Tuesday, August 30, 2005


This is a picture of me.
It's probably what I do everytime one of my friends call me.

I couldn't get to sleep last night, so i decided to go through all my old schoolbooks b/c I don't have any good chick-lit in my closet. I considered reading Dr. Zivago, but then i was like, hm, that will not be satisfying. SO I like, looked at the moon, and was like, damn, why oh why did I take that nap. SO all i really did yesterday was sing in church, take a huge nap and then stay awake forever, and like, gaze at the moon. Its cliche, but try it. OH, and i did watch the Paula Abdul: True Hollywood Story. I love Paula - we have so much to thank her for. Her dancing innovation has seriously shaped my life, as I'm sure you understand since chances are, you are my friend. So anyway, after much pondering, and like, listening to random stuff on my ipod, I finally fell asleep after I looked through my AP english notebook, read about how to best get along with Saggitarian women (I'm one, i thought it'd be an interesting take), walked around and listened to Nancy Wilson's "I'm gonna laugh you right out of my life" (even though I don't really have anyone to laugh out of my life) - i finally fell asleep.

Woke up at like, 10 and decided to go to Bread Co to use their wireless internet ( i get DSL tomorrow!) b/c i wanted to see how this Tristan Prettyman song was played on the guitar, and my computer would not download the video with dial-up. Anyway, luckily Ian came up to bread co to save me from myself b/c i was struggling with trying to revamp my resume and like, I was thinking too much. It was super fun, thank you ian for the good company, welcome distraction and funny stories. I am just loving my hometown friends!

'Bout an hour later I went to see the Penguin movie at Frontenac - Liz was nice enough to join in. The movie - won't say it was riveting, and i wasn't really feeling the true love(it was nothing like The Notebook!), but i was feeling some love from the penguins. The power of love. And the flutes were pretty, as well as the icebergs. Anyway, the penguins have to fall in love, b/c what else is going to compel them to like, continue their own species? It has to be something cosmic, like love, b/c like, love can move mountains, etc..and seriously, animal instinct can like, tell you when a snake is nearby...that's not the same, cello! I don't buy instinct in some cases, and I'm a scientist (sometimes).

Tonight my friends called me and we went to Houlihan's Happy hour at like, 8 - the drinks were a little boring and the cliente (out party excluded) was a little shabby. We stopped by pin-up bowl, and then dropped off liz and kept it local at 2 nice guys. I had a salty dog, but it didn't taste like grapefruit juice to me. Still, I was reminded why it is my favorite drink. All in all, it was a fun night of talkin' and plannin' and now we're all going to get Thai food tomorrow and sit on cushions and be hip. Aaaand, since liz is like, a total vegetarian, she can enjoy the delicious vegetarian selections of the thai diaspora, instead of having to eat like, a salad with chickpeas (if you're lucky). Then, if the plan works, we're gonna have a drink and go hang out somewhere -- i'd say we're going over to my house so i can play guitar, but I can't play guitar, so we'll have to think of something else, like karaoke on my vcr. That rhymed!

Anyway, Becca and Liz have never been to blueberry hill when its a bar, so we may go there on thursday or so, as long as we bring lots of fun people who are good at talking, b/c that is so important - maybe we'll go friday, since wednesday i'm being dragged to Maggie O's for college night yet again...the cheese fries we always get after are just not seeming like enough to get me to go, but who am I kidding, i'll be going, b/c hey, I'm fun. But maggie, you dont' make it easy on me.

Last time I went to Maggie O's, i lost my phone for 20 traumatic minutes, but thanks to wearing sunglasses on the dance floor, no one tried to interfere with my dancing. Then we talked to some dude that sat at our table whose name was hailey & he just kept leaning forward - he was either drunk or like, dying...who knows, he went away. Oh and he called Becca a bitch, and i was like, you can leave now, thank you. I really don't want to go back, and not only because the bathroom lady, Maggie, now knows me (and doesn't like me b/c I don't tip her well) but b/c the last time, some creepy x-ray technician 30 year old wouldn't leave me alone (see, i wasn't wearing sunglasses that time - try it...it works!). I was able to see the humor in the situation not only because we started like, jitterbuging to Nelly (which I actually thought was pretty awesome, he was actually kinda good), but b/c earlier me and the beccas were listening to "No Scrubs" by TLC and Becca S was like, "this is SO lori's song" and becca w. was like, "yes" and they squealed in agreement, and I agreed, too (duh!) -- well anyway, the x-ray technicians were wearing scrubs. Get it? Life is funny sometimes.

Just for posterity, i'd like to record the cat-calls I am lucky enough to recieve from the patrons of "Plush," the bar across the street from Maggie O's:

"Damn, girl! That skirt is FIT!"
"Damn! I on't know your name, so I'm onna call you DAMN!"

I mean, am I flattered? I swear, i try really hard to be so, but something just rubs me the wrong way about this whole cat-calling business.
However, apparently cat-calling is my business, so in light of that, my favorite cat calls of my life would probably be:

"Damn! You one strong ho!"
(this was when i was moving myself out of my dorms)
or "Girl, you are happenin'!"
(this was followed by some snaps, and a little dance - that i can appreciate)

Becca S's favorite is "Damn girl, you are blessed!"

I'm sortof liking the i don't know your name one, i think I'll move it into my top 3. They actually look sortof cute in writing. Like, how nice of someone to say I'm blessed! But I dont' think he was talking about the being kind of spirit and generous of heart kind of blessed.

Anyway, i'm going to go to sleep now, since I have a busy social calendar, and I'd better get my beauty sleep before i start looking like Mrs. Shrek.

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