Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lily Allen is P.G.

Yes, its true.
And she was looking so foxy in her GQ shoot! I was jealous. I am no longer.

Still, maybe I can get her to give me all of her clothes.

That dress would look v. sharp on me. Lily? You can keep the shoes, though I do like those, too. Seriously, Lily has some really great dresses. Where will they go? Can't I just wear them for 9 months?

I mean, whatever, but she really could've rocked her 20's minus a baby and at boyfriend-not-husband. (Hello, why doesn't anyone get married anymore? Aren't any celebrities in the DAR? I mean, Lily's obviously not, but I AM and it's a very important legacy! You can be any race, religion, etc...but you can't be born out of wedlock! It's a little silly, but its a rule. )

Have you ever seen The Patriot? Revolutionary War was not easy! Being a daughter amongst that? Not easy either! Getting married? Comparatively simple.

On behalf of my celebrity brethren, I'm sorry Ben Franklin!!!

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant, too.


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