Monday, December 17, 2007

Whiteboard Hilarity - a chronicle

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I just found this shot running a search for VTS on Flickr. I remember Mr. Dave Gray with his camera, and I've been honing my flickr search skillz for some consulting work I'm doing so I gave it a shot. Success! I like it how I look v. serious, even though this was a very goofy half hour. I take goofiness very seriously, I do. Flashback to good times in July!

So in case you were puzzled, VTS stands for Visual Thinking School, and it's run by XPlane, a company here in St. Louis that I quite admire. They have it every week to stay on top of their craft. I think that's such a great idea. I found out XPlane existed in a very funny/modern sort of way (a blog! an email! ) and a few intrepid email address guesses and some plane flights some time later.... I found myself at this VTS -- these folks have fun and stay fresh! A real sharp bunch.

Putting/visualizing laughter (that was our subject...found from a creative lil' exersize we'd done earlier involving post-its and some introspection) into four-five little squares was really something --- we thought we were so funny.

Elvis dressed as a pirate + the "cat attacks baby" youtube video +"endolphins" + some (established and aspiring) fluent sketchers = laughter, right? If you click on the photo you can try to see some of our "work" in the photostream and judge for yourself.

This whole drawing on the whiteboard business reminds me of the times my junior year when me, Janna and the whole Penn '04 gang would sit in our apartment and play a game called "Jumbo Nintendo" for literally 5+ hours. I love it that a CompLit major (that'd be me), a Finance Major, Neuroscience major, a Music major, Management major, and occasionally our PreMed major friend...oo, and I think our chemistry major friend, too (yeah, he was good at it...I think its b/c he was Canadian -- its my theory that they are a naturally goofy people)...would just sit around and DRAW pictures for hours. Not that art majors DO sit around and draw for hours (do they?), but here we were none of us draw-ers...drawin' up a storm!

My sister discovered this awesome "game" while working on our high school yearbook with my friend Adam. You're supposed to draw 3 pictures that rhyme... that's pretty much it. Adam, who is hilarious, and his buddies (also hilarious) invented it and really set the standard with the first example:

The rhyme? Jumbo Nintendo, Teapot Pretendo, B-extendo. !!!!

So that's the model, created by Adam and his is the epitome of nuanced and advanced Jumbo Nintendo. The rest is history. I bet they never play it anymore, but ooooh man - we still do.

I get into such trouble on whiteboards. I have always liked'em. Chalkboards, too, frankly. I love those things! From drawing snarky speech bubbles over my buddies' heads in class (Adam was there -- i think his presence was a bad influence) to implying a cat attacking a baby is a funny concept...the list goes on now that I think about it. I have a complicated history.

ps I love it how finding this one random picture has suddenly sent me back not only to college, but to high school. I love flickr.
pps I also love it how I met a cat named Gabe at this VTS. He made a neat little video, and I later put two and two together (took me embarrassingly long) and figured out he wrote for Webster U's Hwy61 blog that everyone's talkin' up these days. I later heard Gabe on Topic A...a nice lil' show on the KDHX. Snaps to XPlane/VTS/St. Louis! That was cool.

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