Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am not bored

My sister's at the DNC!!!! Follow her every move if you're cool at .

So, I've been out and about lately. I went to Chicago in the beginning of August for a wedding of a girl I can't remember not knowing (our mom's are BFFs).
Julia's wedding

...and I rode a "seg-way" on a lovely tour of downtown.

As I tell everyone who asks -- it was not at all embarassing.
not even a little! I felt cool! Everyone at the music festival (lollapalooza? I forgot which one it was already) was like, high fiving me and really encouraging our whole be-helmetted party. It wasn't surreal at all. (full disclosure, it was somewhat fun)

I went to a look at a house.
hat mart exterior

Went to a music festival.
Me in the riverfront times slideshow for The Lot in the Parking Lot of The Schlafly Tap Room

found some funny pictures I liked the 3rd drawing (was then reminded I was going to try to think more visually -- b/c its pretty fun/useful, actually -- especially when you're playing JUMBO NINTENDO - but also for work, i guesssss) .... went to a cool coffee shop,the stone spiral All Good Citizens Need Each Other, visited the shopcat The Firecracker Press Shop Cat at the firecracker press, went rollerskating sk8ter grrlz tying the skate, where I saw some crazy acrobatics crazy acro-yoga!.
I broke (temporarily) my batman rollerskates, but it was worth it.

I went on the moonlight ramble.
My job had some crazy intern activities Intern Olympics at Moosylvania.

I went on a little adventure across the river with friends, Buddy's, one being Miss Kelsey, who's started writing for the rft event blog (!), and she's doing an amazing job. :) I saw a kick-ass open mic end its days at one place -the northwoods-(now it's moved a block down the road) - cool.

I saw a hilarious license plate, best license plate ever and found some old pictures from the summer after my junior year at penn (elliot fell asleep on our couch) and halloween senior year feeling the spirit. So random, and taken on REAL FILM.

I scanned in some kooky/classic old pictures of myself and others! (it needed to be done!) quintessential
and my grandma in Tijuanna. nannie
and last but not least, check out the beginning of my brilliant artist-mom (who's busy crafting costumes for the music man at Stages! amazing), and her masterful pumpkin carving hobby.

Using the words "carving" and "hobby" seems to make it less of a big deal that those are the EXACT images of the Beatles there in orange and "pumpkin rind."

My favorite is Paul. There, I've said it! Ask me why, I've given it plenty of thought.

Also in work-news, we're launching the project I've been working on all summer in less than a month.

And the Olympics!

Conclusion? I am not bored. So much more ahead, too!

(sub conclusion -- i need to blog more, this all-in-one digest business is for the birds!)


AVD said...

Oh my goodness, it's so exciting that you looked at that house! I've been eyeing it forever- it's so unique- and hoping someone will move in eventually. How is it inside?

Lolololori said...

Old, but really breathtaking.

Hilary said...

Oh boy, I have had the biggest crush on that building for ages. I need to know more!

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