Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Calling all STL Geeks and Creatives

You know who you are!

So, I have some idea what I'd like to do with this place. Aside from making it my abode.

I'd like to turn it into this place ...maintaining the awesomeness of the Historic Hat Mart, (and of the 'hood) natch.

Mostly b/c I would like that place, b/c I need that place b/c I am an independent consultant and I really really like talking to/hanging out with other people. Like, a LOT.

St. Louis has lots of bloggers, more than a few "startups", and creatives a'plenty -- and more. And then probs some more after that. Surely not much less than my old hometown Philly does! What's the dif? What gives?

This is possible. I'll need some help though - I'm so darn GREEN (not in the eco-friendly way, in the like, young whippersnapper detective way).

Oh well, I'll just start doing what I can now. I'll figure out the hows as it goes.

I also heard Gabe of Hwy61 on KDHX last night (I've met you Gabe -- we were at the same VTS at XPlane back in the summer!!!) - and he said our stl generation needs a place to call its own. I say we need an opportunity to have opportunity. Not to mention, StL is too regionally cliquey to hire the right people in the right places (as anyone who's job searched in any town could tell ya). But I am not here to complain... I really hope to in my life/ this blog ... do the opposite of complaining, whatever that is.

Perhaps this coworking space would offer an opportunity for the 30 somethings to get to know the 20 somethings who could get to know the 3+ universities' young co-ed college-kids=types could get to know everyone else who pays the $25 a month to have a space. Actually I know it could. I just cannot give enough snaps to Tara, Chris et al - who've been inspiring me since August 13th, 2006. (heck yeah I remember the date...or rather gmail does...which is cool...an inspiration birthday)

I'm very excited by this idea. PLUS the building is right next to really really delicious quesadillas.

So if you see this, hear this - spread the word. And then get back to me. please! :)


Bill said...

I like this idea a lot. I have some friends who run a space like this in San Francisco and it's in loft that is in an old Hat Factory, coincidentally enough.

Lolololori said...

Glad you like the idea for the StL! I knew that about the SanFran space (it's totally what I have in mind), but I only just now put two and two together! Cool. I would love to talk to these friends of yours!

I will be starting up a wiki soon, and I'll be posting more info here until the idea itself gets a blog/site.

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