Sunday, January 06, 2008

Iowa Caucus time

Good times had by all discovering the AWESOME small towns of Southeast Iowa and participating in the caucuses (as much as a Missourian could).

Mer was in her element, and it showed. All her counties did EXTREMELY well. Even at the bars after the caucuses, the Obama people there did not celebrate as hard because they didn't realize that whatever caucus Meredith touches turns to Edwards gold.

What's not to love about Johnny Reid Edwards? Did y'hear him on the debates last night? Slightly repetitive yes, but fighting for the underdog - double YES. What a concept, huh? I wonder just WHO Obama's going to build consensus WITH. Lobbyists? At least I know for sure that John Edwards is not even inviting those cats to the table. In his words, "...they'd eat everything!"

Mer sneaks a peek
Mer looking from the sidelines as the caucus is in action in Centerville, IA!

Also, I made a little 8 minute video with clips from the whole caucus process if you're really interested in the nuts and bolts. I'll post it up for ya as soon as its uploaded!

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