Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sandrina's - bummer

It's now a hoosier bar!


I missed it in its no-signed, no-tank-top-allowing "heyday." There really is no place to lounge from 1:35 to 2:45. As I type it, it doesn't seem important, but at 1:35am, it sure does. Mangia Italiano just does not cut it. Is it really to be that I was 17 when all the cool stuff was happening in the great city of St. Louis?

I cannot believe it.

Oh St. Louis, be liberal with giving your 3am licenses to people who won't put a sign on their bar.


Steven Fitzpatrick Smith said...

I want to hear more bar reviews. Thank you.

Lolololori said...

hm. ok! I think I can do that for ya.

Anonymous said...

Steven, I wouldn't recommend taking the advice of this person. Sandrina's has excellent food and drinks. As far as no couch, GO SOMEWHERE WHERE THERE IS ONE. Walking around a bit probably wouldn't hurt either. As far as Mangia, it is a fantastic bar, with reasonably-priced delicious food, free live music and stiff cocktails. What's not to like? Not sure what the sign obsession is about.

Lolololori said...

Ouch! I think you'd like me ok if you met me, Anonymous. \

Still, I'll go check out new sandrina's further - I'll be very happily proved wrong. And I completely agree with your mini-review of Mangia, but why is there only ONE?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I am too harsh. Only ONE Mangia, or only ONE review?

I had read that you said "Mangia doesn't cut it".

Tonight would be a good night for you to check out Sandrina's again as it is their official grand opening.

Lolololori said...

Thanks for the tip - I may just head on over!

I did mean - why only one mangia-type place to go late into the night? But I'm not starting one/fighting through the 3am license insanity, etc...etc... so my complaints are admittedly pretty empty and not entirely productive.

Oh my, I could go on, and feel free to email me if you want to talk more about it in detail.

You've got strong opinions about our city and that is a good thing...feel free to throw those opinions at me anytime over here.

Anonymous said...

Been to the Old Rock House yet? It is a great 3 o'clock bar. They have a million-dollar sound system so it is great place for live music too (which you can view from the balcony upstairs or the main level) and, you are going to love this....the downstair is loungey with private "booths" and couches, couches, couches. Also, you may want to check out Atomic Cowboy in the "The Grove". And there always the old, reliable Delmar Lounge in the loop.

Lolololori said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lolololori said...

Can't a girl love a couch in this world? It's actually not so much a literal couch that I'm envisioning - it's more an atmospheric thing.

Thanks for the recommendations, much appreciated! I frequent those joints as well.

I have been to the Old Rock House and it is most respectable (and i give them some serious propers for the historical building+new addition combo)... though the portraits of all the musicians sortof creep me out sometimes.

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