Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Frankly, the only way to ask me out.

...and I'm not really kidding. Yeah, not kidding.

(names have been changed to make it more REAL)

Letter of invitation to a dance

Dear Lori,
The social club of which I am a member is giving a dance Saturday March 20 at the Hotel Delano. May I have the pleasure of your company there?
You will enjoy meeting the members of my club who are all good dancers, good fellows and -- don't make comparisons, now! -- good looking. Incidentally, your friend Aimee is coming with "Moose" Fitzgerald, whom you may know. We've engaged a fine orchestra -- Sandy Jamieson's -- and some of the boys have arranged a brief entertainment. You are sure to have a pleasant evening.
If you can come, please let me know at what time I may call for you.

Sincerely yours,
Frankie O'Dell

*excerpt from NEW Standard Book Model of Letters for All Occasions,
by Leo J. Henkin, Ph. D. Assistant Professor of English, Brooklyn College
pub. 1953

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