Thursday, January 31, 2008

Black Forest Theater in South Dallas

So, to say that this place looks amazing and awesome would pretty much be an understatement.

Black Forest Theatre on MLK Blvd in South Dallas

It would be so great to see Cafe Soul (Feb 15th at Lucas School house...GO!), in such a wholly appropriate venue. Man, I love Cafe Soul a lot. It's as close as I've come so far to those soul revue type performances that I can't stop watching on youtube. I'd rather see'em live.
Oooo, Marc Broussard could go there, too.
It's not a black/white thing, k?
It's a soul thing.

And Erykah Badu started the whole rehab. What an awesome lady.

hat tip DuBruit


Jimmy said...

What theatre are you talking about??? Have you seen it this week? It looks horrible, no offense to the crowd of bums that seem to have made it home. What needs to happen is investors need to take it over and basically the rest of the neighborhood. Gentrification is the only thing that will save that theatre from collapse, which would be sad.

Lolololori said...

Dang. I've never been, just heard of it and it really looked like somethin'. Thanks for your comment - I always appreciate getting updates about places. Was going ot be first on my list whenever I get to Dallas.

Seen a lot of theatres like that just go vacant and get demolished, and it seemed like a step in the right direction to re-purpose the place for something. What a shame, though - seemed like an investment in the neighborhood. I wouldn't want investors to take over the whole neighborhood, and the sortof take-over gentrification you're talking about (I think?) is only good for -- well no one -- but it would be nice if someone cared/knew about the cities that are in between New York and LA that are imploding.

Seems all too often cities like ours are forgotten behind a smoke screen of manolo blaniks and Lauren Conrad.

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