Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So I just took Blythe out to her first time at the Chocolate Bar.
If it were possible, i would marry blythe.
We have a good thing going.
She inspires me to attempt to use proper punctuation in my blog, beacause her prose is so inspired an correct, and she's an amazing journalist.

Anyway, I had a wonderful time. And I had this beer, O'fallon Summer Brew, that tasted a lot like White Rain Almond Shampoo. At first, I considered Dial soap, but Blythe, as she helps me through many things, ultimately led me to diagnosis: White Rain. We called the number on the bottle and Blythe left them a message about their overall soapiness. She also was kind enough to offer some constructive criticism upon the subject of their label and its terrible-ness.

Man, Blythe, you are awesome.

People like Blythe help me to remember that I'm not so much crazy as much as I am awesome. And I'll be she didn't even mean to do that. Like, everyone should have someone to pretty much validate them in every way, but not like in an enabling way. I'm overwhelmed; I'm a lucky gal. Am I gushing? Yes! Do I believe in the power of gushing? Absolutely! Gotta own the outbursts of feeling. Gotta. I like, love Blythe - like Tom Cruise outburst style.

Am I drunk? Maybe! Not really though. Someday I'll write a song or book about it. You know, I can't even begin to begin, so I just won't. I'll just say, I'm beginning to know who I want to be in my wedding, if and when it occurs. Forget the if, though.

And Ty F----, and the principal of Keysor are defnitely invited - just for fun.

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