Monday, September 12, 2005

St.Louis, magic around every ghetto corner where there are immigrants working in a strangely well-lit warehouse

So, a couple of nights ago - right when I was feeling more like looking for jobs, and rewriting my resume, cover letters, etc... - I picked up my Alive magazine and went on a fantastic tour of Hipster St. Louis. It really was lovely, and it was one of Carolyn's last nights in this lovely city before she gets to go to Washington D.C. to relish the feeling of being an anonymous face in a crowd - so of course we HAD to go out.

First we went to the Moolah temple, which is now a movie theatre/apartment complex/bowling alley. Of course I almost ran over Jacob as he was crossing the street there b/c I seriously cannot NOT run into him. He'll have to like, be one of my male-bridesmaids at my wedding b/c he'll probably be there anyway, even if he's not invited (by some freak chance that I don't see him again for another 20 years...yeah right). I like it that we always run into each other, it makes me feel like the world isn't all that chaotic. It's cosmic, and I dig it, and I know that it is Fate stepping in to make me smile and remember the good times when we'd look at the real estate section together. Besides, Jacob's really pretty and always has on a cool outfit - that alone would make me happy...and it does! Fate could pick someone a little more straight for me to always run into, but he'll do just fine, thank you.

The bowling alley lounge wasn't really that cool, so we went to the Atomic Cowboy - a place I wish i'd found about 4 months ago b/c I really really liked the vibe. Who knew that Chouteau (as carolyn how to prounounce it) turns into Manchester! Amazing. Around vandeventer we saw the strange late-nite warehouse workers.

Hmm. Anway, atomic cowboy. would've liked it more if the DJ were playing me some old-school Whitney Houston instead of creepy german techno, but frankly, it was a techno place, so hey, they had to play techno. If I'd heard Jackson 5, I would've been certain that the entire joint was choc-full and plein des poseurs. And it may have already been, but at least w/ the techno, it didn't seem so bad. Wish I'd had a fun friend who'd dance w/ me for hours, instead of minutes - but techno doesn't move everyone. Wish I'd had a fun (gay) friend who'd dance w/ me for hours, instead of minutes - but techno doesn't move everyone the way I pretend it moves me...we all know I'd rather cut a rug to some old crunchy sinatra& tommy dorsey records.

Aside from it not being 1942, a frequent critique of mine, I liked it - exposed brinck and early 60's mod furniture, and CHEEEEEEAP drinks (so key) and funky people in glasses, though there were girls doing their best Kristin from Laguna Beach impression w/ funky layers and gauchos (but i'm trying not to judge, live and let live, live and let live). Everyone struck me as late 20's graphic designers and their gay friends and trashy girl-friends whom they probably met at lindbergh high school but still hang out with. I dug it, even the oldies seemed to be chill, if not a little out-of-place. But who cares!

Qualm: No one noticed my Puck Frinceton shirt! Was it over their heads? Too vulgar perhaps? Too blatantly educated and school related? Were the would-be commenters intimidated by my luminous youth? It was a cool outfit - it like, came to me in a vision. Whatever!

Ok, perhaps the giant print of Andy Warhol wearing an american flag on the wall signaled a little heavy-handed on the I'm seriously cool and not trying-o meter, and it may've been slightly unpatriotic for this Girls State alumna -- but hey, Andy Warhol is cool, and if they're trying to aim for that genre of cool, far be it from me to say, hey, you guys are fakes, stop opening cool bars to which I actually want to return.

I had fun! I liked it! I sat on what appeared to be a sanded down log-bench/surfboard/carpenter cutting table thing. The whole lounge was cool, sortof reminded me of John Lennon's room in HELP - only minus the awesome bed (bonus points for you if you actually know what I'm talking about) that I will have someday - maybe in my loft in NYC, and not in my single stlye home in Charleston -- but that's all to be determined, though the dreams are very much intact.

Oooh ok, sidenote on dreams -
I had a dream last night that I was tangled up in some mobster plot that was all occuring during the time before a Jason Mraz concert in what appeared to be Miami. I like, moved a car and left the blinker on, and that didn't make some creepy balding mobster in a white suit too happy, so he had his friend in a grey suit take me to a hotel. The white suit man owned Riddles Pennultimate in the Loop - I just remembered that! (though I've met the owner, and him and creepy white suit man could not be any MORE different) I think I thought they were like old-school roadies or something b/c I was like, Ok!

At the entrance we saw Jason, who apparently knew this mobster (and I think was under the impression that this mobster was his manager-type guy, and i think I was like, his aquaintance b/c he seemed happy that I'd found love in this geezer...weird). Jason like, sang us a cute little love song medley that was beautiful, and I sortof went with it, b/c I didn't really know that I was walking to my somewhat immanent (imminient? i hate this word) death. So I play along, bein all, yeah we're in love sure, la la la - even though he's like 58-67 years old -just to save face for the creepy old mobster - who I thought was just another ye olde dudde - who has me by the arm, and jason peaces quickly out the door after his serenade (what a creeper). Do you think he had a hand in my planned assasination? We're never gonna know.

So I'm led into this closet-like room that's like carpeted all around with really short grey carpet ('cept the ceiling, its just like, ceiling tiles..the ones that crumble) and the lighting is terrible and the guy tells me that someone isn't happy and the odds are 5-35 in poker (?!) that he's going to play with me that he will have to kill me. So i'm like, well, maybe I'll win 6 games or something and then where will we be? But he's like, no, you won't. And I'm like, ok, well lets try - since I'm stuck in a room w/ an old guy.

Last thing i remember is we were playing and I was doing a mean poker face. Maybe I won, maybe I didn't - I don't know! But I'm a tough lady, and I've seen Rred Eye, so I bet I could've got him...only i didn't have a pen, nor was there any furniture in the creepy grey closet room to throw at him. Hmm.

Weird, huh? And I watched The Notebook last night! I would've hoped to have dreamed about beautiful Carolinian marshland sunset vistas, graceful seabirds and row boats, coordinated gloves, hats and wedges, cute jumpers and let's not forget ferris wheels and waltzing in the southern streets at night. But NO.
Creepy jason mraz mobster dream.

Anyway, back to Hipster night. We next went to The Royale, props to Kristin for the rec - and it was swell! Carolyn got some dudes to talk to us and they were having a cucumber and rum cocktail (which was only $6!)...most of the drinks there were named after hip areas of St. Louis. Too bad there wasn't a "The Kirkwood" cocktail - wonder what I'd put in that. Hmm. The drinks were cheap there and the company lovely - sortof a younger more suburban clientele than Atomic Cowboy - but there were a'plenty of cool hats and interesting frames and people smoking. This one gal had short red hair in these big shiny curls that were all half pinned haphazardly on top of her head and she was just the cutest ever w/ her grey trousers and her hipster boyfriend who didn't really need his glasses. I just though she was so smiley and cool.

Next, we went to Mangia Italia, which was crowded, but not on the dance floor where Carolyn and I went to dance to the tongue-in-cheek trashy country sounds of The Round Ups. It was rowdy, and I'd had a hankerin' for some live music for some time. Next we went to the city diner for some of their delish food, and I stole some of becca's potatoes and took unfocused pictures of the chandelier and cool print of John Lennon by the Statue of Liberty.

Man, what the world needs now is a little John Lennon - Green Day is not cutting it for icons and anthems of peace. No, Black Eyed Peas isn't cutting it either as much as I do love Fergie and her accesories and whimsical style that's oh so Gwen Stefani, but not.

Hello!??! Awesome.

I don't think anyone undertands how COOL she is. Toy monkey!?!? GEEEEEnius! I'm seriously like, going out of my mind trying to think of an appropriate time to get a toy monkey and attach it to my belt and hit the clubs. Maybe I should throw "appropriate" out the window and wear one to frizz's wedding, complete w/ the wrastlin' boots...well,ok ok ok fine. But if not then, soon!

Plus, Fergs probably got to hang out with Ryan "Creepy Dreamboat" Gosling b/c he was in the mickey mouse club and she on Kids Incorporated. Totally missed my calling there - obvi.

Did you know that Kids Incorporated did a cover of Elvis Costello's "Angels Wanna Wear my Red Shoes" --? Those kids were so much more than over-permed hair and co-ed suspenders. THey were innovators. I mean, they were incorporated!!

Anyway, hipster night - I was pretty much happy everywhere we went, but since I wasn't in my own little world, but rather sharing the world w/ my 3 buddies, I had to sortof consider others. My company seemed bored/aggravated the entire time, so we didn't get to really test out the 3am-ness of all the bars b/c we were hopping so much and so quickly to avoide hunger, boredom, techno music, and smoke that was burning our eyes...many things I would not have noticed, as I was desensitized by the $2.50 blue moon pints (not by their quantity - I was driving - but by the sheer affordability of it all).

I should stop being so happy wherever I go (as long as its not dull and there's a bar) and start being more picky. I'm such a snob though! hm. Oh well, i'll just live it up until i have to be serious and seriously poor in New York - though i can hardly wait.

But still, I'm a Kirkwood girl, and I really think its important not to abandon your home in some dramatic gesture to prove you're an individual and that you've moved on. I think you've shown you've moved on (if that's even the idea, which I'd argue that maybe it isn't) if you're able to maintain your ties to places that would "hold back" other personalities. Think about it, I think i'm right. Right for me at least.

But Danny Deckchair (which I'm watching again right now) - he had to float away to another town on a chair w/ helium baloons attached to it to really move on. So - tomay-toe, to-mah-toe.
I always say that for a reason. Not concerning world politics (p.s. I'm so glad the 9/11 anniversay is over) - but relationships, let's not call the whole thing off b/c of semantics.

Now I've just got to find a dress and a hat for the wedding - its stressing me out big time.
I'll find something, just like the penguins found each other,

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