Monday, March 03, 2008

My day with Roz - a double date with St. Louis

Y'all wish you were riding with us today!

I had so much fun running around town with my college pal, Roz. She's just as cool as way way cooler than I remember (hadn't seen her in 2+ years!)...and she is pretty cool. Can't say enough about this girl. Delaware should be proud to have produced her! I'm also glad her Dad, who went to SLU med school, sent her to me with such enthusiasm for St. Louis! I'm glad in general today, though I am exHAUSTED.

I'll definitely be posting a'plenty later about our trip today, with a few pictures. The order particular of our sightseeing was the most noteworthy for us, also pretty hilarious and pretty perfect. Gosh I miss my Penn friends a LOT sometimes/all the time. You forget what wonderful people you get to say are your friend when they're all so spread out across the frickin' globe. Lucky world. (Roz is going to Uganda soon - and blogging about it - so if you're into that, you know there will be links)

So, we absolutely didn't fit everything in, and barely went to any bars, so I'm hoping to take her out for a congratulatory cocktail after her med school interview is over. Hopefully she will be as impressed with the Jesuit Medical training offered here as she seems to have been by the city proper. We had such fun discussions as Roz got to know St. Louis.

PS I was totally wrong about the "new" Sandrinas... I'll tell myself I was just misled by Grand Opening Weekend Crowds so I don't feel too dumb. Its a win-win situation for me though, I am quite happy to have been wrong! Went there on Thursday - the jukebox was working!!! - can't say enough. Yay!
PPS The Buttery is now a stranger place to visit, and not in a very good way. I've been scared/upset about people the past 2 visits. It's also more crowded, which should be good, but turns out its not. Seems so at least. More on that later.


H. Alan Scott said...

I know, it's crazy hard when you realize that the coolest people in your life are actually across the country. Ugh, why must we be so far away?!?!?!?

Lolololori said...

It's all good though - I've got some pretty kickin' locals to chill with. It's just funny how so much cool can spread so far! hurrah!

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