Monday, September 05, 2005

Well today was pretty neat.
I just got back from chillin' at my neighbor's. I think it was mostly me talking and her listening b/c she was tired - but they're fun people - here's to cool neighbors.
My sister and I always try to get my neighbor to talk about what drawings mean - see, she's a quite knowlegeable lady in the field of child psychology, so we like to hear what different kinds of kids draw...and then we go home and look at our old drawings to make sure we're not bipolar or something. Its fascinating how you can possibly have an idea (however vague) if someone has schizophrenia, depression or bipolar simply by looking at how they draw a person (pay attention to the EYES)! It's sortof awesome, and me and mer never get tired of hearing our neighbor talk about it.

Whoa! That guy on TV is really excited about Oxiclean! he's yelling!

So let's be brief!
What's happened? Dang, a lot, sortof.

- Cultural Exploration/Horizon Expansion day! Me and the ladies went to the King and I for delicious Chicken Pad Thai, some of us even had some Thai Iced Tea. Next we wandered around south grand, and stopped by, "isnt it grand" - the garage sale store. The cool store at the end was closed, i was bummed. The vintage store I loved isn't totally closed, rather its looking for a new location - I was glad about that. We skipped down to the used book store - and though they didn't have any untranslated Duras (don't I sound smart), they did have the awesome hitler book "Explaining Hitler," which i reccomended to Becca, and she swiftly bought. It's a rockin book. Anyway, Laura sadly had class, so she had to leave. We then had a stop by walgreens (detour by Kaldi's) and went to Mirasol across from the pageant. We had Mojitos, and they were strong. But that didn't stop me from getting a strawberry lemon drop! I feel so exciting and old to have specific drinks that I like. Anyway, we later went to Becca's, where I thought it would be an awesome idea to have another drink...and then do some backbends.
Hold on - I already talked about this. Whatever - I'm not gonna erase it.

Next night we went to Riddles like, 4 nights ago, and it was fun, even though i was in like, a creepy mood...which i actually think was fatigue, in retrospect. I had a hoegarten, and it was not served with a lemon. What gives? Is it creepy that I want to find a Yuengling? Nah, its cute - nevermind.

Next night (i think) it was blueberry hill night! I heart blueberry hill nights...seriously, they are always fun. And Blythe came to this one! She had a friend who has Paul McCartney eyes - that was pretty neat. It was more neat getting to see Blythe - she rules. Lots of peeps came, even some semi-random ones - whatever, i love people. Keith told me all about his plans for a tatoo that would make his arm look like it was robotic! That sounds neat to me, if not FOR me. Not for me at all, actually, but far be it for me to say "hey dudes, don't get a tatoo" - just don't come runnin' at me with a creepy ink needle, and we're cool, man! Thankfully, i was smart enough to not go to the Delmar Lounge b/c like, I wasn't feeling that hard-core, though becca elected to go. We salute her. She's fighting for her right to party - even though it seems to have given her the flu. Its just a battle - she can still win the war! Blythe did introduce me to the amazing jack and water w/ a splash of coke - i'm converted, espesh since last night I was like, whoa - and no evidence whatsoever this mo'nin'! Amazing!

Speaking of last night, it was pretty legit. Went over to Ian's to sit on the porch. Hey! I love porches. My first memory is from a porch in Mississippi. But I digress - Ian's got some line attached to trees in his front yard, across the sidewalk. He said it was like a climbing thing, but i think it's for catching bad guys -- Home Alone style.

The boys played guitar and were pretty much ignoring us/me, so we ladies went inside to fix us on up some drinks and catch up on some delicious girl talk. I got a hold of the guitar, but no one wanted to stick around long enough to hear my Tristan Prettyman song that I learned! But its ok - i'm impressed I can actually play 2 chords like, one after the other. Anyway, i was soon dragged to the Landing, where we got to go see a Blink182 cover band, then went down the street and met some dudes who joked that I was a crack dealer near his apt. I was like, hm, don't think I look too much like a crack dealer, but I'll play along, sure. The cute one out of the dudes was pretty legit, and had headphones on his shirt, and said goodbye, and that he would maybe see me on the corner selling crack sometime. Hm.
Very suave!

But I didn't really talk to those dudes for long, rather I left them to my buddies, b/c my buddies also pointed out that there were english dudes at a table! So I was like, telling them all about my sister and her blonde hair, and surely proving that I wasn't the average american girl with my savvy knowledge of british people and the slang they use. Oh, i was a champ, and i made them work for the attention their accents surely get! I tried to talk to one about that festival in southern california w/ the goofy name, b/c he was like, into music, but I couldn't remember it, and besides, he said he was "pissed" - that means drunk for all you who arent as "in the know" as I am! Bo yah! It was fun, even though I forgot the music guy's name - maybe they'll hang out w/ Mer in london. Probs not - besides, I told her to bring like a million girls who are attached to her (literally, if necessary) if she ever has to meet anyone. Natalie Halloway? NOT MY SISTER. Ugh, i don't want to think about that, i'm going to e-mail her and reiterate.

Anyway, I wake up this morning (no hangover, btw) and get to go shopping with my 12 year old cousin. I made her a CD so her and I can talk about music - come on, she'll be 13 soon; she'll need music. The day was so fun! She's awesome, and I pray for her that she will get through the 13-ish age intact. She so will. I dropped her off, and got to chill w/ her fam for a bit - her little bro is like so cute -- I think we have a special bond of 20 year age difference cosmic cousin-love. I heart him, big time. He calls me "Bee-ah" - which i think is totally gangsta, and hilarious, espesh since it sounds nothing like Lori. Whatever, all those kids can do no wrong, i like, LOVE them. And their parents (my cousins) are pretty awesome, too. It's a sweet deal.

I got to talk to Kristin today, and it was like, uplifting. I gotta get into the habit of calling my buds more, b/c I decided - phones are awesome tools.
peace, Lori

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