Wednesday, August 31, 2005

So last night was pretty neat.
We went to get Thai food at the King and I (me, liz, laura, becca and carolyn) - it was lovely food, not enough cilantro, but i'm crazy for cilantro BIG TIME. We talked about recycling, farming, the new deal, whether scallops had a lobster of a fish-like texture, and laura was distracted by some guy who was breathing far too loud for it to be normal. We then walked around south grand, but the store I wanted to go to was closed, so we ended up going to some used bookstore, and Becca got "explaining hitler" which is a really good book that I read in high school when I was grappling with the meaning of evil and whatnot. I'm sorta done with books though- I really don't want to read anymore, i want to live. No worries, though.

Anyway last night - one walgreens stop later, we ended up at Mirasol, a fancy little cuban joint down on the newer part of the Loop - across from the Pageant...we all got carded, so its a good thing Mer wasn't there...sorta. Mojitos, was pretty awesome. I daresay it was Carolyn's first time eating thai, having a mojito (she always gets a cosmo, i'm like, honey, those were so 2000, Sex in the City is OUT) and probably seeing a plantain. I'm happy for her, not that those three things are necessary for a complete life, but hey, i like her to see that there's more to life than paris, politics, and ohio. She does just fine on her own, but still, yay.

We later went over to becca's house, where I drank far too much, and probably made close to a fool of myself, but i was among my wonderful friends, I hope the spectacle I made of myself was more along the lines of quirky vaudeville show than terrifying car-wreck. Who's to say?! We tried to sort out the profile of Becca's perfect man, (something that I think is so fun) but it got complicated, went sour and ultimately ended in tears (mine). Oh well! I mean, no modern woman really needs a man to complete her life, but i thought it was fun to talk about. I have a feeling things are more complicated, but whatever - she'll find someone, and they'll watch sports in harmony only those in love know, but i guess we just won't know his profile b/c she did not want to help us out.

I soon thereafter did some backbends and stretched, stressed myself out a bit and passed out after miss lizzie dropped me off. I always wanted my name to be lizzie so i could be miss lizzie like the Beatles song - but I was not so lucky, Elizabeth is my middle name, not my first. I think Lori suits me fine, though.

Anyway, now I'm a little hung over, and sorting things out in the "life-plan" area, so I might be prepared for my mommy's arrival home and any impending discussions along those lines. I haven't seen her in like, 3 days, and that is so weird...I miss my mom! I miss everyone else, too - i need to go forge out on my own, b/c this like, sitting around and thinking about how everyone is somewhere else (even in light of the fact that we are all indeed sleeping underneath the same big sky) is for the birds.

In other news, we got DSL at my house and I learned how to (almost) play a song that was written by a girl on the guitar. Small victories over a suprisingly trying day.

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