Monday, September 26, 2005

Keg parties w/ dental students -- scary!

Did anyone see Little Shop of Horrors?
Does anyone think that the dentist character in that movie isn't really so much of an exaggeration of what your dentist probably is like (even if they hide it well)?
I do.

So it was a little on the creepy side of things when I found myself at a kegger full of physical therapy and dental grad students. Granted, nothing really happened...well, this one guy did tilt his girlfriend upside down and pretty much drop her on her head, and then some guy creepers were like, pretending to have sex while others took pictures...clothes on! no worries, it wasn't THAT kind of party! Euw! -- ok, maybe something happened, but it was nothing somethings. I also met a guy who worked at a magnet school and he told me all about it - sounded interesting, but he ran away. He did help me to figure out that a lot of cool people did not go to middle school in kirkwood, but rather opted for private/magent options. How wise their parents must've been! Beyond their years - and don't get me wrong, my parents are awesomely wise, but we're all sortof learning as we go. It's good to be the oldest child. J/k.

Before attending the semi-awkwardly debaucherous kegger of grad students, my friends and I were lucky enough to see a friend of mine from freshman year (in high school) French class lay down some rhymes at the Hi Pointe. This means he rapped. Aside from the fact that it was seriously lacking in danceability (something I think is quite important) and the whole misogynistic undertones (yes I pulled that from Clueless) - I totally dug it. My friend is clearly the Justin of his 3 man rap group, and he needs to push the other 2 "out the way" as they say. They're like, Lance and that dreadlock dude. And work on the beats, you need better hooks.
I believe they can do it. They were called like, frozen spaceship casserole or somethin' - look out for'em.

I again drank a tough broad (as christened by becca s, suggested/adopted by blythe) and it was strong, and cheap. Then came the keg. All in all, a good and low key night w/ new people!

Next up, operation job search.

I applied for 12 jobs within the last 24 hours! That's a job every 2 hours. Not bad.

I'm sure to get one soon if I keep this up - I'm getting very ambitious with nothing to do (other than be ambitious and cultivate some wanderlust).

I'm very sorry for having nothing really to report to you - I wish I could share a funny tale here or there, but really, I've just been surfing the old joblistings, craigslist, and checking my e-mails for replys. It's not sad, though - its more exciting now that I know how I want to start.

Now that I konw what to do, hopefully I'll get a gig substitute teaching soon - that should provide some golden stories.

peace out!


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