Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Swing Town

Miss Z is such a great photographer, huh?

Swing Town
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I know what you're thinking, is it 1998 or something? (I'm not dumb, I know people were swing dancing long before, 1996 at least! badum bum)

Kentucky Derby takes me back to my Bootheel youth of listening to Dad go on and on about how he touched Secretariat once and getting super dressed up for church, ... among other things (fried okra and driftwood come to mind).

I remember - I had this great big peach hat and my sister had the same one for one of our Easter outfits that my mom sewed and embroidered with our monograms and everything...I was SO disappointed that Easter wasn't as "dressy" here when I moved! I was truly culture shocked in many ways when I moved (as much as a 2nd grader could be), but man, I think the slobbification north of the mason dixon line hit me hardest, and I've been rebelling ever since. I am a rebel!

I keep on saying I should maybe talk a bit more about my pre-2nd grade non-st. louis life (including my initial paralyzing fear of escalators, another St. Louis first for me), but y'all can just infer what you like, alright?

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