the City" than smoky Chicago the musical fare. I guess it was the high ceilings - they kinda ruined it. I was thinkin' it'd be more like my favorite almost-a-speakeasy joint. it wasn't. I guess what they means was that it is sortof hidden. Ok then, speakeasy location, but not feel.

Cafe Sol was definitely a more interesting take on the whole "used to be a warehouse, now it's a bar" model like lush, f15teen, etc...etc...etc... and so on forever. Heaven knows there are warehouses a'plenty. I'll go back though. It's a cool place for what it is, its still a good place to get cred for even having HEARD of, the coffee house is really cool, and it's on Lindell, which is a cooler street than ya think.


Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

there are a couple of sweet for real speakeasies in town. They are old social clubs. No licenses and have been in operation for decades. Old school. Seedy and a bit dumpy. Got to get connected right to get in.

These places are sorta speakeasies, but too glam. It is a nice spot up thurr at the Grind. Hugo did a good job.

Lolololori said...

Renegade socializers! what a concept.

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