Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today was harrowing, considering my hangover, but at least I got some gum, did the dishes, and am one step closer to knowing a song on the guitar that I will actually be able to sing. That will be so exciting. We didn't go to maggie o's and that is fine by me - instead we watched The Goonies, which was like, so darling and precious, i loved it.

Everyone was like, "see lori, it's about love!" and i was like, thank you, i like that. Even moreso, i liked the cool letter sweater the girl with the bangs got to wear. Anyway, I was so glad I got to hang out with mom today, b/c i think i was starting to develop a 2nd personality or friend to talk to in an effort to replace those who have left me to go on to more exciting things in other more exotic locales. People who are the only child have no choice but to be insane - I feel like i have some perspective into some of my more zany only-child friends now.

But everything is going to be ok b/c there's a movie coming out from the makers of You Got Served that's about roller skating. It's You Got Served on wheels! yes!!! & I ain't lyin'!

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