Monday, September 19, 2005

"Once upon a time there was a goddess and a hunter..."

This is the beginning of the commercial for the new Britney Spears perfume - Fantasy - everybody has one. A fantasy, that is, not a commercial for perfume.

I think Ryan Cabrera would be really fun on a date. Especially if you got to splash around in the ocean with him.

Speaking of fun, and of fantasy, my friend Frizz just got married last friday! It was pretty glorious - they turned on the fountain after the whole "kiss the bride" part. You know, it was precious. Becca S. came into town for the festivities. It was reminiscent of a high school reunion, only minus the "oh no what will everyone think" nerves. Maybe its just me, but I thought - i mean, i've seen movies - that reunions were supposed to be tense. Anyway, I wore a cool dress, and had some drinks, and danced the night away with some 7 year olds.

7 year olds are amazing. They are so fun! I was driven away from the older kiddies - I can seriously only take people saying, "only you, lori, only you can do that!" so many times before I flee. Especially when apparently "only I" can wear a dress, have a few drinks and dance. I don't wanna hate, but come on - i'm not that impressive. But the 7 year olds - they are!

And they ALL have such pretty highlights, too!

So after the wedding, Ian was nice enough to take me and Becaa S. to the Atomic Cowboy, which was more full than usual of gay dudes. But I wasn't noticing.

I did notice that Becca W. had disappeared with a boy, in a different car. But hey, i said a little prayer - she's a tough lady and she knows what she wants, and occasionally - she gets it. Anyway, at A.C. I ended up talking to once creepy guy named Vince, and some other dude who was his friend. i don't know how, but suddenly i was talking to them. They were both wearing collared shirts - which I guess if you're a straight guy you think registers in girls' minds as "oooh, he's a classy one." Well i'm not so easily fooled, even though I talked to them for a loooong time.

Its a good thing, however, that I know how to scare'em off with my sharp intellect. I give myself snaps for heckling the civil engineer friend with some mad Fountainhead trivia. Boo yah! I read books and remember the characters within them, even AFTER a wedding reception. I called him a Peter Keating, but then I called him Howard Roark, b/c that's mean. See, check me out. I was like, drunk cliff notes.

Whatever, they soon wandered/were scared away and then I went to dance to some techno. Yes, its possible. I don't remember if I was alone or not on the dance...though I do remember ian being nearby. Maybe i waved at him, i'm not sure. I was trying to dance off the alcohol!

Props to Ian, yall. He is a patient man. I think i adjusted his tie like, 40 times, and/or told him to loosen up via his tie. I like ties! Sue me. I just remember repeating "wall street dimple, wall street dimple!" a lot. Hm.

Becca S. and I later made a brilliant appearance at Steak and Shake. Cheese fries.

Ok breifly next evening - it was interesting/gruelling. We decide its time for blueberry hill, so we go, grab a booth and a pitcher. Becca S's friends come and they are serious douchebags. I know Becca could not have been THAT good of friends with them.

So i sortof yelled back when they were buttheads.

Sigh. Leave it to needlessly arrogant boys who are in that put-down mode that we were all supposed to have grown out of when we were 11 to really bring out the Julia Sugarbaker in me.
It was a zesty challenge, and I'm all for a little sparring with people who clearly deserve it, regardless of their limited vocabularies and brain capacities, but all in all, I did enough defending of myself at Penn to really see so completely through it and to not really revel in it so much.

The walls people put up to conceal their own insecurities, people - those walls are made of glass. Its like a 2 sided mirror, and I'm not on the mirrored side - i just look through and see someone primping their own ego. I do it, too, but this was ridiculous.

Anyway, we later went to the Delmar lounge and ended up stealing some cigarettes and meeting some insecure law school students. "Law School" (as we called him) was all arrogant and alterna-nerdy. He's lucky he was tall. I saw the whole ambivalent & aloof smart guy act at school - you're not fooling anyone, Law School. But whatever, me and Becca S. talked to Law School for a bit and then left - I told him to study hard and he got mad. Weirdo.

He later ran up to us as we were walking away, said it was on a dare, and Becca S. threw a rolled up paper at him. He was mad/it hurt his head, but he deserved it. We're worth more than a dare. Anyway, in the spirit of my sister who has been having such fun with the locals in London, i dedided that we ought to accompany them (at their invitation, of course) to their flat for cocktails (i.e. a really really cheap beer - they're students, after all) and a slice of vermont white cheddar. The local flava was interesting enough. At least they weren't construction workers, and after I used my Nancy Drew skills, i knew they were obviously telling the truth about the whole Law school thing. Yay, no lies, no creepiness, and they were smart. At least the nerdy friend of Law School (the guy who got hit w/ the newspaper never told us his name b/c he's a weirdo) that I talked to for a half hour or so was pretty smart and engaging. The evening ended semi interestingly, but frankly, not that interestingly enough for me to write down. I think it was a full moon though.

The next day mom and I went to greentree and I got to talk to the mayor, who is awesome, and not an awkward grown up, like so many others. later, my mom and I both got to bond heavy-duty with the chicken pita guy - he was totaly wise and awesome, to say the least - and he told me to be picky with my boyfriends b/c i was an attractive lady, and smart! He told us all about his kids and how proud he was, and told my mom to be very proud of us, too. I love the old wise dad types. Mr. Chicken Pita, I salute you!

Today I made baklava and cleaned. I am officially a wife without a husband.
This has got to stop.

That does it. I don't want to do anything else at all until I have a functional resume, semi-gainful employment, and a pending apartment in NY.

Goodbye nostalgia, goodbye partying, goodbye money spending, goodbye late sleeping, and goodbye too-much-VH1-watching.

So I'll see you then,

p.s. check out the riverdance reenactment of the American revolution (i think), dance-off style. It's pretty much the most amazing thing I've seen in a while. Its a really really good dance off. It's rivaling the beginning of West Side Story, everyone's favorite dance off scene. Thank you, PBS, and God bless America (please)!

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